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A very discretionary ligature. (Mercator, 1540: flickr.com/photos/molefol…). pic.twitter.com/YCshPJcbbK

My head is in permanent awe shaking mode for @LudwigType’s @berlintype Away-Days talk. Georg Salden is so damn good. pic.twitter.com/80qQGnnIwh

… chunks of Eksell Stencil, generously donated by @lettersfromswe, were used in our “Type of 2015” logo. pic.twitter.com/kDKBEyInEJ

An Israeli sign shows how 3 scripts can harmonize w/o being homogenous. Each true to itself. @MichalSahar1 #Typo16 pic.twitter.com/ntct8U27lX

Building words w/ Fakt Slab Stencil ligs is a joy. @MauriceMeilleur on @TThiemich’s design: typographica.org/typeface-revie… pic.twitter.com/i1yMzUNX0c

Leaflet from Drukkerij Hooiberg, 1955. (Tholenaar Collection, @Lett_Arc) You can see how they felt about Grots. pic.twitter.com/ZhZZlGjpUd

Saul Bass advice: “Learn to Draw” youtu.be/S7l0mIlzx_I

Jim @ParkinsonFonts updated his site. Bigger images. Mo’ logos, fonts, paintings, drawings. typedesign.com pic.twitter.com/M3oOmRCmxY

New @FontFont: FF Bauer Grotesk fontfont.com/fonts/bauer-gr… a warmer Futura alt from ’30s. Note alt a, e, pointed apexes. pic.twitter.com/m6pmp4edjs

It’s DIN’s badass cousin from France. It’s DIN on a wild Saturday night. It’s Audimat 3000. typographica.org/typeface-revie… pic.twitter.com/krNbeUjBxD

The fabled Haas Unica fontsinuse.com/typefaces/1066… is now available in a designer-approved release: lineto.com. pic.twitter.com/u4IeSaJsBP

If you’re looking for an alt to Google for collaborating on text docs, try quip.com. Good fonts, too. pic.twitter.com/e5WJfUlvYb

Architectural “datestones” of Rio de Janeiro, collected by @alvaroefe: projetofinalvaro.tumblr.com pic.twitter.com/42D8vgLG67

The Nation covers by @scottstowell, using only @HoeflerCo’s Knockout, still among my top Grots fontsinuse.com/uses/8771/the-… pic.twitter.com/bkeLgdnpTY

Upped bits from PLINC’s seminal 1968 “Psychedelitypes” booklet, feat. art by Ed Benguiat. flickr.com/photos/stewf/a… pic.twitter.com/jfOaIx7vgq

Something tells me the San Francisco typeface took some abuse as it was added to the iOS 9 keyboard. pic.twitter.com/ULSQOOw9UH

Music logo also uses SF. It’s safe to say San Francisco isn’t just the Watch or OS typeface. It’s the Apple typeface. pic.twitter.com/WuCZR9FGbw

Jon @gray318’s favorite covers integrate lettering w/ imagery, not type plopped atop. Eg. Antonio Frasconi. #typo2015 pic.twitter.com/XiOHmL7jhz

1870 or 1970? Figgins at @Lett_Arc. pic.twitter.com/eV6sGySin8

I am sad that the University of Oxford does not require the Oxford comma. ox.ac.uk/sites/files/ox… pic.twitter.com/uLYkCJxIrK

Did you know a socialist typographer is running for president? Meet Gloria Estela La Riva. pic.twitter.com/AgsuUkJqfQ

Prismaset lineto.com Reappraisal of 20th-c classic, in works since early 21st (fontsinuse.com/typefaces/3863…) pic.twitter.com/AphT8IaMpn

Israel’s 3 scripts (Arabic/Hebrew/Latin) presents challenges but also opportunities. A nice logo by @MichalSahar1. pic.twitter.com/BQxp8NPfbH

Digging into my photo archives. Signs from Vienna, Stockholm, Berlin, Oregon: flickr.com/photos/stewf/ pic.twitter.com/2K8o7rHenK

OS X & iOS now incl. @itfoundry fonts indiantypefoundry.com/news/new-apple… Kohinoor’s Latin much better than most bundled Indics… pic.twitter.com/c44IeyPrsQ

➊ Floriated Border, Central Type Foundry, 1891 ➋ The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, 1991 stewf.tumblr.com/post/118716216… pic.twitter.com/OQHNhngeBG

Survey of 700+ font buyers by @mcpflugie. Those who know type designrs have diff view than those who don’t. #TypeCon pic.twitter.com/TbWjKNca37

The Unitype, forgotten Linotype competitor. So cute. archive.org/stream/Unitype… More info: printmuseum.org/museum/collect… pic.twitter.com/kW1aq1MIgI

TypeTiles: from lead to pixel and back to lead. A project by @mchaccur and friends. medium.com/@mchaccur/type… pic.twitter.com/tmuoxO2MGl

Symbols aren’t always global. Eg. in Japan, circle = "yes", so a "cancel" as circle w/diagonal is confusing. Instead: pic.twitter.com/HLpJO7qbDP

I normally don’t tweet illustration stuff, but you really ought to follow Hans Bacher’s blog: one1more2time3.wordpress.com pic.twitter.com/YqVdjZXBmR

Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya’s Stolzl Display typographica.org/typeface-revie… is dedicated to female Bauhaus master Gunta Stölzl. pic.twitter.com/hqT2zBGvBq

Greta typographica.org/typeface-revie…, largest Arabic system to date, exposes the flexible anatomy of contemporary Arabic. pic.twitter.com/gmdQs4w0ig

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