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Fixture New Sudtipos Font by @sudtipos bit.ly/2D9RquD pic.twitter.com/F1joiAy5io

Opium Club Visual Identity by And studio pic.twitter.com/WUVhIh7C2z

Site of the day: Page\Park by @rabbithole bit.ly/2LoHXnR pic.twitter.com/5r6X4JJlO1

Objet Particulier Editorial Design by @atipostudio bit.ly/2PVXhq8 pic.twitter.com/1VBCQkBBFa

PYE optics identity by Facultative Works bit.ly/2MrVg2t pic.twitter.com/1f0tN37MQJ

Republic of Patterns branding by @studio_sarna bit.ly/2LvAYVc pic.twitter.com/d5Okr5tz6g

Site of the day: Good Fortune by @Skcrub bit.ly/2HZ9iva pic.twitter.com/1gNlvg4Le8

Comedy Feast Corporate Design by Only Studio pic.twitter.com/mDKQ1sFwl8

Site of the day: Graphic Design Portfolio of Tom Adam Vitolins bit.ly/2zn872E pic.twitter.com/0k7But4x3D

Site of the day: Grammar by @thegrammarof bit.ly/2NR4Ygj pic.twitter.com/ze9ksdAnnv

Site of the day: Patrick David Creative Agency by @bepatrickdavid bit.ly/2wp4XIS pic.twitter.com/78zd7jCMIg

36 Days of Type by Maria Giemza bit.ly/2uGgXFP pic.twitter.com/LopLDPY5eq

Juicy Redruby Identity by OEDIPE See more: bit.ly/2HRec8X More news: Like Mindsparkle Mag on Facebook pic.twitter.com/fumZheAYXE

Blydoping Beer Labels by Anne Olsen pic.twitter.com/d8Y9m23G2D

Layers Design Resources Library by Layers @madebylayers See more: bit.ly/2EG65yE pic.twitter.com/2umEl677m8

Branding for architecture company Applied Studio created by Ragged Edge pic.twitter.com/bMKh0UVF2T

Aerial photography of South Australia by MR BO bit.ly/2vfSM2W pic.twitter.com/PlcrMMtyjM

New video: Upperquad Reel by Upperquad View full video at: bit.ly/2IXON14 pic.twitter.com/CbkV81Eoqu

Site of the day: Davide Perozzi - Portfolio bit.ly/2v4jWYw pic.twitter.com/rUPgWh2Zuc

Graphic-Fest Identity by viction:ary & Frank Lo bit.ly/2D3XdAh pic.twitter.com/q8OQhUChrk

Tennis - Arty Photography by @molistudio bit.ly/2EnHZJn pic.twitter.com/pcFRMrw2LI

Strohbusch - 35mm Identity by Angela Milosevic bit.ly/2O0GtBk pic.twitter.com/PNT8Xxobvf

Agnes Lloyd-Platt Branding by Seachange Studio bit.ly/2DKNvFQ pic.twitter.com/HYoquBHdfF

JOAN Branding Visual Identity by Juan Carlos Pagan and Jens Marklund bit.ly/2DaPMtA pic.twitter.com/UoaN8CT5TT

Gau Lighting Brand Identity by @Brand_Brothers bit.ly/2OlXJ04 pic.twitter.com/79SCRNOIPG

Maison De Greef 1848 Branding by @base_design bit.ly/2MNm7u1 pic.twitter.com/ea2Vc8dA5r

Bentwood Cafe Identity by Pop & Pac bit.ly/2MlBVVw pic.twitter.com/rN8EniaL8A

Site of the day: Bon Esprit by @fcinqagency bit.ly/2N4lsSl pic.twitter.com/5lEOieguDh

The Greens Sculptures by Ines Pagniez See more: bit.ly/2pzHami More news: Like Mindsparkle Mag on Facebook pic.twitter.com/DO06ppygEY

TEFAF Branding by Wiedemann Lampe See more: bit.ly/2pdhsUm More news: Like @Mindsparkle Mag on Facebook pic.twitter.com/9Zs69gm7Ik

Better Breads Branding by Diferente pic.twitter.com/cKUuyFBXFf

Manon's Personal Identity by Manon Louart pic.twitter.com/Mxem1GIiuA

Site of the day: Mac Digital by Vital Sinkevich See more: bit.ly/2E83xWi pic.twitter.com/hpbKECqtDD

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