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Add a rubber stamp effect to any illustration with a few quick steps: adobe.ly/2mmBLO9 #MakeItCC pic.twitter.com/MIYmLgGYyZ

For #PiDay, learn how to create a 3D pie chart design in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2HyPqu6 pic.twitter.com/ytX8zXw9RN

Thou shall follow these 10 commandments of logo design: adobe.ly/2sJAIvL pic.twitter.com/ZRtZBUDa1V

Illustrator 101 | Learn how to use simple shapes to create icons for your next project. adobe.ly/22zEtNZ pic.twitter.com/ogWqyckmuN

Create the Captain America Shield for #ComicBookDay: adobe.ly/2xBiMG7 pic.twitter.com/ffwhFdYf93

Got milk? Use the Gradient Mesh Tool to create a milk splash effect: adobe.ly/2sIH7FA pic.twitter.com/x1Rgbcbvkf

Learn how to create a paper cut out effect in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2xEgohg pic.twitter.com/QECJ20ueFD

Learn how to make little fluffy animals using Blend Objects and the Roughen effect. bit.ly/231FwGx pic.twitter.com/C4LbjnGeoS

Create an infinite logo design with this tutorial by @ForeverDansky: bit.ly/2VqLoui pic.twitter.com/jJqH0A72Ui

Here's a New Year resolution we can all stick to!

Make it all in vectors. Learn how to create a wooden pattern texture effect: adobe.ly/2ouSPCY pic.twitter.com/bfC3DYv9XP

Learn how to use some quick pattern tricks in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2DUStiR pic.twitter.com/b47mIJhox0

Born in the ocean, recreated using Illustrator by Jung-pyo Lee: adobe.ly/2rtY4V9 #madewithAi pic.twitter.com/n5ukd3KaDQ

Here's another way you can use the golden ratio to design a logo or icon via @tutvid: adobe.ly/2yjvbgl pic.twitter.com/oEKLQunAIL

Now, that's dope! Learn how to create a chiseled text effect with @LetteringAddict: adobe.ly/2E5cVc0 pic.twitter.com/dGnUAhb0Eb

Always dreamed of luscious hair? Learn how to create it with brushes in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2s6bkRP pic.twitter.com/0dCE5eyecG

Play with Warp options to make a peel off text effect: adobe.ly/2jHRMzK pic.twitter.com/PblmSh3G7d

Learn simple tips and tricks to help you get started in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2IbMZP1 #CCLearn pic.twitter.com/qc1ehoqFtj

He's quick! He's fast! Create Sonic the Hedgehog in Illustrator. #VideoGamesDay adobe.ly/2fgdJ4i pic.twitter.com/xmBr36WsSn

Join us to learn basic motion design techniques with Illustrator and @AdobeAE: adobe.ly/2jjA4gv pic.twitter.com/GmLyBxCpgB

Lettering wizard @Ian_Bernard explains how to use the Blend Tool in under 4 minutes: adobe.ly/2gGw1KB pic.twitter.com/hSampWiEHH

Feel like a kid again. Create watercolor typography in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2auarr1 via @teelacunningham pic.twitter.com/J3IbYPVmnK

Learn how to create vector line patterns in Illustrator: bit.ly/2ArTifb pic.twitter.com/zwRAUpnQEw

9 ways to add or create texture effects in your illustrations? @ttaitutorials shows you how: bit.ly/31dS8Ql pic.twitter.com/1DkRDCho9M

Design your own custom, typography illustration with the Mesh Tool: adobe.ly/2wqyqng pic.twitter.com/CD9OFdlyEc

Use the Scissor Tool to create broken lines in your illustration like this bicycle icon: adobe.ly/2qwNHNm pic.twitter.com/RQ2XoHvd83

Learn how to create striped 3D shapes with @LetteringAddict: bit.ly/2GP8UOP pic.twitter.com/kgvxY9Umgg

Learn how to create these unique ornament designs in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2Ce5E9Y pic.twitter.com/jlj4GlS6Te

Justice for all. These set of DC Comics icons are simple, yet bold: adobe.ly/2ueMuyV pic.twitter.com/oK9JAce9Fe

Typographer Ian Bernard quickly explains how to use the Blend Tool in under 4 minutes: adobe.ly/2knnAt3 pic.twitter.com/jGFEwRTGUT

Check out @fontself, an AI plugin that lets you turn hand-drawn lettering into a font: adobe.ly/29MXf0Q pic.twitter.com/c7MHAiF6r4

Need a profile photo refresh? How to vectorize a portrait with Illustrator: adobe.ly/2ja25Z7 pic.twitter.com/qfWo4OSFE4

It all starts (and ends) with a single line. adobe.ly/23Nvtn9 pic.twitter.com/Ucjkymrk3l

These 10 tools in Ai will speed up your workflow. Are you using them? adobe.ly/1qBJCXZ pic.twitter.com/qcXWVRWKar

Draw a shape. Then snap a pic and turn it into a vector graphic with #AdobeCapture. Try it: adobe.ly/1PPxYCh pic.twitter.com/gN8cmPgTBq

These 10 tools in Ai will speed up your workflow. Are you using them? bit.ly/1UlgdOx pic.twitter.com/rLMqPqwojZ

Spring is in the air. Learn how to create these spring flower icons from basic shapes: adobe.ly/2E3cVcF pic.twitter.com/Xg1kDP1J6d

Are you afraid of the dark? Create this spooky vector art in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2y78eLT pic.twitter.com/ZFFXyyWgvM

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