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When did you first get your start? #Ai30th pic.twitter.com/ysAjK4ZsbI

Ever wonder what graphic design was like before Illustrator? #Ai30th pic.twitter.com/TBfOjmaq11

Every splash screen is a reminder that you can create anything you can imagine. #Ai30th pic.twitter.com/RmU7zKsw1J

The 2018 nominees for Best Picture. #Oscars fan art by Denis Gonchar: adobe.ly/2FKGzpt pic.twitter.com/M6KO0pudGz

In under 4 minutes, learn how to turn any image into a vector with Live Trace: adobe.ly/2eEtsNv pic.twitter.com/te54pzlgj5

Print it out. Share it with friends. Here’s Paul Trani’s Pen tool cheat sheet for designers: adobe.ly/2jXFdMs pic.twitter.com/aOucCUav2C

The perfect snack for late-night creativity. #NationalTacoDay pic.twitter.com/CnOzRqBxWF

What was graphic design like pre-Illustrator? @FastCoDesign looks back. Watch the video: bit.ly/1ApVFIA pic.twitter.com/2bteDuO9EP

Here's to 30 more years of feedback, support and amazing work. #Ai30th pic.twitter.com/JytZKtssiO

Using just a few new techniques, you can easily brighten up your work with gradients: adobe.ly/2gmldCi pic.twitter.com/Ktz1ufrwbO

Use a pattern brush and blending to create this spherical ball of energy. adobe.ly/2wXQYZY pic.twitter.com/QFUwUDtLJf

A fantasy of lights. Get mesmerized with this project created by @IlyaShapko: adobe.ly/2zlH5Ht #madewithAi pic.twitter.com/l0IqQvnZQI

New tools, new possibilities. #Ai30th pic.twitter.com/yAvS5ir5ST

Learn how to create a swirling infinite logo with @ForeverDansky: adobe.ly/2ovcUcw pic.twitter.com/wJC0S7mb8F

Food that fights back. These 'Samurai Sushi' by Elia Colombo are feisty, but cute: adobe.ly/1P3UEQZ pic.twitter.com/lB7l6Q9INZ

The First Avenger. Check out this Captain American fan art by @RicoJrCrea: adobe.ly/2JwsNaA #MadewithAi pic.twitter.com/t3AZ5jrAer

Experts give 25 top tips for #logo design: adobe.ly/2qTYDsr pic.twitter.com/iNuGn1oxcq

Navigating Monday like... GIF by Tomas Brunsdon: adobe.ly/2dWioGp #MadewithAi pic.twitter.com/g9CUElUCTO

Learn how to create an editable pie chart in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2KYM5Kg pic.twitter.com/yMw1D7qHzd

Happy #WinterSolstice! May your holidays be warm and bright! #MadewithAi pic.twitter.com/OFkYzTDf0u

Learn how to create a set of organic, hand-drawn, retro patterns in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2L8Qcka pic.twitter.com/wvzQq67xcH

Use brushes in Illustrator to add textures and details to your artwork: adobe.ly/2BrC9Qt #CCLearn pic.twitter.com/wgfyQfPci5

For the love of the game. Basketball inspiration by Fabrizio Soldano & Alessandro Pautasso: adobe.ly/1sMUm75 pic.twitter.com/9NJhIqmtKl

From illustration to logo design. 100 tutorials to help you master Illustrator: bit.ly/1XzLPQr pic.twitter.com/0MPvzr0qHu

Learn how to blend vector art, all done in Illustrator by @PSDesignps: adobe.ly/2D5FOnQ pic.twitter.com/MAPAko2YLD

Winter is here. Try creating these abstract logo emblems inspired from @GameOfThrones: adobe.ly/2wfmzbO pic.twitter.com/jQswpZQ0eC

Use watercolor textures give your popsicle vectors a colorful appearance: adobe.ly/2vJzUcM pic.twitter.com/wlBwLQVqRh

Want to animate your vectors? Watch @madebyradio work with Illustrator and @AdobeAE: adobe.ly/2mM4QUT pic.twitter.com/pjdzvid23I

Learn how to use the width tool in Illustrator with @99designs: adobe.ly/2vP9dkK pic.twitter.com/K562iXPJHp

Try your skills by creating a seamless pumpkin pattern: adobe.ly/2xVYVBA pic.twitter.com/hMZdnolDl8

Discover a whole new way to design with shapes using the Shaper Tool: adobe.ly/2mH39Wq pic.twitter.com/m9WnRgHTc0

Learn how to create a minimalistic vector illustration with the Blend Tool: adobe.ly/2nR4qgo pic.twitter.com/IzYQuy0q79

Create and customize your own character kit in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2Fg2Bzm pic.twitter.com/aytf55J5KR

Need to package your document? Here's a handy shortcut to remember. adobe.ly/2HMrnM9 #AiBasics pic.twitter.com/EhokkG74nm

Learn how to create a retro long-shadow effect without expanding the text in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2BBMbQq pic.twitter.com/9kSbnoz33L

Try not to say any of these 19 things to a designer. bit.ly/1OJtcBz pic.twitter.com/MJsn1ueIEY

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