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“1941: The Year That Keeps Returning” fontsinuse.com/uses/4463/1941… pic.twitter.com/jdLtZo4mSB

Toronto, 1950: flickr.com/photos/stewf/2… @BeatriceWarde visits Canada & tells ’em what she thinks of their typography. pic.twitter.com/6QZwdEGgpc

Ceremony typographica.org/typeface-revie… a label/icon font for maps & infographics from master atlas maker Joost Grootens. pic.twitter.com/r1aAjMsgSm

SangBleu typographica.org/typeface-revie… — the quiet, confident French Modernist was first issued in ’08 & expanded in ’15. pic.twitter.com/UyZSAgfQ2H

Still getting to know Schneidler, keep turning up fascinating stuff. Latein/Schrägschrift: archive.org/details/McGill… pic.twitter.com/ooMkMzpSZr

Mr @richard_lipton demos one of his many styles at @TypographicsNYC TypeLab. Then he gave it to me cuz he’s rad. pic.twitter.com/FdgPUyxkrZ

Speaking of Bungee and vertical signs: I land in NY, walk to hotel, and this is one of the first things I see. pic.twitter.com/1jdbCzvo1l

Obrigado to @rui_abreu for supporting typographica.org in May and lending Grifo Italic for our nameplate. pic.twitter.com/I59mVBoCl5

“Mikser … a joyously self-conscious design, it ditches the conventions of fixed-pitch type.” typographica.org/typeface-revie… pic.twitter.com/PYOE9Cy1R0

That’s one way to do an æ. (Real Double Pica, Hobart & Robbins, 1851) Tholenaar Collection at @Lett_Arc pic.twitter.com/LHfUakgxOl

Only knew the term “typometry” via @Jorge_de_Buen (2003). ’Til now: archive.org/stream/Golding… (1893, tho diff meaning) pic.twitter.com/rtOTRC4RSP

Following the theme of fonts derived from lettering, here’s @FontFont’s tribute to Ben Shahn fontfont.com/fonts/folk?aid… pic.twitter.com/tqqsTzh5SJ

ROCK Extinct BIRD Scalped Beau 8 Caxton Old Style from Marder, Luse & Co. ca. 1893 digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi-bin/Silver… pic.twitter.com/bs0SmZgaiC

As you would expect, @ffranchi’s slides are as good as his magazine spreads. #typo15 pic.twitter.com/FZ3gFboST5

… the fragmentation of devices makes it even more complex. So designing icons now is about designing for scalability. pic.twitter.com/xrSir4DavS

Curious to hear theories: What is drawing young designers to pseudo-historical-wonky-serifs? typophile.com/node/124102#co… pic.twitter.com/Upie94zVjf

… even more so now. (Most of 50 Hot New Fonts are < $10 or 50+% off) This slide is bad for everyone … incl MyFonts. pic.twitter.com/Vv3gNH4Hx4

… A better shot of this great sign. This time I climbed a nearby wall to get closer. pic.twitter.com/3wVc1MYn6p

Downtown, Faro, Portugal: flickr.com/photos/acejet1… Photo by @acejet170. pic.twitter.com/6mZ9hdU3j2

Grunt. I like the name, but this @markhrast face is just too elegant for it. pic.twitter.com/Clcs1f0Oyk

Mark Butchko’s new Rodger youworkforthem.com/font/T6779/rod… Lively soft sans that owes a lot to phototype like Alphabet Soup. pic.twitter.com/APGNg8DTNC

As its name implies, Clone typographica.org/typeface-revie… feels familiar, but it’s a novel hybrid of mechanical & natural. pic.twitter.com/rIFcbdtYJV

“Like a Brazilian megacity, the design of Tenez typographica.org/typeface-revie… brims with vitality.” — @marsidesino pic.twitter.com/gQUmNbRMND

Team Israel gathering at #Typo16 Show. Join us with Michal Sahar at 1800 to gain some Hebrew script knowledge. pic.twitter.com/dPXhZfk9Wy

Ermina by @frantastorm stormtype.com/families/ermina 5 weights + italics. Bifurcated Tuscan ain’t just for circus posters. pic.twitter.com/lbTnZNKPOE

Luc(as) de Groot shows how lettershape matters very little at small sizes. It’s all contrast, proportion, spacing. youtube.com/watch?v=gDLJP9…

Top Type Design Vids of 2015: Nominee (oh)No. 1 youtube.com/watch?v=pHJaMN…

I’ve never been big on Walbaum but have new appreciation seeing this letterhead in person. fontsinuse.com/uses/11379/h-b… pic.twitter.com/CJEksPCK2z

… Also, of course, people were using faux grid lines to explain letters at every stage in type history. Here’s 1980. pic.twitter.com/xpFUig42y8

São Paulo’s cemeteries are filled with Art Deco lettering and modern sculpture. #atypi flickr.com/photos/stewf/s… pic.twitter.com/Ja1ZMSS1Pp

In dark hours, when I thought we’d never finish, glancing at @letterror’s Ikarus (census.typographica.org/timeline/) got me thru pic.twitter.com/CXv3TzYQTl

census.typographica.org was a good excuse to use @djrrb type. Output (my OS font for mnths!) & untitled nod to Schadow pic.twitter.com/MQoe6LfeLW

#TypeCon attendees: Do you want this 1930s Klingspor specimen donated by @Lett_Arc? Come to the Quiz tonite & win it! pic.twitter.com/dG0SSDzG9S

Our nameplate for July is @kamedesign’s Stenciletta delvefonts.com/stenciletta.ht… Thank you for your support, @delvefonts! pic.twitter.com/08AGmI3V30

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