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Charles @LucidaFonts Bigelow on Frutiger. Fine Print, Oct 1988. pic.twitter.com/7kuyJQCHOY

WGBH logo: Chermayeff & Geismar, 1974 NYC logo: Herb Lubalin, 197? pic.twitter.com/tRLoPfK4qM

1926 Turkish newspaper infographics. L: court budget. R: murder rate. Fellow #typo15 speaker @ffranchi would dig this pic.twitter.com/Pga6UMRgYY

Function w/ flavor. @CarlCrossgrove on @kioskfonts’ Source Serif: typographica.org/typeface-revie… #FranksUnbelievableEquipment pic.twitter.com/Hz11CGMfsh

Henrilk Kubel’s Olympic Wide typeface for @NYTmag is super fun. nytimes.com/interactive/20… pic.twitter.com/gdk5YsMDIY

ATF Alt Gothic demonstrates how @atftype revives/extends ATFs in ways early digitals didn’t. typographica.org/typeface-revie… pic.twitter.com/NpsezWyWyp

Trianon: typographica.org/typeface-revie… an uncommonly broad-scope approach to Didot, starting w/ original’s smallest sizes. pic.twitter.com/z8Rp9n86bq

Jürg @juerglehni fascinated by the limitations of certain shape making tools/methods, such as neon bending. #typo15 pic.twitter.com/wnbeYbMtqm

In @boldmonday’s Nitti Grotesk @WilliamBerkson found a neo-Grotesque comfortable for reading: typographica.org/typeface-revie… pic.twitter.com/Xw3GCIsXks

Maybe it’s time Amazon gave Lettering/Calligraphy its own category. pic.twitter.com/PHN4GACCSi

Tomorrow on Typographica: a history of one of the strangest and best faces. pic.twitter.com/d1fWliBXn9

typographica.org/typeface-revie… A handwriting face w/ text feats. Picked by one who knows handwriting fonts: @daycalligraphy pic.twitter.com/XsgjK13pYM

Nice timing. I was just enjoying this 1944 ATF process brochure at @Lett_Arc today. twitter.com/TypographyGuru… pic.twitter.com/fBi6jkL6yu

fleurscoiffeur.com is doused in flurry of French coiffures via contributor Elodie Boyer (editions-non-standard.com). pic.twitter.com/bJw78g9Ddp

… Can’t wait to share the collection with all of you — in person and online. Some quick snaps from today’s visit: pic.twitter.com/TZ6Ud8mCGS

Friends, FIRST draw and space your face right, THEN add the trendy layer effects. pic.twitter.com/uiHbhIhd5N

FS Brabo typographica.org/typeface-revie…, Fernando Mello’s tribute to metal Garaldes archived at Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. pic.twitter.com/2p1hBeT4hi

Fedra Latin, Arabic, and (shown at #Typo16 for the first time) a new Hebrew by @MichalSahar1. Italic is esp novel. pic.twitter.com/58v7ys7FNq

Discovering the Biblioteca Digital Hispánica via @cerezoom. E.g. posters (check the DE lig): bdh.bne.es/bnesearch/deta… pic.twitter.com/aNSEeiOY7l

Pacifista, a very nice stencil from @SCTF myfonts.com/fonts/suitcase… The italic is particularly unique for the category. pic.twitter.com/nSdZgQ74QW

Jean François @jfporchez & his LED font for Paris busses. Something so satisfying about well made grid type. #typo15 pic.twitter.com/fl9NNE8vu6

1978 Cooper Union brochure by Herb Lubalin rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53… Looks great. Bet you can see it at @lubalincenter. pic.twitter.com/2N8EZh4tKP

Every visit to Oakland’s Mountain View Cemetery yields new surprises. pic.twitter.com/4i50QrzxzG

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