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Tézzo Suzuki, Calendar 18, Tokyo, 2017. Swipe left to see February–May! pic.twitter.com/RmMeDhviI3

Timm Ulrichs, Anthologie zur Visuelle Poesie, 1968 pic.twitter.com/gcGnToNNJy

Bob Cobbing, untitled visual poem pic.twitter.com/hEYpS21odW

Ivan Chermayeff & Tom Geismar, PBS Identity Manual, ca. 1984 pic.twitter.com/6BTBUGfs6j

Karel Martens, Motion, Germany, 2017 pic.twitter.com/pXDDkkm0WD

Eckhard Neumann, Functional Graphic Design in the 20’s, New York, 1967 pic.twitter.com/eslZxsBafs

Clarendon, Haas Type Foundry, Switzerland, 1953. pic.twitter.com/HdofKeSveR

Alan Kitching, Paul Rand print, Monotype, 2014. pic.twitter.com/lTMZOKE4DG

Ross George, Original art for a series of lessons in Speedball lettering, ca. 1940s pic.twitter.com/bbSWoZpqaa

Doyald Young, The Parts of a Letter, printed by Patrick Reagh, Sebastopol pic.twitter.com/J0qoYGKOqt

We are honoured to have received the complete Emigre archive as a donation from its founders.letterformarchive.org/emigre?utm_sou… pic.twitter.com/2k2RqByXEr

Toshihiki Shimizu, Six Meditations, Japan, 1969 pic.twitter.com/6NQ8rW5aAU

Paul Rand, Westinghouse Graphics Identification Manual, 1961 #LfAIdentityManual pic.twitter.com/5BTGpFKvsO

Paul Rand, The IBM Look, 1972 pic.twitter.com/P9HOiaCmfv

Peter Malutzki, Linocut alphabet, 1981 pic.twitter.com/iAujtmJ2k7

Ladislaw Medges, Broom: An International Magazine of the Arts, Vol. 2, No. 3, 1922 pic.twitter.com/xOV2puusyh

RCA Corporate Identification Manual, 1969 #LfAIdentityManual pic.twitter.com/6tozLwYpwF

Ivan Chermayeff & Tom Geismar, PBS Identity Manual, ca. 1984 pic.twitter.com/M8oRydKuIa

Saul Bass, Bell Systems Graphic Standards Manual, 1969 #IdentityManual pic.twitter.com/tT58rX87dd

David Carson, Raygun No. 10, 1993. pic.twitter.com/xUOlNBw1iQ

Ben Shahn, A Partridge in a Pear Tree, New York, 1949 pic.twitter.com/bioZEZX14F

Emigre, specimen for Modula Ribbed (typeface by Zuzana Licko), 1995 pic.twitter.com/bN3pPUlRBm

Roger Excoffon, World Graphics 2, 1962 pic.twitter.com/cwK0n0VOjI

“Lettergreep”, a book of typographic experiments by Dick Elffers, 1971. pic.twitter.com/fnSzorFiaa

Rudolf Koch, Prisma, 1930. pic.twitter.com/z9pPVz8D8v

Robert Prost, Untitled concrete poem, Café Solo, Series 2, No. 3/4, San Luis Obispo, 1970 pic.twitter.com/Yi2g9J8TKP

Abram Games, U&lc Magazine: Vol. 5, No. 3, New York, Sept. 1978 pic.twitter.com/8O2JZ1vPQN

Lester Beall, How to Design a Letterhead, 1952 pic.twitter.com/wnmXoD2oOS

Ladislav Sutnar, Cityscape print, United States, date unknown. pic.twitter.com/uQX05Gn98u

Andrew W. Lyons, Grammar of Lettering, London, 1908 pic.twitter.com/jvCxHAxzC0

Alessandro Butti, Loose leaves from specimen for Fluidium, Societa Nebiolo, Italy, 1951. pic.twitter.com/FxV53vvabd

Saul Bass, Anatomy of a Murder, 1959. Read more about Bass in our feature at letterformarchive.org/news/saul-bass pic.twitter.com/mZk6W1dWmc

Jean Midolle, Alphabet Lapidaire Monstre, Spécimen des Écritures Modernes, 1834 pic.twitter.com/KTqsl5Y2oF

Karel Martens, Reprint, 2015 pic.twitter.com/EXD2kf1t9z

Jan Tschichold, special guest ed. issue of Typographische Mitteilungen, 1925, clarified principles of New Typography pic.twitter.com/oCAdv1HP8L

Seiichi Niikuni, In Concreto, Paris, 1968 pic.twitter.com/0bH9VqOxV8

Arthur Baker, Calligraphic Alphabets, New York, 1974 pic.twitter.com/szD9mz0e3a

Andrew W. Lyons, Grammar of Lettering, London, 1908 pic.twitter.com/TlSvNXQaDs

Jiří Kolář, Untitled collage, 1962 pic.twitter.com/HXZuF09VpV

Ulm 14/15/16, Journal of the Ulm School for Design, 1965 pic.twitter.com/jpjP8KAArJ

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