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Le top des tweets de Typographica

Top 50 des sources > Typographica  #49 / 393

… I should clarify that it’s not a font (yet) but script lettering that intelligently adapts width/spacing to screen.

A row of type luminaries captivated by @MarikoTakagi1’s talk on the origin of Chinese & Japanese ideograms. #typo15

OpenType offers 100,000 possibilities but most users see only what’s on the legacy typewriter keyboard. #typo15

Gotham from a bizarro world where Tobias can’t quite design type & H&Co can’t quite dp showings. Wish fake, but real.

A quick lesson in overshoots.

Drone footage of the 1897 Linotype & Machinery factory in Manchester (soon to be condos…):…

Huge ups to Joe Clark who donated hundreds of specimens, mags, & other goodies to the #TypeCon silent auction.

In the ’40s–’50s it was a swingin’ hepcat. Now it’s a sad sap. ATF Brush… brings Brush back.

Media77… by the original Team ‘77. Not as celebrated as their Unica, but also worth studying.

Echo is not Charlie “sans” anything (pared-back derivative), but equally interesting sibling…

Macho: a modular system, each letter up to 20 mods wide, w/ accompanying boxes & underlines.…

“Brasíilica…easy to overlook in array of new releases, but revealing the more one lingers.”…

Few know about @frerejones’ secret former life as the headman of Devo. (@laureola just informed me.)

Alas, James Mosley’s great blog hasn’t been updated since 2014. Still plenty to read.

@kamedesign @delvefonts Fleisch Waltz (courtesy @Identifont and tab switching)

Sister Corita’s work is an ideal subject for a fest called #Typographics. Don’t know her?

Brettina Reinemann on the mammoth effort behind designing icons for Adobe apps. (Light/dark UI, lo/hi res…) #typo15

… New title led to this, his best known cover. “It’s to scale, so when I saw it in shops I could give myself a hi 5.”

Sofie Beier on how our brains perceive type. Such studies are described in her good book “Reading Letters”. #typo15

Marian @Bantjes has a “weakness for big brushy strokes & induced angularity.” Bouquet has both…

Video demonstration of @schinloong’s calligraphy skills:… (Linked at TypeDrawers…)

Type Quiz. Identify these celebrities of the 1970s–80s, and these three publications.

TFW you discover your x is flipped.…

“So satisfying,” says @sahafshar about Diodrum Arabic, designed by @besmin for @itfoundry.…

Some New York letters:… (from last week and other trips)

Learn NOs & YESes of #typedesign w/ Carl Grossgrove in this 10-week @coopertypewest course:…

Plump, spritely Norfolk logo shown in 1950 Inland Printer… cf. Pique…

Very impressed with @svenofuchs’ @berlintype Away-Days slides. Not how nicely year labels align w/ UDK door frame.

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