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The future of humanity depends on design ethics. dlvr.it/QlFNZj pic.twitter.com/bgc00LeAkD

A growing crowd-sourced gallery of crazy mass transit fabric patterns. Anything to add? twitter.com/FeargusOSull/s… pic.twitter.com/l9sNkR2lzE

A brief history of product sound design. (h/t @bdeskin) dlvr.it/Qkk9f4 pic.twitter.com/P2Vh9DBxiM

Fabulous 1970s stock photo model shots: these were the archetypal 1970s faces and fashions. dlvr.it/QqnXzs pic.twitter.com/YaXOIKptVi

4 reasons you, young designer, should read this academic history of empathy from @quickmuse dogroup.co/2SdgIvE pic.twitter.com/6IvyHVmRxy

The world’s watersheds, mapped in gorgeous detail by Hungarian cartographer Robert Szucs dogroup.co/2SNMgM6 pic.twitter.com/bzWgYHmiz4

Gail Bichler and Jake Silverstein look back at a year designing @NYTmag dogroup.co/2vAqxdq pic.twitter.com/5CNiBSkQj5

Underwater photographer of the year awards announced.

An in-depth look at how the Second World War warped the way United States mapped the world. twitter.com/dimmerwahr/sta… pic.twitter.com/BHA29IyYWv

In Helsinki, a new design museum opens underground: dlvr.it/QhjZfK pic.twitter.com/gOznd7cC7f

#TBT: The beauty of a well-designed knob dogroup.co/2E3WBfb pic.twitter.com/9cPcSyXT8L

What do we lose when we lose our privacy? dlvr.it/Qgf728 pic.twitter.com/s1MIeMmcuz

Was architecture better under socialism? dogroup.co/2TvkAJh pic.twitter.com/U8eiqgdSwH

#TBT: A gallery of posters designed for Braniff airlines dogroup.co/2Attj7j pic.twitter.com/zwc59Ikx5L

Integral thinking: design in four dimensions dlvr.it/QhbntL pic.twitter.com/jv5ZEDKfPL

Street art used to be the voice of the people. Now it’s the voice of advertisers. dogroup.co/2JbSzWi pic.twitter.com/HymoSuhjNf

What a new retrospective reveals about Andy Warhol, and about our swerve away from humanism. dogroup.co/2PvfA4n pic.twitter.com/Ec9y1aXfSL

Science answers the age old question: Why does a grape turns into a fireball in a microwave?dogroup.co/2IthAfo pic.twitter.com/qYKZQBkOZH

— @thedailyheller on what defined the incredible art direction of Frank Zachary dogroup.co/2Isq7iB pic.twitter.com/X1dNA19BH0

The periodic table is 150 – but it could have looked very different (h/t @bdeskin) dogroup.co/2AxI356 pic.twitter.com/5a0XpaABZB

The @nytimes 100 notable books of 2018. Have you read them all? dogroup.co/2P9jFeu pic.twitter.com/3bAxEZqfM5

“A six-year-old could have drawn that logo!” Well, in this case, he did. (h/t @Emblemetric) dogroup.co/2JoBWH4 pic.twitter.com/vjT8OUgTgf

Russian startup wants to put logos in space. (h/t @Emblemetric) dogroup.co/2T1Ppop pic.twitter.com/X63De5g5u8

A wonderful new show from WTTW looks into the history of art and design in Chicago: dlvr.it/QmjRl0 pic.twitter.com/qQKYZv7ElO

Anatomy of an AI System (h/t @bdeskin) dlvr.it/Qjl6FC pic.twitter.com/ZFJnQtlXcz

Honesty and poetry are integral to the design process, @toddbracher says. #listen dogroup.co/2QcogyR pic.twitter.com/YNy5uMRCP5

.@thedailyheller on dreaming of the future and creating monsters. dogroup.co/2IWwaKS pic.twitter.com/xFW1G1BFtQ

When the %$#@! did we start to use obscenicons? Belive it or not, as early as 1901. dogroup.co/2IzCTvH pic.twitter.com/j1MaSKWkzL

The annual list of ten people who mattered in science this year from @nresearchnews dogroup.co/2SejXmJ pic.twitter.com/UiXbRqnnRZ

A Christmas #TBT: aluminum Christmas trees in mid-century photographs! (h/t John Foster) dogroup.co/2S6L3fo pic.twitter.com/Ac3ysbZ6VT

The epic rise and fall of the name Heather dlvr.it/QqjR8B pic.twitter.com/yG83Kr3sgK

“No logo, no liftoff”: Why NASA needs a new logo (h/t @Emblemetric) dlvr.it/QlDqSz pic.twitter.com/RhRxd7eRk8

“When we talk about queering design pedagogy we need to talk about reproduction(s).” dlvr.it/QhM7cm pic.twitter.com/5faHZXqupK

. @thedailyheller takes on the difficult question "Are there limits to free speech?” dogroup.co/2Gocs7P pic.twitter.com/vwnkKVi5jy

Ah, the shimmer of aluminum metalized polyethylene terephthalate (aka glitter) dogroup.co/2Q3h4Do pic.twitter.com/8hM3NVcYpm

David Hockney + iPad = stained-glass window in Westminster Abbey dlvr.it/QlYKl7 pic.twitter.com/qMRePRVRmz

A marvelous sound machine inspired by a Soviet deep drilling project (h/t @bdeskin) dlvr.it/QlTfH2 pic.twitter.com/kfCTfEVMdk

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