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Design Week Awards 2019 – the shortlist in full bit.ly/2VBM84B pic.twitter.com/j5xXGUfya9

Skittles celebrates Pride 2019 with special packs by LGBTQ+ illustrators: bit.ly/305m1Si pic.twitter.com/KVpqnnzc2V

What can designers do to help tackle the climate change crisis? bit.ly/2Wz3GLg pic.twitter.com/Lo48Hnj0yg

Tigers to sloths — animal illustration show hopes to save natural habitats: bit.ly/309Qej1 pic.twitter.com/hgXr9vZQZo

Designers with learning disabilities create prints for charity: bit.ly/2PVZiDm pic.twitter.com/VD1MdpJm9f

Abram Games — the war designer who persuaded Britain with his posters: bit.ly/2PWhRHM pic.twitter.com/Thv6mU9Vqi

World’s "most liveable" city Vienna launches new place branding: bit.ly/2DYptVo pic.twitter.com/8iklenp8uK

How Monotype transformed 60-year-old typeface Helvetica: bit.ly/2HbGgpZ pic.twitter.com/TGbTrNFk54

How Extinction Rebellion designed “angry but peaceful” protest graphics: bit.ly/2WzFubt pic.twitter.com/QhJ3ZqXFgL

Picks of the month — the best design events to catch in May: bit.ly/2LLzonN pic.twitter.com/A4d1CT8zlp

Change UK: why are political logos always boring and predictable? bit.ly/2HcXaDm pic.twitter.com/wJyOA6MYiG

World Illustration Awards 2019 reveals shortlist: bit.ly/304kaNv pic.twitter.com/A3GzAmN7zo

Aldi “arrogant” for alleged copying of backpack, says BabaBing: bit.ly/2V7Yv3r pic.twitter.com/VRfw25LJhh

How to design a flexitarian food brand that isn’t “preachy”: bit.ly/2PXleyb pic.twitter.com/EOeRF30Kl0

Go Jauntly hopes to get more Londoners walking through green spaces: bit.ly/2X23O5O pic.twitter.com/WnDJ5lgN4n

A look at the National Theatre of Scotland's "raw and gritty” branding refresh: bit.ly/2P6mqyB pic.twitter.com/zkJ47s50yE

The Period Game: using play to break the taboo around women’s bodies: bit.ly/2P6cd5f pic.twitter.com/aZRutcMXgy

How to become a product developer: bit.ly/2JbeHPX pic.twitter.com/i7njjWLU1x

Memory Lane — the AI tool that asks older people their life stories: bit.ly/2Yd8aYc pic.twitter.com/99zr3IdSCK

A bespoke lace bra designed to fit different breast cancer patients: bit.ly/2H8Lvpb pic.twitter.com/XvUflccH1G

Facebook redesigns to focus on “privacy” and “free expression”: bit.ly/2Ypapbl pic.twitter.com/rCzo9gsZrJ

Foxall Studio designs “split screen” titles for Channel 4’s Chimerica: bit.ly/2Wa09D7 pic.twitter.com/urExEueWOC

UnderPinned — a freelancers’ hub for everything from emails to invoices: bit.ly/2LymSYA pic.twitter.com/cCddiIUXQz

Halifax gets a new brand to keep up with digital banks: bit.ly/2JpN1pP pic.twitter.com/fAyqXx2tCa

Could earrings be designed to prevent pregnancy? bit.ly/2Wxfcql pic.twitter.com/3GkDeEqkuy

Hinge redesigns to get people off dating apps: bit.ly/2VStQvo pic.twitter.com/iIqo9ZI0JZ

Alex Breuer: “Guardian readers are a visually literate bunch” bit.ly/2Jua1UH pic.twitter.com/ztOEEFBC5C

How Yuri Suzuki reimagined the Motown instrument which time forgot: bit.ly/2DwZhRD pic.twitter.com/yyPWIxq4OS

Amazon could develop an app that lets people virtually try on outfits: bit.ly/2UR3ERf pic.twitter.com/MYOG5wZ3t0

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