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#Onthisday, 1976 | The German painter, sculptor and poet, Max Ernst, passes away. pic.twitter.com/rilYKIb3xT

The museum is seeking an Assistant Buyer & Merchandiser for product development & buying bit.ly/1OwmF2T pic.twitter.com/H8Xrmz2E81

Looking for typographic inspiration? Look no further than the #FontSunday archive @Pinterest bit.ly/2dkGJtS pic.twitter.com/ROdKKOwJnB

Today's #FontSunday is swimming pool fonts. Send in your favourites from noon. pic.twitter.com/Vt6D8tVRZb

Thanks to everyone who's kept up with this freedom themed #FontSunday! See you next week. pic.twitter.com/HPdbuDFnGm

#FontSunday alert | Tomorrow’s theme is optical illusion .Post your fonts from 12pm pic.twitter.com/Q9LgMz0E44

Thanks to all who have followed this theatrical fonts themed #FontSunday pic.twitter.com/OEcl5mMoQT

#Onthisday, 1960 | British artist and ceramicist, Grayson Perry was born | #Designs & #Designers pic.twitter.com/cs4QdanUMe

The museum is seeking 2 Exhibition Project Managers to manage high profile exhibitions bit.ly/1OwmF2T pic.twitter.com/YUSO3K3mXO

This design combines Bauhaus geometry with the whimsical melody of a whistle #adoptanobject bit.ly/2dpCgnc pic.twitter.com/9J9C9S7176

#FontSunday alert | Tomorrow’s theme is holographic fonts. Post your fonts from 12pm. pic.twitter.com/tW1c4Z4dAm

Heads Up! The Palozzi head arrives to be placed on one of the plinths outside the #newdesignmuseum pic.twitter.com/bTgzslyfwZ

#Onthisday, 1992 | World-renowned Irish painter, Francis Bacon passes away. pic.twitter.com/TiXZFvZGqf

#Onthisday, 1723 | St Paul's Cathedral architect, #ChristoperWren, dies - @StPaulsLondon pic.twitter.com/X1JDGFQVnL

#TBT | The 1998 iMac G3 is a landmark of design, both inside and out. #adoptanobject bit.ly/2dp4PjC pic.twitter.com/lfb00EIHzI

Master of colour, architect Luis Barragán was born #onthisday in 1902 #DesignandDesigners fal.cn/i-mE pic.twitter.com/5iWL2M4zRU

#FontSunday alert | Tomorrow’s theme is beach fonts.Post your fonts from 12pm. pic.twitter.com/fKTS0B6Q6F

Today’s #FontSunday theme is futuristic fonts. Post your fonts from 12pm. pic.twitter.com/xAFKfEH3C6

Thanks for all the neon font posts so far this #FontSunday. Keep them coming. pic.twitter.com/8asOoIny0R

#FontSunday alert | Tomorrow’s theme is theatrical fonts. Post your fonts from 12pm. pic.twitter.com/NGAqUnNOOY

Thanks to all who have posted and followed this #calligraphy fonts themed #FontSunday pic.twitter.com/5w7n6N6XpE

You don’t get much more iconic than the classic Vespa Clubman #adoptanobject bit.ly/2bT2smR pic.twitter.com/MmIaCNUVCl

“It looks so good you kinda wanna lick it” - Steve Jobs #adoptanobject #newdesignmuseum bit.ly/2dp4PjC pic.twitter.com/92tShmo1x2

#FontSunday alert | Tomorrow’s theme is #ArtDeco fonts. Post your fonts from 12 noon. pic.twitter.com/ReOnPD0QR0

Thanks for all the great active fonts posted so far this #FontSunday. Keep those fonts coming pic.twitter.com/FXu6wKQuCn

Be the first official visitor to enter the new Design Museum when it opens on 24 November bit.ly/bethefirstDM pic.twitter.com/m0P4qFQvIa

#TBT | 'Schneewittchenssarg' otherwise known as Snow White’s Coffin, designed by Dieter Rams bit.ly/2cNuyiL pic.twitter.com/iQ544kC5oX

Meet the designers who shape our lives and create our futures #DesignandDesigners bit.ly/11oWFyN pic.twitter.com/tYBQyIDVJg

French designer Jean Prouvé died #onthisday in 1984. Discover more #DesignandDesigners here: fal.cn/i7Bt pic.twitter.com/2dlKDofJPU

#BeazleyDesignsoftheYear is now open. What does design mean to you? bit.ly/2yKwUNU pic.twitter.com/w61wiKwV6K

The Valentine Typewriter, one of the most fashionable accessories of its day. #adoptanobject bit.ly/DMadopt pic.twitter.com/pToK9CWkqH

6 days to go. The #newdesignmuseum opens 24.11.2016. Artwork designed by @barnbrook designmuseum.org pic.twitter.com/mKXJfroleH

Thank you to all those who took part in today's #backtoschool themed #fontsunday.

Tomorrow's #FontSunday theme voted by you is fonts set in stone | Post your favourites from noon! pic.twitter.com/5tY4igXWNZ

Tomorrows #FontSunday is bubblegum fonts. Send in your favourites from noon. pic.twitter.com/FWEO26XLiv

Today’s #FontSunday theme is fitness fonts. Post your fitness fonts from noon. pic.twitter.com/f4j8HaL8B5

#FontSunday alert. Tomorrow’s theme is fitness fonts. Post your fonts from 12 noon. pic.twitter.com/ATLwICRG0D

2 days to go. The #newdesignmuseum opens 24.11.2016. Artwork designed by Terence Conran designmuseum.org pic.twitter.com/dpxRQatPzZ

#Adoptanobject and help to make the most inspiring and exciting Design Museum in the world bit.ly/DMAdopt pic.twitter.com/S9oqUp5yb5

Thank you to all those who took part in today's frosty themed #fontsunday. He's a final favourite. pic.twitter.com/Lnydat72wb

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