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Use Shape Tools and Pathfinder tricks to create an animal silhouette vector: adobe.ly/2t9fXrK pic.twitter.com/fLnFWg9Ywb

Learn how to master the pen tool in Illustrator and Photoshop. Live at 1 p.m. PT: adobe.ly/2hYA9uh pic.twitter.com/6ijt5XDl6A

Create a an abstract particle design in Illustrator with @ttaitutorials: bit.ly/2DsA4aW pic.twitter.com/JAXnvc2I2i

Build an isometric grid from scratch. @alex_vitori shows how easy it is to do it: adobe.ly/2Hd0wp5 pic.twitter.com/Tcrvrtr5Nb

Learn how to control the number of surfaces in your 3D shapes. @JoelStransky shows you how: adobe.ly/2CTanxO pic.twitter.com/HhBmNLYWh3

Learn how to create this floral illustration with type via @marywinklerart: adobe.ly/2BicvOG pic.twitter.com/1rX6chgarl

Use guides and grids to make a low poly portrait in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2uVq2YO pic.twitter.com/FbqPUhW1VB

Follow along to create this text effect in Illustrator: bit.ly/35wkV3V pic.twitter.com/0jmo9srYhU

Learn how to create a furry Cheshire Cat-inspired text effect in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2FlKyHc pic.twitter.com/rvtMGR1L4W

Learn how to make your own color font in @fontself: adobe.ly/2Bmr57G pic.twitter.com/ggS6tTaslY

Learn how to create vertigo-like geometry patterns with this tutorial by @LetteringAddict: adobe.ly/2wKVldm pic.twitter.com/gXeX30wwh1

Ikhsan Hidayat shares how to create a colorful blending vector in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2j9TKaP pic.twitter.com/rVhJt3ivbw

Learn Illustrator in FIVE MINUTES?

Learn how to create this "step up" text effect in less than 5 minutes with @VectorSlate: adobe.ly/2EebQ1z pic.twitter.com/3k8ivCZFH8

Learn how to create a hexagon gradient-like logo with @ForeverDansky: adobe.ly/2pRh5QC pic.twitter.com/dMCLDVIK7M

Use this tutorial to give you some good vibes for the summer. Create a boat illustration: adobe.ly/2vvgRC4 pic.twitter.com/v4SxaW1HH6

Turn your photos into line art: adobe.ly/2vuFOev pic.twitter.com/gygrd01Ymy

Step 1: Don't panic. Here's how to recover your work if you forgot to save: adobe.ly/2aatF54 pic.twitter.com/Jyii9aI8BE

Catch them all. See #Pokémon character illustrations by Thong Le: adobe.ly/29Jl9Nr pic.twitter.com/ll0rmIzMrq

Want to draw in Illustrator? @ttaitutorials shows how to draw a flat character scene: bit.ly/30ySocc pic.twitter.com/lXeI80CYna

Learn how how to create custom vector textures in Illustrator with @tutvid: adobe.ly/2PajoJu #AiBasics pic.twitter.com/Jt0qaiqYNu

Learn how to use the Blend Tool with @Ian_Barnard: adobe.ly/2DGzrry pic.twitter.com/40B0zs7NnG

Get the free #typewithpride vector font set template from @adobestock: adobe.ly/2rnkmpR pic.twitter.com/v4MkGJVYbC

Draw a shape. Then snap a pic and turn it into a vector graphic with #AdobeCapture. Try it: adobe.ly/1PPxYCh pic.twitter.com/eiYUCPSK6H

Create the illusion of depth by layering art! Creative Claws shows you how: bit.ly/2OImzvQ pic.twitter.com/SjeldgE44c

Follow along with Sasikumar A. as he creates a minimal and flat poster in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2OEI3tq pic.twitter.com/9Fucpi1Mn2

Create a Tunisian-inspired motif in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2yMK7mz pic.twitter.com/qvARhXQ2sn

Quick tip - Here's how to align to a key anchor (point): adobe.ly/2wRM9S5 pic.twitter.com/GmceE6c8Dh

With the Live Paint Bucket Tool, you can ink and color your comics in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2tn6Gvt pic.twitter.com/3fKU7fz4cD

Learn how to create this cool, flat, polygonal artwork in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2sMrJLw pic.twitter.com/KrumX6THyO

Sci-fi landscapes. Giant monuments. Get lost in @Signalnoise’s alternate dimension. bit.ly/1Q60vDA pic.twitter.com/c3DrRzhg9T

Turn a portrait into a low poly illustration effect with @Letsgettoitnow: bit.ly/2T7E0nb pic.twitter.com/SS6VQ9ynB5

Learn how to create an isometric layered text effect in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2NMCrIO pic.twitter.com/92egPdWc7p

Learn how to create this unique "V" logo design with @alex_vitori: adobe.ly/2LkB9DO pic.twitter.com/9B1vpVg4hH

Baimu Studio experiments with surreal typography in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2k0DdCq pic.twitter.com/H9q4OejIDV

2 days. 8 pairs of artists. And 16 amazing posters… all made with mobile. How they did it: adobe.ly/1NWBlIL pic.twitter.com/YFzi7Bfb3j

Illustrator 101 | Learn how to use simple shapes to create icons for your next project. adobe.ly/20XWLqU pic.twitter.com/CoyLidP6lm

Turn a portrait into a low poly illustration effect with @Letsgettoitnow: bit.ly/2T7E0nb pic.twitter.com/cgLzFbTFeB

Set up the perfect golden ratio logo in Illustrator with this tutorial by @ForeverDansky. bit.ly/31UFxSi pic.twitter.com/9fgSeLx39x

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