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See @simonstalenhag's Incredible…

See @simonstalenhag's Incredible New Paintings digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/illus… pic.twitter.com/Uzi0Yz2N2k

Another brilliant Game Of…

Another brilliant Game Of Thrones GIF from Eran Mendel. See the full set at digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/motion-gr… pic.twitter.com/XDyF3fnvZy

Think London is broken today, check out @Scarfolk’s transport every day. More on Scarfolk at digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/graphic-d… pic.twitter.com/QQdvSCvDw0

300 Shakespearean treasures are now available online thanks to @britishlibrary digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/illus… pic.twitter.com/LGKfwyGxym

Happy birthday to @Photoshop, which is 25 today! We look back at its history #Photoshop25 digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/creative-… pic.twitter.com/xnCpk7EfBm

Top 10 best graphic design tutorials and tips digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/graph… pic.twitter.com/ZCadIO9lTH

12 drawing tips from leading illustrators including @sambrewster, @MayumiHaryoto, @hollibobs digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/illus… pic.twitter.com/QYCffEep1W

Interview: @simonstalenhag discusses his fantastic, unsettling sci-fi paintings digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/illus… pic.twitter.com/KDNQa25Q2O

We’ve brought together some of the amazing visual tributes to Bowie (w/ the proper credits) digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/illustrat… pic.twitter.com/7mgYNbpo4J

Top 10 best graphic design tutorials and tips digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/graph… pic.twitter.com/ZCadIO9lTH

.@motherlondon has created nesting dolls of gay icons to protest homophobia in Russia torussiawithlove.co.uk pic.twitter.com/Fx4L7VFgHd

Digital design still needs more women – important thoughts by @sprinzette fm @ustwo/@adaslist digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/creative-… pic.twitter.com/Lif8W57JIg

Take a peek at Procreate's first major update since 2017(!) . @Procreate #lightboxexpo . digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/creative-… pic.twitter.com/IN9c13IWqR

Wacom's next Cintiq will have a huge 32-inch screen digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/creative-… pic.twitter.com/ufyWHIYWho

How to create type filled with characters using Adobe Illustrator digitalartsonline.co.uk/tutorials/adob… pic.twitter.com/CUvZHeG65N

Leading illustrators reveal secrets to successful pattern design digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/illus… pic.twitter.com/iSOBuVuceB

Check out the new Batman logo unveiled by DC Comics today. What do you think? digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/graphic-d… pic.twitter.com/ek1rZSZ3LV

How to create type filled with characters using Adobe Illustrator digitalartsonline.co.uk/tutorials/adob… pic.twitter.com/CUvZHeG65N #ICYMI

Web designer gets revenge on client, replaces site with image of unpaid invoice digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/interacti… #ICYMIE

Fun type project explores what would happen if fonts could reproduce digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/typograph… pic.twitter.com/ry68UUzj06

Leading illustrators give 12 tips for creating geometric patterns digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/graph… pic.twitter.com/acPsrOq6JW

A visual catalogue of the Mid-Century Modern graphic aesthetic. Collated by Theo Inglis midcenturymoderndesign.tumblr.com pic.twitter.com/fv4Av1sYg3

Exhibition of illustration commissioned by @VICEUK opens in London tomorrow digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/illustrat… pic.twitter.com/ml6uVag5Ul

30 inspiring quotes from top designers' talks at the @weloveoffset London conference digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/graph… pic.twitter.com/Q2EP0EcPxN

See @JustinMezzell's gorgeous grid-based illustrations in his portfolio digitalartsonline.co.uk/portfolios/jus… pic.twitter.com/IzvjsBF3v6

Sad news. Artist and Alien designer HR Giger has died at the age of 74 digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/illustrat… pic.twitter.com/3dAl68y8P6

Wacom has debuted a 13-inch version of its Cintiq digital drawing surface digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/creative-… pic.twitter.com/yAt7hHKOHC

50 artists reimagine classic film posters for @kult3d digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/graphic-d… pic.twitter.com/YE3TLXa7EM

Check out these @ComicSansCancer posters created by top designers to raise money for @CR_UK digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/graphic-d… pic.twitter.com/Md9lI8MaZ8

Experts from @fjord, @wearefivek & @Race_Yourself discuss creating apps for smartglasses digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/inter… pic.twitter.com/BPMCwYJ1Ou

Inni lets you order false nails with your own art and designs on them digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/graphic-d… pic.twitter.com/yIbxw230cd

The @britishlibrary offers over a million free vintage images for download digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/illustrat… pic.twitter.com/tEczodSBKz

New Pizza Hut concept shows how interactive design could change eating out for good digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/interacti… pic.twitter.com/1S6QUfcTTs #ICYMI

These artist interpretations of children's monster drawings are wonderful @letsmakemonster digitalartsonline.co.uk/features/illus… pic.twitter.com/6OGnbicyA4

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