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Get to know page lifters: oliner.com/SheetGuard/emb… Type spec binders I find usually have ’em flipped the wrong way. pic.twitter.com/kmL5lkg7xs

#TypeCon @ninastoessinger considers emphasizing horizontals. (Meanwhile, @MuirMcNeil’s font on podium does it too.) pic.twitter.com/NvCpbDphLf

Surprised to see every issue of Interrobang in #TypeCon bookstore. Brings back ancient SOTA memories. Steal at $5ea. pic.twitter.com/4WJJKCRJRX

Mr @kioskfonts introduces us to fascinating Dr. Hershey: coopertype.org/event/the_hers… See also: typographica.org/typeface-revie… pic.twitter.com/sgCBB7fyr5

Vinter typographica.org/typeface-revie… a modulated sans on a geometric skeleton. Born in ’12; weights+italics added in ’15. pic.twitter.com/c2O4gsEIBV

HAAA! Nice surprise: @docekalovapetra’s supercool diploma proj at @berlintype Away-Days. @typecon, prepare for fun! pic.twitter.com/kvplcF6RFX

AD Matt Willey makes his own type for his publications. NSW01 typographica.org/typeface-revie… (for NYT Mag) made our list. pic.twitter.com/o2c3wcNbjs

On the homestretch of 2015 typographica.org/features/our-f… picks. Today: cosmopolitan Chiavettieri typographica.org/typeface-revie… pic.twitter.com/YMLYmBCulX

“Nitti Mostro typographica.org/typeface-revie… makes me wish for 200pt ad headlines. Or banner. Or billboard. Or IMAX title!” pic.twitter.com/YWYmVyVL1U

Our 2015 Non-Latin trek advances: @HindiRinny cheers rise of Indics, esp. Quantum Devanagari typographica.org/typeface-revie… pic.twitter.com/4GUnXRcfYg

ATF Garamond typographica.org/typeface-revie… Not “true Garamond” but @marksimonson don’t care. New edition was his ’15 pick. pic.twitter.com/LIRtDLq65x

Mr @DutchTypeJam on Josef K typographica.org/typeface-revie…, the most recent member of the extended @ffmisterk family. pic.twitter.com/ZBc6ykR1ot

Ghost signs in @CoppersBrasses’ Montréal lead to Double—a fam whose weights are also widths. typographica.org/typeface-revie… pic.twitter.com/ihTbcVV8PG

Lots of fonts added to @Identifont each month. Thoughts on some interesting ones from April: blog.identifont.com pic.twitter.com/GDCxTkIcDb

Another beautifully produced issue of Enso magazine: Microcars. Nicely done, @AntonHeko. enso.readymag.com/microcars/ pic.twitter.com/H72FKrP3Nm

Following an all male panel, we have an all female panel: @kupfers on font licensing. #ATypI pic.twitter.com/fkQO19o1ON

In the 1950–60s every biz guy had a desk portrait. Foundry boss Francesco Simoncini is the only one who wore shades. pic.twitter.com/qNeHKlrfhv

Every major industry (pharma, energy, tech) has its ads w/ high production values and melodrama. Now type does too: youtube.com/watch?v=Dtko2e…

… and a bit on how Frutiger was responsible for Iridium’s production beyond the drawings: pic.twitter.com/owauJSDAlt

… Breakout groups from the #TypeCon Diversity Committee meeting. Thank you, @HindiRinny for your leadership! Onward. pic.twitter.com/qeMwZ0aiXz

Onur Yazıcıgil shows an early Arabic type specimen. Text in book describes Gutenberg & history of printing. #typo15 pic.twitter.com/PTW6zgDokt

Now at #typo2015 find @laureola downstairs at café for free tattoo. Here are ours for today. twitter.com/FontShop/statu… pic.twitter.com/pC95xFAjdw

“Inspired by handwriting” or inspired by Coquette? pic.twitter.com/Uiu4wUsqHP

Selfie is @carodebartolo’s fave font of all time! JK. Just her pick for 2015—peak selfie era. typographica.org/typeface-revie… pic.twitter.com/dIdQSYGtOx

Good logo for @margotspizza by @normanhathaway. Look forward to seeing it on the site. pic.twitter.com/8mtO43aZpt

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