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Le top des tweets de Adobe Illustrator

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Use gradients and shapes to create a peaceful, night scenery:

Ikhsan Hidayat shares how to create a colorful blending vector in Illustrator:

Draw a shape. Then snap a pic and turn it into a vector graphic with #AdobeCapture. Try it:

#CCLearn - Learn the basics in arranging objects with Rotate, Blend, Pattern and more:

Need a profile photo refresh? How to vectorize a portrait with Illustrator:

Here are 3 ways you can add texture to your design in Illustrator:

Create your own vector Illustrator brush in three simple steps via @CreativeBloq:

Here's a quick 5-minute tutorial on how to repeat patterns:

Teela Cunningham shares how to create watercolor textures in Illustrator:

Check out this fresh showcase of vector line art illustrations curated by @chrisspooner:

Learn how to create a geometric kaleidoscope design in Illustrator:

Use basic shapes and tools to create the new Nintendo Switch vector:

Here's how to turn your hand lettering to vector using your phone and Illustrator

Add some texture to your hand-lettering. @Will_Paterson10 shows you how:

Turn your hand lettering to vector using your phone and Illustrator. Here's how:

LIVE now. Learn how to make geometric designs with @paultrani:

We agree, @9GAG. Fonts matter.

Create a set of superhero (DC + Marvel) emojis in Illustrator:

Bright pops of pink and blue for Daft Punk. Check out this fan artwork by @Seiyafx:

Wise typography brought to you by Katt Phatt: #WednesdayWisdom #MadewithAi

Here's how to export assets for web and app design from the latest version of Illustrator:

A look into 2019 design trends, curated by @MiloThemes:

#ColorFontWeek - Learn how to make your font from scratch using @fontself:

Learn how to create custom guides in Illustrator:

Create these adorable animals with the Line Segment and Reflect Tool:

Check out this tutorial by @tutsplus on how to create a folk art pattern with Illustrator:

If an oil slick met our favorite macabre element, this would be the result.

Try creating a geometric collage like this with Ai and Ps. @chrisspooner shares how:

Vector patterns made easy in Illustrator using this tutorial by @tutsplus:

Learn how to create a spirograph effect in Illustrator with @ForeverDansky:

Learn how how to create custom vector textures in Illustrator with @tutvid: #AiBasics

Love textures and gradients? Try making texture gradients:

Vectors assemble. #Avengers art by William Teal:

Sci-fi landscapes. Giant monuments. Get lost in @Signalnoise’s alternate dimension.

Learn how to make little fluffy animals using Blend Objects and the Roughen effect.

Learn how to create some cool 3D effects for editable text in Illustator.

Create your own vector t-shirt template and apply a pattern to it:

Chris Phillips uses Illustrator and @AdobeAE to create "odd little GIF loops.” See them all:

Lettering pro @Ian_Barnard shares how he adds weight to his letters in less than 2 mins:

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