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Glitch Construct. mwmgraphics.com/store.html My favorite from this new series of jacquard throws. core-deco.com pic.twitter.com/UCNRMxPEsU

Finished this big one yesterday in Philly with the good folks at @muralarts . . . instagram.com/mwm_graphics pic.twitter.com/GhkcZouh3W

Greenpoint, Brooklyn. pic.twitter.com/pdbnsg8Tgi

Interviewed by my friends over at @ELLOhype : ) ello.co/elloblog/post/… pic.twitter.com/WGT4RLxLoI

Hello Brooklyn! I am searching for street-level walls to muralize this week. Suggestions & intros much appreciated. pic.twitter.com/dGkjv5fBcm

XYZ Axis : CORE DECO 2015 Jacquard Throws. mwmgraphics.com/store.html Made In USA. pic.twitter.com/p4NOCGyIyo

'Innovation Is The Sincerest Form Of Strategy.' #2O17WordPlay #Letterformations #IsoGeo pic.twitter.com/ujcIJj3nA0

Saturday session with Tomek. Keeping it loopy! instagram.com/p/BFHkavJGcno/… pic.twitter.com/6M7KfF2Q3S

Thanks @YATZER Core Deco : Gravitational Waves. yatzer.com/yatzer-roundup… ... pic.twitter.com/DxcVLCNvC4

2O16 Jacquard Throw Collection — CORE-DECO.com pic.twitter.com/dUbt8UMuLl

Happy 4th of July! pic.twitter.com/xyx42B8U7a

Vectorfunk : Color Theorizing. pic.twitter.com/CXM6JDUj7N

Herb Lubalin talks about creating his PBS logo. youtube.com/watch?v=w6U5RS…

B/W Septagon Diamonds. pic.twitter.com/CqykhSCbzx

MWM X American Tourister 'Summer Fun 2017' luggage collaboration . . . instagram.com/p/BTMkR3ol_Jd/… pic.twitter.com/M30DN7YGzg

⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ G r e y s c a l e s . . . instagram.com/mwm_graphics/ pic.twitter.com/YthgFHYigD

Swatch wave surfing. pic.twitter.com/kOHgWDc0mY

Organic & Stripes — The next chapter of my quick Sharpie explorations on index cards . . . pic.twitter.com/XMHe3790RZ

Fiber Optics & Hexy Hammock. Sharpie On Bristol. Paris 2013. Full Series : bit.ly/2aepfxi pic.twitter.com/0agcKbaZsX

░█▒▐░▓░▐▒░ pic.twitter.com/T5rxGGXzbG

Nice feature in June Issue 254 @ComputerArts My athlete illos for @Hersheys @RioOlympics ... goo.gl/E792Dn pic.twitter.com/keaU6c9SSN

Using the cinder blocks for a grid. Freehand with no tape. Freestyle with no sketch... facebook.com/matt.w.moore/p… pic.twitter.com/bP6VslzNwt

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