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Jorge Hernandez, screenprint poster for Zoológico de La Habana, Cuba, 1974 pic.twitter.com/YwDtuDV99b

Corita Kent, Damn Everything But the Circus, Canada, 1970. pic.twitter.com/2UTgijrXpB

Jochen Gerz, In Concreto, Paris, 1968 pic.twitter.com/hk8Wq6g51o

Pelikan Blätter, 1929 pic.twitter.com/VzeeuzXVIJ

The Society of Typographic Arts Summer bulletin, 1959 pic.twitter.com/QYeDmLB7vg

Saul Steinberg, All In Line, New York, 1945 pic.twitter.com/tt4Kiyd89Q

Dr. Otto Croÿ, Fotomontage, 1937 pic.twitter.com/UCeik96YVp

Happy New Year! Card by Harold Jacobs. pic.twitter.com/f8vGbzvN9s

TEXFI Corporate Identity Manual, c. 1974 pic.twitter.com/THEM8trulY

Drukkersweekblad, Amsterdam, December 1928 pic.twitter.com/guAUKtmeNL

Standard, Berthold (Amsterdam-Continental), c. 1962 #LfATypeEphemera pic.twitter.com/dowGJR49vp

Ross George, Modern Caps in the Speedball Textbook, 14th ed., 1941 pic.twitter.com/JwBwyTXZBW

André Chanté, Or featured in Lettera 4 by Armin Haab & Walter Hættenschweiler, New York, 1972 pic.twitter.com/Ol03thyPEL

J. Erbar, Erbar Grotesk, Linotype, c. 1930 #LfATypeEphemera pic.twitter.com/qwJ8MbBQcV

Kurt Schwitters, Kate Steinetz & Theo Van Doesburg, Die Scheuche Märchen, 1961 (reprint) pic.twitter.com/tdLP16g7I9

A.M. Cassandre, Le Spectacle est Dans La Rue (The Show Is On the Street), 1935 pic.twitter.com/KUSh7WPqPD

Piet Zwart, advertising for Netherlands Cable Works, c. 1920s #LfAYearInReview pic.twitter.com/Gn152qyff2

Herbert Bayer, Electronics: A New Science for a New World by General Electric Company, 1942 pic.twitter.com/ry0H6Jx5AS

Aldo Novarese, Forma, Nebiolo, c. 1967#LfATypeEphemera pic.twitter.com/7to7xDewXn

Eric Gill, Gill Sans, c. 1930 #LfATypeEphemera pic.twitter.com/S4dvwwd01u

Ladislav Sutnar, Obrácení Kapitána Brassbounda by George Bernard Shaw, Prague, 1932 pic.twitter.com/FBYaa4RBz5

Comp for a newspaper advertisement, unknown designer, 1928. Guest series: Alexander Tochilovsky. #la_guestseries pic.twitter.com/rRhhS80q7Y

Robin Price's Counting on Chance, for CODEX Book Fair's 2015 compendium of participating artists Alchimie du Verbe pic.twitter.com/F3SUZH4kd0

More screen-printed window cards by David Klein for The Heights Players, a Brooklyn community theater, 1950–60s. pic.twitter.com/4erzjUGWhg

David Kindersley, Graphic Variations, 1979. pic.twitter.com/O5Eh1OfcVI

Tom Phillips, A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel, fifth edition, 2012. pic.twitter.com/tuYSDHLggJ

Warren Lehrer, French Fries, New York, 1984 pic.twitter.com/nbdqs3ojur

Bern Porter, Run-On, 1975 pic.twitter.com/QYDfCCIqBU

Timm Ulrichs, Edition et 3, 1967 pic.twitter.com/QYafzfUYCb

Liam O'Gallagher, The Blue Planet Notebooks, San Francisco, 1972 pic.twitter.com/BllEKvzb9k

Witte Krant/De Papieren Tijger, No. 5, Amsterdam, 1967 pic.twitter.com/ULdLA9HiD5

Eduardo Paolozzi, Moonstrips Empire News, 1967 pic.twitter.com/jsTCCgR1BD

Eugenio Carmi, Stripsody, Rome, 1966 pic.twitter.com/wCkTnYc9ey

Ladislav Sutnar, Interiors, New York, 1947 pic.twitter.com/cCiDAdKjTr

Armin Hofmann, Graphic Design Manual: Principles and Practice, 1965 pic.twitter.com/u2g3dUTkBR

Herbert Bayer, World Geo-graphic Atlas, Chicago, 1953 pic.twitter.com/iobJJz3ogi

Gianni Bertini, Mec, No. 2, Milan, 1971 pic.twitter.com/tZCoyShEhN

Lester Beall, Diameter Vol 1 edited by Lorraine Rothbard, 1951 pic.twitter.com/r20fZhkH4q

Oliver Jeffers and Sam Winston, A Child of Books, Somerville, 2016 #LfAKids pic.twitter.com/tRy06IoOAd

Happy birthday, Kurt Schwitters! Kurt Schwitters, An Anna Blume, 1919 #LfABirthday pic.twitter.com/mzW2FFLsgm

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