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youyouyouyouyouyou.gif Made this animation on the risograph at @thearm last night. pic.twitter.com/JadvAPzwWE

Erwin Poell's n+m magazine covers (!) He illustrated these from 1965-1972 pic.twitter.com/RuQu3BOIUr

CMY RISO. (printed from openframeworks-generated animation) pic.twitter.com/StFY9cvqUa

Printing animation again. Closeup of the paper grain. (!) pic.twitter.com/AX0h5cXJ7q

Gratuitous Hansje van Halem appreciation post at @Lett_Arc pic.twitter.com/FsdLkpIwmT

We figured out why "add this to your story" exists instagram.com/stories/kellia… pic.twitter.com/OgwKCJWPVT

Proto-lenticular from the 1950s. By Marc Adrian pic.twitter.com/Hl6lMiUpLc

Riso makeready is definitely > intentional riso prints pic.twitter.com/X6yb4y1Eqq

WIP Riso zoom, hexagon edition! pic.twitter.com/2U8WbYwGye

Extremely pleased with the make-ready [though not the actual prints] made this evening. pic.twitter.com/kNv25DyJYI

Insane, music-making paint squiggle by @virtualcoralie pic.twitter.com/PJNiSw0VEw

Rethinking these outtakes from a marbled animation project last year for a new thing pic.twitter.com/LUrGCwNi3r

Regenerating sentiment (by Yoojin Kim) pic.twitter.com/awt2OmXgyC

autonomous self-driving chair meet-and-greet at Gagosian pic.twitter.com/dytpz0NG1d

.@hels wants this to be your new catch phrase. (endorse) pic.twitter.com/v3fbUyHY3t

The day's makeready/accidents: pic.twitter.com/lNthGWj9Lh

Psychedelic-drugs-or-fedex-office pic.twitter.com/4nVNqAsPw8

Don’t forget it, y’all pic.twitter.com/G3OBNfLUeU

“1 file missing” ok with this pic.twitter.com/Na4PGAXCOb

Greetings from a debaucherous saturday night pic.twitter.com/609woFl3LA

Satisfactory Fall sleeve situation pic.twitter.com/TtNfAnU7Wt

very important WEEKEND FUN from Tamara Shopsin. Video here: tamarashopsin.com/bookclub/ pic.twitter.com/SC0xgb1PRk

This road sign says; "_________________." pic.twitter.com/5ZgKkrv0Ut

Noise (aka- the important part!) pic.twitter.com/ao5bVB1nKI

Space, various George Perec pic.twitter.com/3zDRjsSgGx

Favorite notebook on my desk (by @Yotam ) pic.twitter.com/gKpNOuImvI

And a special editions of the house of cards: "computer house of cards" pic.twitter.com/T8Q8AVk48z

A tiny! Eames lounge chair in a letter from Ray to Charles from 1955. pic.twitter.com/B4Nio2uke0

I just don't have enough middle fingers for this via @Mmuseumm pic.twitter.com/wkcae66vcl


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