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What is hostile design and how does it affect our public space? bit.ly/2pnDFD2 pic.twitter.com/g4KcQjkCMr

Facebook is being sued for the logo design of its currency project, Libra: bit.ly/31l7D7Q pic.twitter.com/vnwqZ7Jm1s

Why cinemas are going through a design renaissance bit.ly/2JozVYZ pic.twitter.com/8D5isAqdqQ

Boeing and Porsche have teamed up to develop the flying car of your dreams: bit.ly/2oxuyzE pic.twitter.com/aTk8avUlZx

From Space Invaders to Splatoon: How did arcade games impact typography? bit.ly/2pOzKz2 pic.twitter.com/coN7J4RsOB

Facebook unveils new corporate identity, including an updated logo: bit.ly/2qnC2pg pic.twitter.com/e17TnS3nx6

From Pac-Man to Space Invaders: inside the world of arcade game typography bit.ly/2pOzKz2 pic.twitter.com/m00d3VBQXZ

Is Dark Mode a passing fad or an innovate update? bit.ly/2KhO1fp pic.twitter.com/6o4Q44difL

The design details behind Facebook's new brand identity: bit.ly/2qnC2pg pic.twitter.com/zhtw3IhF1L

Microsoft reveals a new logo for its internet browser, Microsoft Edge: bit.ly/33f6ikV pic.twitter.com/n3KfwWO1ce

A new look for YO! goes beyond just sushi: bit.ly/32X3h8p pic.twitter.com/3bOpdtknGR

For the first time in history, the Paralympics and Olympic Games will share a logo: bit.ly/2MCId1y pic.twitter.com/vqeg6mp3Wr

Amid ongoing controversy, Facebook rebrands. What do you think of the new logo? bit.ly/2qnC2pg pic.twitter.com/lRH5maKmmT

A new look for Nature magazine: bit.ly/2WcwABu pic.twitter.com/p6zIxbOrpx

Nature magazine redesigns for the digital age, with a new logo and custom font: bit.ly/2WcwABu pic.twitter.com/YkkmTQlh6v

Can art exhibitions be made more accessible? bit.ly/2qRpfvC pic.twitter.com/7nUG3zhDbf

.@guardian overhauls Daily app taking inspiration from Netflix: bit.ly/33DXzbK pic.twitter.com/FSZPC8gXev

Microsoft Edge has a new logo — what do you think? bit.ly/33f6ikV pic.twitter.com/cwi0CzxrbB

We asked designers how brands can be inclusive while still appealing to their broader base: bit.ly/3215xud pic.twitter.com/OIqN5SYwSn

Play is an integral part of society, according to @ExploreWellcome's newest exhibition: bit.ly/35Xc8c9 pic.twitter.com/6RzYMxQbOz

After reporting a £1.2m deficit, the Design Museum has a plan for profitability: bit.ly/2MLaItG pic.twitter.com/9KdxrvJkTx

Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with these arcade game fonts: bit.ly/2pOzKz2 pic.twitter.com/aeqZ7i1lm0

We spoke to Hannah Scally of Without to find out what it takes to be a creative producer: bit.ly/2oZAOjJ pic.twitter.com/7cJCUsvFo4

Could Boeing and Porsche finally design the flying car you've always wanted? bit.ly/2oxuyzE pic.twitter.com/p5HIQRW8St

Could an AI rhino change how you think about the environment? bit.ly/32oXhVe pic.twitter.com/obMrb3RwKz

The Labour Against Antisemitism watchdog has a new brand identity: bit.ly/2JZEUjc pic.twitter.com/K881HvNKFP

An AI rhino and tanks of live jellyfish are coming to the Royal Academy: bit.ly/32oXhVe pic.twitter.com/8mkfwJrJMw

How W.E.B. Du Bois refuted racism with infographics in 1900: bit.ly/34uFqxg pic.twitter.com/91Tcbg6L6Z

Could this headset be the cure for depression? bit.ly/2JVG7Ir pic.twitter.com/wMeoXT8Ton

A British chippy has been 3D-scanned and printed in China: bit.ly/36faK4Y pic.twitter.com/qjtqjGR8Wq

Behind the scenes of the Guardian Daily's redesign: bit.ly/33DXzbK pic.twitter.com/H7GVNY5MJV

NASA has unveiled its experimental electric aircraft, and intends to have it flying by 2020 bit.ly/34SaHKV pic.twitter.com/XLp9lnbyiR

NASA has unveiled it's experimental electric aircraft, and intends to have it flying by 2020 bit.ly/34SaHKV pic.twitter.com/07teIEtnPr

Designers weigh in on Dark Mode — passing fad or innovative update? bit.ly/2KhO1fp pic.twitter.com/ZeiN5KWBaj

Is Dark Mode just a passing fad? bit.ly/2KhO1fp pic.twitter.com/fzLQr5lt99

How tanks of jellyfish and an AI rhino might make you rethink the environmental crisis: bit.ly/32oXhVe pic.twitter.com/IcKlUrTJ1d

Will YO! move on from its iconic conveyor belt sushi system? bit.ly/32X3h8p pic.twitter.com/AwSfW0wHXv

Securing your financial future and unlocking support – a design business survival guide: bit.ly/2Wx9i9H pic.twitter.com/hLtzcrlOe9

Nuffield Health's new visual system aims to create a "connected health journey": bit.ly/2PzCw6a pic.twitter.com/hpLYDlhUhu

YO! repositions to focus on the "wonders of Japanese cuisine": bit.ly/32X3h8p pic.twitter.com/VNMsmFzLqx

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