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Stay curious. Martin Woodtli blurs the lines between illustration, architecture, and design: adobe.ly/1VfPxhH pic.twitter.com/cjQUknqy5T

.@tutvid shows how to create a desert pyramid scene in Illustrator from scratch: adobe.ly/2GBnCbI pic.twitter.com/vsxl9WjraJ

.@vectorslate shows another way to create a neon effect in Illustrator. Horns are optional. adobe.ly/2riahyt pic.twitter.com/s4QAcxI6wJ

Try creating a chalk effect with inspirational quotes for your #MondayMotivation - adobe.ly/2vm0FnH pic.twitter.com/rPWH9teSXa

Summer is the perfect time for colorful designs. Try making a tropical pattern: adobe.ly/2swWa3w pic.twitter.com/ihrzYgjYgu

Designer David Acevedo uses geometry to give his illustrations an op art effect we love. adobe.ly/1SKUK0C pic.twitter.com/7UUYFedsMd

Learn how to design a gradient-based logo with @ForeverDansky: adobe.ly/2LKZ9jQ pic.twitter.com/niYfZd213O

Follow along @VectorSlate's step-by-step tutorial in creating this landscape illustration: adobe.ly/2rZ2Ppc pic.twitter.com/MuYC65rogB

Keep those creative juices flowing for Creativity and Innovation day!

Make your text stand out with this Cartoon Text Effect. @iamrossmason shows you how: adobe.ly/2ImT4rf pic.twitter.com/vMa6EowJbR

Here's a quick guide on how to use the Blend Tool in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2IDVDpL #CCLearn pic.twitter.com/436H3EPiIR

Learn how to to create your own snowflakes and turn them into a pattern with @HelenBradley: adobe.ly/2zT1Vgx pic.twitter.com/x4Up7NkmfL

Learn how to work with 3D in Illustrator with @PaulTrani: adobe.ly/2nbm6zV pic.twitter.com/YXeeMzXxwe

Learn about Illustrator's new must-use feature, Fast Export: adobe.ly/2bhpCUs via armaganvideos pic.twitter.com/eJyiyvif7q

Use a simple shape, a professional typeface, and color to create a striking monogram. adobe.ly/1QubwPs pic.twitter.com/9pFV2obZGH

How to draw speed lines in Illustrator: adobe.ly/29KnFju via @mattborchert pic.twitter.com/biPDGVhnRJ

Learn how to quickly build a website to showcase your creative work: adobe.ly/29jJ7Pj via @AdobePortfolio pic.twitter.com/aRsDGDukMT

Turn your hand drawn lettering to vector with your phone. Here’s how. adobe.ly/1qOpX7E pic.twitter.com/FF6KSrrtHa

Do it in 60 seconds - Learn how to install and use a custom brush set in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2CIx0bu pic.twitter.com/CsAHNEsMPM

Get a hang of the Pen Tool with this guide for drawing and editing curves: adobe.ly/2ndYfAz pic.twitter.com/XICQ13Irmc

59 parks, 59 posters. Read the story behind the 59 Parks Print Series: adobe.ly/2brjAAW #NPS100 pic.twitter.com/jVVWQ7gaVN

Have a blog? Put Illustrator to work for you. Ten tips to get started by @Vaida_DTA: adobe.ly/2bKhBs8 pic.twitter.com/b6Ll4i4UwZ

How to create a polished logo in Illustrator using basic vector shapes: adobe.ly/29HRFig pic.twitter.com/1wc1m5bL2Y

Want to design your own fonts? It's easier than you think: adobe.ly/29SKO3J @fontself pic.twitter.com/Q9zAl88bLW

LIVE now - @paultrani shows how to create UI graphics that can be used in @AdobeXD: adobe.ly/2xew7p5 pic.twitter.com/A9yTcmlk2p

Learn the basics of working with opacity masks in Illustrator: adobe.ly/2gzZBTj pic.twitter.com/bep3klkZCD

Use patterns to customize letters on Illustrator via @teelacunningham: adobe.ly/2ocdHjl pic.twitter.com/HzrjWJKV1Z

From paper, oil and canvas. To #AdobeDraw and Illustrator. bit.ly/1T15C8k pic.twitter.com/jqWV6IPoHJ

Letterform expert @MichaelDoret shares his process for designing this summer harvest stamp. bit.ly/1SylemM pic.twitter.com/wt2QcvBjNH

Keep it simple. Try using these tips to make better flat design graphics. bit.ly/1nRAGf6 pic.twitter.com/BPZlAmIw8x

Psst. Keep this cheat sheet for typographic vocab nearby. bit.ly/1RCiXQV pic.twitter.com/LoqJDAx6q3

#CCLearn - Check out this fun and easy way to create isometric type via @ian_barnard: adobe.ly/2x1RAzM pic.twitter.com/Ffq79zdt3A

Style for miles. Learn how to design a print-ready skateboard deck with Illustrator: adobe.ly/2e8snYk pic.twitter.com/FdQSpPNfR7

How to convert a @Photoshop pattern into an Illustrator pattern: adobe.ly/2cf218o by @teelacunningham pic.twitter.com/BSqs3fbztS

Learn how to create a vintage-style badge with type tools: adobe.ly/2bePEY9 via @chrisspooner pic.twitter.com/aS915fXM5x

10 creative assets. 1 mission. Create something "weightless" to win in the #TakeTenContest: adobe.ly/1P4xbiH pic.twitter.com/ymCUrqPgNx

A fearsome expression of color by @Mat_with_1T. bit.ly/1T6BfPi pic.twitter.com/fhk32bgybb

Designer @RikOostenbroek captured special assets to create this luscious looking billboard. adobe.ly/220G8f7 pic.twitter.com/kAoC2kX74n

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