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The future of humanity depends on design ethics.

A growing crowd-sourced gallery of crazy mass transit fabric patterns. Anything to add?…

A brief history of product sound design. (h/t @bdeskin)

Fabulous 1970s stock photo model shots: these were the archetypal 1970s faces and fashions.

4 reasons you, young designer, should read this academic history of empathy from @quickmuse

Why are all recreational vehicles covered in swirls and swooshes? (h/t @Emblemetric)

On @AIGAeyeondesign What Is Graphic Design’s Place in an Art Museum?

The world’s watersheds, mapped in gorgeous detail by Hungarian cartographer Robert Szucs

Gail Bichler and Jake Silverstein look back at a year designing @NYTmag

Underwater photographer of the year awards announced.

Color theory explored by Peter Kraus in three jewels of book-making. From @designersbooks

An in-depth look at how the Second World War warped the way United States mapped the world.…

In Helsinki, a new design museum opens underground:

#TBT: The beauty of a well-designed knob

What do we lose when we lose our privacy?

What’s as satisfying as a good book? Seeing one made the old-fashioned way, by hand. #Watch!

Was architecture better under socialism?

#TBT: A gallery of posters designed for Braniff airlines

Integral thinking: design in four dimensions

The icons of our popular culture depicted as ancient ruins. (h/t @Emblemetric)

The new ghost museums of China (h/t @Emblemetric)

Street art used to be the voice of the people. Now it’s the voice of advertisers.

What a new retrospective reveals about Andy Warhol, and about our swerve away from humanism.

Science answers the age old question: Why does a grape turns into a fireball in a microwave?

— @thedailyheller on what defined the incredible art direction of Frank Zachary

The periodic table is 150 – but it could have looked very different (h/t @bdeskin)

The @nytimes 100 notable books of 2018. Have you read them all?

The boundary-breaking women of New York’s graffiti scene @artsy

Historic street view: an image for each of the 181 years since the dawn of photography

“A six-year-old could have drawn that logo!” Well, in this case, he did. (h/t @Emblemetric)

Russian startup wants to put logos in space. (h/t @Emblemetric)

A wonderful new show from WTTW looks into the history of art and design in Chicago:

Anatomy of an AI System (h/t @bdeskin)

#BreakingNews: FACEBOOK goes all-caps (but the app will stay lowercase). (h/t @Emblemetric)

The enduring appeal of mustard yellow. (h/t @Emblemetric)

Honesty and poetry are integral to the design process, @toddbracher says. #listen

.@thedailyheller on dreaming of the future and creating monsters.

When the %$#@! did we start to use obscenicons? Belive it or not, as early as 1901.

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