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… Frode Helland of @monokromfonts…

… Frode Helland of @monokromfonts quickly illustrated some of what niggles so many type folks about the Google mark. pic.twitter.com/ieHjLO1E9R

“@PhilipBattin: Norway just…

“@PhilipBattin: Norway just revealed their new passports. pic.twitter.com/vA5HzObcmQ” Work like this restores my faith in institutional design.

How to draw O, C, G, Q, P, B, D, J, U, R, and S (according to Charles Arthur Miller, c.1916) archive.org/stream/howtoma… pic.twitter.com/09jcikOGem

… All three campaign logos look as if they were spat out by 99designs, but Rand tried hardest. pic.twitter.com/ijy5PdVI6X

Apple previews next OS X at WWDC. The screens confirm Helvetica is replaced by San Francisco. apple.com/live/2015-june… pic.twitter.com/LlJ7lu8fV9

I’m afraid Erik’s right. Arial is the most likely model for the Euro 2016 cup engraving. twitter.com/espiekermann/s… pic.twitter.com/MB641BFggc

On TypeDrawers: Resources for drawing bezier curves and vectorizing letters. typedrawers.com/discussion/967… pic.twitter.com/xX7Ux64nKL

One of many fascinating pages from @marsidesino’s “Type design for typewriters: Olivetti”. academia.edu/15850041/Type_… pic.twitter.com/c76QBYMOxz

Introducing “Type Foundries Today”, an in-depth report on the industry by @ruxandraduru: census.typographica.org pic.twitter.com/HgTrfMJC7d

2 related families: SF (closer to Neuzeit S/Helvetica) for iOS/OS X and SF Compact (closer to Akkurat/DIN) for Watch. pic.twitter.com/YkEj5zPLb8

It’s cool to bring old type back to life, but not to pretend the original never existed. (Carnase still lives, btw.) pic.twitter.com/VMG3fiTce9

Mesmerizing leggy jig by @sayhellotoseb tmblr.co/ZUeVdx1Dhux9M pic.twitter.com/PXUhEUy1Hj

Wait, what happened? I was mostly staring at the numbers on the field. fontsinuse.com/uses/7507/nfl-… pic.twitter.com/85ESiFq4dP

One of the more interesting designs to come from URW in many years. urwpp.de/en/shop/?fonts… myfonts.com/fonts/urw/hang… pic.twitter.com/ewI42ufyxo

… Looks like San Francisco will replace Helvetica on iOS 9 as well. pic.twitter.com/60mxXvnzNm

Marian @bantjes was right about the lowercase ‘r’. (I Wonder, 2010) pic.twitter.com/5hxmdxL7y9

Anyone know who did this ITC Avant Garde Gothic / Helvetica hybrid for GQ a few years back? fontid.co/1425/geometric… pic.twitter.com/Dnax61X9wN

My favorite FontFonts from the last 5 years: fontfont.com/favorites/nbad… pic.twitter.com/mJ7rht6IsG

The new specimen for David by @a_is_for_A plays with scale. aisforapple.fr/products/36-da… pic.twitter.com/XoWOpYMBGi

A nice bit from the PDF. Remember, ligs don’t have to connect lettershapes to do their job. twitter.com/houseindustrie… pic.twitter.com/HAzjg4r5Vm

Proper posture & exercises from the Penmanship section of “Parsons' hand-book of forms” (1890) digital.library.wisc.edu/1711.dl/Silver… pic.twitter.com/Fe94S11qx7

1996, the first year I subscribed to @printmag. This cover must have stuck in my mind recesses. pic.twitter.com/AFRUJgVk44

One of my favorite reviews from Type 2015 typographica.org/features/our-f…, @samarskaya on Kazimir: typographica.org/typeface-revie… pic.twitter.com/meQIChXAEM

One of the finest sets of letters in the Boston area. pic.twitter.com/Wtjt1jIaz4

Typewritten portraits by @alvaroefe alvarofran.ca/typewritten pic.twitter.com/XA7msM5IC2

In the #typo15 goodie bag, from the newly announced @Fontstand. Very interesting. Peter Bilak speaks today. pic.twitter.com/nk2sxE4Hvw

SF, 1884: A dreary day at Palmer & Rey. Composing dark rhymes & multiple lines of bad fruit. archive.org/stream/newspec… pic.twitter.com/ymHFK6AfGl

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