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"Philly Newspaper Mistakes Biles for Douglas" How does this happen? #ThursdayThoughts #Rio bit.ly/2bhT91g pic.twitter.com/FlSkpX8iU0

Introducing the Pantone Color…

Introducing the Pantone Color of the Year: Ultra Violet buff.ly/2Bbthml #Pantone #CotY pic.twitter.com/uPHyBW6Gyr

The Psychology of Color by…

The Psychology of Color by @CareyJolliffe pic.twitter.com/ZdjVAnZSYL

Swiss typographer Adrian…

Swiss typographer Adrian Frutiger—creator of Univers, Avenir & Frutiger—has died bit.ly/1NzG7KE @Dezeen pic.twitter.com/Z7GhnBz5Gv

The Background Paintings…

The Background Paintings of Scooby Doo Are Delightfully Creepy and Rather Beautiful bit.ly/2r4pT7t via… twitter.com/i/web/status/8…

MT @HOWDesignU: bit.ly/1IaZfsD…

MT @HOWDesignU: bit.ly/1IaZfsD Periodic Table of Typefaces bit.ly/1IaZh3J pic.twitter.com/DwqzUACZgS

#HappyBirthday Futura! 90 years and still going strong. buff.ly/2ANzggy pic.twitter.com/DEaTi7V9La

The Graphic Design Work of Pablo Picasso buff.ly/2l2oeKB pic.twitter.com/JORua8Skgl

Innovative Notebook Features…

Innovative Notebook Features Magnetic Spine for Seamless Paper Removal bit.ly/1Q5Dstp via @mymodernmet pic.twitter.com/7gQ8ieIXFv

Scientists Accidentally Discover…

Scientists Accidentally Discover New Shade of Blue bit.ly/293TZzl #color @mental_floss pic.twitter.com/TSjJkdeH4t

Graffiti artist gets a wall painted #gif pic.twitter.com/RpwWMT2vuz

The #color wheel was created not by an artist, but by a mathematician. bit.ly/2w7SC9R pic.twitter.com/qc5j6lbWaH

The Graphic Design Work of Pablo Picasso buff.ly/2lasmeP pic.twitter.com/UZDxE6GY2g

The key to good design: Emotion.…

The key to good design: Emotion. - Timothy Goodman bit.ly/1Qy6YmJ pic.twitter.com/63vKzFG2AD

The most popular color combinations…

The most popular color combinations in design, by year of the 20th Century: bit.ly/1IA4O1C pic.twitter.com/LL2sD6WKIO

Spines of "The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire" collection. via #reddit i.imgur.com/T5c1VCb.jpg pic.twitter.com/W7IERdkHb6

A deck of playing cards that…

A deck of playing cards that doubles as a practical guide to graphic design: bit.ly/1ZJ5FcD via @benbf pic.twitter.com/6CdG7Xju3G

The Art of Illustrated Maps:…

The Art of Illustrated Maps: A Complete Guide to Creative Mapmaking's History bit.ly/1MvTU5q pic.twitter.com/NgTswCnY1z

Graphic Design History and the #Punk Aesthetic buff.ly/2hyIRNr pic.twitter.com/M7Z8wIt9qx

RIP: Legendary typeface designer…

RIP: Legendary typeface designer Hermann Zapf bit.ly/1KQlW6G via @qz pic.twitter.com/N3voVMgMCo

Steven Heller talks with…

Steven Heller talks with Ayse Birsel about her new book, "Design the Life You Love" bit.ly/1lCmDcI pic.twitter.com/kulWCHd0DF


"Great design is about making something that adds richness to people’s lives." bit.ly/1Hs0lDW pic.twitter.com/mN7VxgJpjw

92 Posters Paid For By the Government Promoting #Health, The #Arts and #NationalParks bit.ly/2k01Hzh pic.twitter.com/qxwxWotkwS

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the…

Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year is Positively Delicious bit.ly/12zQRE9 pic.twitter.com/uRNYJ22nYH

The gorgeous, fallible #history of #color wheels through the years. buff.ly/2mQ1bnh pic.twitter.com/dJ93kDWYWH

#Illustration & Graphic Design: Butcher Billy's Stranger Tales: S2 buff.ly/2AHQ6JY (don't worry — no spoile… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

Showcasing 100 palettes representing…

Showcasing 100 palettes representing the most popular colors of the 20th century: bit.ly/1PjmP8h pic.twitter.com/mmnPuVR79a

15 of PRINT’s Most Popular #Typography Articles of All Time buff.ly/2G9MzIz pic.twitter.com/2RkQPoGhlb

Designers Respond To The…

Designers Respond To The New #Instagram #Logo With Alternatives via @ForbesTech forbes.com/sites/tomaslau… pic.twitter.com/1zPJDjSFxp

Swiss Style: The Principles,…

Swiss Style: The Principles, the Typefaces & the Designers bit.ly/1Od5C3x pic.twitter.com/K1fSCo4YBh

How #Batman Made Me Fall…

How #Batman Made Me Fall In Love With #ComicBooks by @neilhimself bzfd.it/2949dCP pic.twitter.com/PmUteCQFN3

Vintage Fonts: 35 Adverts…

Vintage Fonts: 35 Adverts From the Past bit.ly/1VXTJiu pic.twitter.com/vKYtemCUU3

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