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I’d bet much of this particular…

I’d bet much of this particular monotony is the product of design contest / $5 logo sites. gtgraphics.org/genericlogos.h… —SC pic.twitter.com/5Ivc5h2yvk

… See more of Product Sans…

… See more of Product Sans & rationale behind the logo on Google’s design site: design.google.com/articles/evolv… (thx @w__h_) pic.twitter.com/bV4gJ2n7Bs

Type can do a lot without…

Type can do a lot without color. The Best of Black & White: fontsinuse.com/sets/1121/best… Make your own set on Fonts In Use. pic.twitter.com/KEmJmtcSo7

500 ways to use Futura

A 1937 London Transport ad…

A 1937 London Transport ad boasting about the type they commissioned from Edward Johnston. fontsinuse.com/uses/11546/lon… pic.twitter.com/InvxorjyUZ

Posters by Pierre Jeanneau for the @PorteStMartin theater in Paris fontsinuse.com/uses/21364/the… pic.twitter.com/lI0ZRGtUmQ

Alternating letter colors:…

Alternating letter colors: hallmark of 1950s typography. fontsinuse.com/tags/3388/alte… pic.twitter.com/G7ZuVTQMwP

160+ in-use examples of fonts released in 2018 fontsinuse.com/search/advance… pic.twitter.com/sgI1henQpl

On the Blog: A Futura stand-in,…

On the Blog: A Futura stand-in, born out of necessity in a USSR of limited type choices. fontsinuse.com/uses/12774/zhu… pic.twitter.com/adcBaljIpU

On the Blog: One of TV’s…

On the Blog: One of TV’s strongest talk shows finally has an ID that carries as much weight. fontsinuse.com/uses/12506/cha… pic.twitter.com/XXeEuZjuqo

The X-Files returns! The…

The X-Files returns! The original logo in @letterror’s FF Trixie & @NevilleBrody’s Industria: fontsinuse.com/uses/9064/the-… pic.twitter.com/sqcYhhJapA

150 examples of @FontsInUse on book covers from 2018 fontsinuse.com/search/advance… pic.twitter.com/Ru6KgKSDSZ

Spacing and Sofia: the Typography…

Spacing and Sofia: the Typography of Peter Miles. fontsinuse.com/designers/4840… pic.twitter.com/qtgMqjbmWk

Congrats, Cooper Black!

Why the new Met logo reminds…

Why the new Met logo reminds you of the ’70s: 1. flaring fontsinuse.com/search/advance… 2. spacing fontsinuse.com/search/advance… pic.twitter.com/gkyaV0BUzH

Ystrdy’s Google news led…

Ystrdy’s Google news led down a research hole of geosans, incl. cult favorite Elegant-Grotesk. fontsinuse.com/typefaces/3217… pic.twitter.com/LCSWYUqfLh

On the Blog: Blip, odd li’l…

On the Blog: Blip, odd li’l microcosm of video game typography. fontsinuse.com/uses/11093/tom… pic.twitter.com/1v2o0mQWbx

We upgraded Album Art to…

We upgraded Album Art to a format category. To celebrate, our top mid-century record covers: fontsinuse.com/search/advance… pic.twitter.com/ehpBJrmQZW

RIP John Berg, Columbia Records…

RIP John Berg, Columbia Records art director nytimes.com/2015/10/13/art… Some of his work at FIU fontsinuse.com/designers/3752… pic.twitter.com/itU3VhMkwp

We aren’t just about logos,…

We aren’t just about logos, covers & display type; we love a page of well set text, too: fontsinuse.com/tags/499/book+… pic.twitter.com/HzNSiYy3NN

Staff Pick: California City movie…

Staff Pick: California City movie poster and titles using @urtd’s Odesta. fontsinuse.com/uses/10078/cal… pic.twitter.com/qPOSiOP9qg

… In the 1970s, tight ’n’…

… In the 1970s, tight ’n’ flared wasn’t just for jackets & slacks. Type went that way, too. fontsinuse.com/uses/7131/the-… pic.twitter.com/wLNEl14Kxr

New on the Blog: Massimo…

New on the Blog: Massimo Vignelli and “A Few Basic Typefaces” (1991). fontsinuse.com/uses/14164/mas… pic.twitter.com/ZkwxEPr6Gp

Why yes, we have cat pics! Happy #InternationalCatDay!

Fine work by @boldscandinavia:…

Fine work by @boldscandinavia: fontsinuse.com/uses/13907/tid… P.S. Words of Blackletter wisdom from @hardwig in comments. pic.twitter.com/yFHVaPEh6C

On the Blog: Stedelijk (2012)…

On the Blog: Stedelijk (2012) — a look back at rebranding Amsterdam’s home for modern art. fontsinuse.com/uses/12058/ste… pic.twitter.com/ABjwdhBbNc

Staff Pick: @TresorBerlin…

Staff Pick: @TresorBerlin celebrates their 25th year with @optimofoundry’s Px Grotesk. fontsinuse.com/uses/12100/25-… pic.twitter.com/aHOffLpE2k

Star Wars type by @BaldCondensed:…

Star Wars type by @BaldCondensed: fontshop.com/content/star-w… & a prequel post, the lost logo: fontsinuse.com/uses/4031/star… pic.twitter.com/gKsoibz1nl

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