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The latest London Design Festival installations: bit.ly/2Z4534Z pic.twitter.com/1VaClDrWoo

Volkswagen reveals new visual identity — what do you think? bit.ly/2m9sQmp pic.twitter.com/DuBcv61Ty9

Lego launches Braille range for the visually impaired: bit.ly/2NEOjPO pic.twitter.com/PyojSqn3PN

Behind the scenes of the new BBC design series: bit.ly/2ZfSoMn pic.twitter.com/o3h2BbLopF

Behind the BBC's new Bauhaus series: bit.ly/2ZfSoMn pic.twitter.com/cd3dJNx6Ct

London Design Festival starts tomorrow. Here's our guide to the best installations: bit.ly/2krXzux pic.twitter.com/7QaTLWpijI

What to expect from the new BBC series on Bauhaus, which starts tonight: bit.ly/2ZfSoMn pic.twitter.com/P3jkgOXvaC

Our guide to the best installations at London Design Festival: bit.ly/2krXzux pic.twitter.com/CHPdVn2eo2

Volkswagen unveils new visual identity including a redesigned logo: bit.ly/2m9sQmp pic.twitter.com/Y3GoPbarww

How nature can inspire sustainable design: bit.ly/2lvbkIT pic.twitter.com/zeRJzVpqIw

Teach First rebrands for "more emotional impact": bit.ly/2Zfov2T pic.twitter.com/F8UEwI4z6A

Here's our guide to the best trade shows at next week's #LondonDesignFestival: bit.ly/2knY6xz pic.twitter.com/6Er6LnLMEg

Shining a light on Cuba's colourful Cold War propaganda: bit.ly/2m2AM90 pic.twitter.com/KeecJVj6j0

A refresh (and new dragon) for the Welsh FA: bit.ly/2Nr4hwP pic.twitter.com/Msb42fEmgN

Take a look at FA Wales' rebrand: bit.ly/33PNglH pic.twitter.com/gDN2oMoKsU

See the British Library's playful new campaign: bit.ly/2kdGrZc pic.twitter.com/gqU9LxvHQS

The best design events to catch in September: bit.ly/2kuhzMP pic.twitter.com/dzF0sCdbpo

How can designers push innovation in engineering? bit.ly/34fpHmr pic.twitter.com/9jloksN0ac

£100m "Get Ready for Brexit" campaign launches — what does it mean for designers? bit.ly/2lQtipm pic.twitter.com/jx5Ni5vgU2

Imagining a zero-waste meal tray for your next flight: bit.ly/32bWtDn pic.twitter.com/2eQw7slAx0

Brewdog unveils "humble" vodka line: bit.ly/2NCe3MQ pic.twitter.com/toBXL6HhvR

Design Museum exhibition takes aim at travel industry’s 5.7 million tonne waste problem: bit.ly/32bWtDn pic.twitter.com/dgliCXtf30

Behind the scenes at the Science Museum's new blockbuster exhibition: bit.ly/2kiGOlo pic.twitter.com/9TVYtk8VKG

Lego launches Braille instructions for the visually impaired: bit.ly/2NEOjPO pic.twitter.com/DFR3lPCIEp

From virtual spines to interactive forests, top tips on becoming an AR and VR developer: bit.ly/2TyCZW8 pic.twitter.com/vbyP7YSsAs

Design Can looks to fix the industry's representation crisis: bit.ly/2Mksvcb pic.twitter.com/SFns3Coi9I

From Quentin Blake to Byron's re-brand, our favourite design projects from August: bit.ly/2kseNI7 pic.twitter.com/J0eCbHs0qE

From ping pong subculture to Paris Design Week, our design picks of September: bit.ly/2kuhzMP pic.twitter.com/hTfwjzhVb1

How do you maintain high quality design in highly-pressured work environments? bit.ly/34fpHmr pic.twitter.com/jZuOXMxjBc

Dyson rethinks GCSE D&T to meet “crippling shortage” of engineering students: bit.ly/32dFYXq pic.twitter.com/Zm7UJ72Udn

Teach First gets an "emotional" rebrand: bit.ly/2Zfov2T pic.twitter.com/uQoq7IFFh4

These are the must-see talks of London Design Festival: bit.ly/2lQCv0O pic.twitter.com/r4ojbheKvm

Volkswagen reveal new visual identity — what do you think? bit.ly/2m9sQmp pic.twitter.com/URb0Ew6kSw

Six more idents have been added to BBC Two's repertoire: bit.ly/2lMSbCg pic.twitter.com/HI4dQUVYvw

Cuba's Cold War graphic design found humour in propaganda: bit.ly/2m2AM90 pic.twitter.com/t9qAxdUVoM

This robot charts the path of the sun on your wall: bit.ly/2KzECyT pic.twitter.com/mh75m7ZrIY

This robot charts the path of the sun on you wall: bit.ly/2KzECyT pic.twitter.com/Y5KXByJskA

Nicolas Roope: "A new design language is taking over" bit.ly/2TYXDyZ pic.twitter.com/2i908u8xjE

Take a look at the Welsh FA's rebrand: bit.ly/33PNglH pic.twitter.com/crybzgpdJl

Could this design be a temporary fix for the Notre Dame? bit.ly/2GLoycq pic.twitter.com/CyocT4ujYY

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