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Illustrating a children’s book made entirely from recycled ocean plastic: bit.ly/2FBq4Kx pic.twitter.com/wUVAIVhRoY

Cornetto has a new logo and packaging, created by @Design_Bridge: bit.ly/2L4Qh8p pic.twitter.com/9OSY8etRAE

How a braille typeface for public spaces hopes to create an “inclusive” society: bit.ly/2FjLZpt pic.twitter.com/EO7LO8u4m8

. @lrplus_ on politics, power and design - “Just seeing a swastika provokes fear”: bit.ly/2wMNGN6 pic.twitter.com/WNYoGNnkAT

We look at all the design winners from the D&AD Awards 2018: bit.ly/2r3YQHb pic.twitter.com/gclPRspQc6

Private Eye to Gal-dem - Somerset House explores “progressive” print magazines: bit.ly/2Kl8c9x pic.twitter.com/f8zIuMSGnx

A “craft-inspired” new look for 120-year-old luxury hotel Kempinski: bit.ly/2Ky1vB9 pic.twitter.com/EjR3AHkiph

Chair: @Phaidon's new book on 500 pieces of furniture that have shaped design history: bit.ly/2jZTY2Y pic.twitter.com/WdsLjmU6GS

How Deva Pardue is helping redefine feminism through design: bit.ly/2IEWoSj pic.twitter.com/8j1Dddkn7M

Corita Kent - the nun graphic designer who created “radical” protest art: bit.ly/2ICRqWd pic.twitter.com/YdQlX9TI8x

Virago's new illustrated Modern Classics collection celebrates female authors: bit.ly/2rGzRKA pic.twitter.com/9gnt0wp6qA

Emoji: the crowdfunder documenting the design history of an “accidental masterpiece” bit.ly/2r5So3t pic.twitter.com/JwwLCixAcJ

Design Week Awards 2018 – the shortlist in full: bit.ly/2IxVat3 pic.twitter.com/W3e5Tmc8IA

How to stop copycat designers from stealing your work: bit.ly/2rMxghY pic.twitter.com/AUHdtdE5U9

How the branding for D&AD Festival 2018 was designed in collaboration with the public: bit.ly/2KfwUco pic.twitter.com/fs9bKCb9lu

The Loewe Craft Prize 2018 will aim to show the “importance of craft in today’s culture”: bit.ly/2HZeFat pic.twitter.com/PQXQGPswr9

Tom Hingston exhibition showcases Nick Cave, Grace Jones and Chemical Brothers album art: bit.ly/2rFTy5a pic.twitter.com/6Fm7oR8tZ8

Glamour's creative director @nathaliekirsheh on the redesign of the print magazine: bit.ly/2rGWpvz pic.twitter.com/96K7atgUvu

Airbnb's former creative lead Patrick Duffy has moved to music app Dice: bit.ly/2Gmcuv2 pic.twitter.com/p1WJwEQYEl

The Secret 7” sale has returned with Morag Myerscough, Yinka Ilori and Jean Jullien: bit.ly/2KXbWiC pic.twitter.com/7f4SUM1QYi

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