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You had ONE job... pic.twitter.com/NZJwQDxCpa…

You had ONE job... pic.twitter.com/NZJwQDxCpa (via lots of people).

Fascinating early sketches…

Fascinating early sketches of the Brompton bike, Anglepoise lamp… and Hello Kitty: bit.ly/1Fa4FTG pic.twitter.com/74OSSII2lZ

Royal Mint is seeking designs…

Royal Mint is seeking designs for the next £1 coin – and has launched a public competition… bit.ly/YCL0Mu pic.twitter.com/S5FC6FmPqC

To mark #VEDay70, we look…

To mark #VEDay70, we look at the art and science of WWII propaganda posters: bit.ly/1Pul74u pic.twitter.com/SV9oaslxYO

Banqueting House to feature…

Banqueting House to feature trompe l’oeil wrap revealing history of the building: bit.ly/1LU8VLi pic.twitter.com/OpHwhJ3epw

Fire crews tackle blaze at…

Fire crews tackle blaze at Glasgow School of Art. All staff & students safely evacuated: bit.ly/1jd2wZR pic.twitter.com/PGytwSWl9C

Red Bull F1's

Red Bull F1's "dazzle ship" paint-job is insane: johnsonbanks.co.uk/thoughtforthew… Spot the sponsor logos… (via @johnsonbanks) pic.twitter.com/iJ0ILZTK4M

Our vision for 2016 – the…

Our vision for 2016 – the world's biggest design museum opens and design is on prime-time TV: bit.ly/1tZNrG1 pic.twitter.com/NBPHz2PEw6

Mastercard has a new logo for the first time in 20 years: bit.ly/29MnVOj pic.twitter.com/8UWYMZPqYq

David Bowie – a life in…

David Bowie – a life in album covers: bit.ly/1K9hzCt pic.twitter.com/jg3cGJQ0H5

Six icons of Britishness…

Six icons of Britishness that were created by immigrants: theguardian.com/commentisfree/… Nice piece by @ollywainwright pic.twitter.com/qL9IQvwpHH

RIP Rodney Fitch, a giant…

RIP Rodney Fitch, a giant of the UK design scene, who died this morning: bit.ly/1zi6238 pic.twitter.com/hHvbGZV22S

If you like animal logos…

If you like animal logos (and we do…) then Hype Type's uBear branding is a real treat: bit.ly/MKs33M pic.twitter.com/NQUsxRmYiX

'Designers Touching Their…

'Designers Touching Their Faces': dttf.tumblr.com (via @swissmiss) pic.twitter.com/iqgGmlD1B5

Deliberate copying of design…

Deliberate copying of design is to become a criminal offence in the UK: bit.ly/18o0C3I

MT @AtmStreetart: @Design_Week…

MT @AtmStreetart: @Design_Week New painting: Lapwing at Langham Rd. #endangeredspecies pic.twitter.com/2rwLBjCN8p More: bit.ly/1fMLL72

“I draw. That is my way…

“I draw. That is my way of expressing myself” @jean_jullien in @nytimes on his Paris image: nytimes.com/live/paris-att… pic.twitter.com/FoKrkjDean

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? asks @ExploreWellcome's new exhibition: bit.ly/2xPgRL9 pic.twitter.com/czDeMej9DP

According to @pantone, the…

According to @pantone, the colour we'll all be using in 2015 is… bit.ly/1yioDep pic.twitter.com/1rhBCYtgXZ

Glasgow School of Art fire…

Glasgow School of Art fire UPDATE - library lost but much of building 'miraculously' saved: bit.ly/1jWTE0u pic.twitter.com/2dq9G4GDOs

An exhibition of typographic…

An exhibition of typographic art (including this chirpy Futura face): bit.ly/1kNE330 pic.twitter.com/abEqqevcc5

If you're a fan of negative…

If you're a fan of negative space logos (and pig puns) then here's a real treat for you: bit.ly/ZuXsuh

We look at how the new @DeviantArt…

We look at how the new @DeviantArt identity was developed: bit.ly/12rrxzp pic.twitter.com/4AvsVG8VIw

The logo designs that defined…

The logo designs that defined 2015: bit.ly/1TMM3j2 pic.twitter.com/rXMaRxP54z

The New Yorker's great Mandela…

The New Yorker's great Mandela cover. (via @charlieloft77) pic.twitter.com/BIEFOHRG7v

How the Co-op restructured, rebranded and revived its 1968 logo with help from North: bit.ly/1WKopZi pic.twitter.com/ZtQj2qI2ru

A Berlin supermarket that…

A Berlin supermarket that avoids all unnecessary packaging: bit.ly/1EoO7ox pic.twitter.com/XCiku1OBRu

The ten oldest company logos…

The ten oldest company logos in the world: 247wallst.com/special-report… (via @ucllc) pic.twitter.com/qNzP0lF5iY

When Prince changed his name in 1993 press were sent a disk with a single glyph underconsideration.com/brandnew/archi… (via @ucllc) pic.twitter.com/QWcMwjnT5F

Britain gets first new pylon…

Britain gets first new pylon designs for 85 years: bit.ly/1IMqDNg pic.twitter.com/J57dP1hSE7

A nice illustrated family…

A nice illustrated family tree of languages, by @SSSScomic: bit.ly/1wz4Z7N pic.twitter.com/Jq1ktqEzbF

A new exhibition looks at…

A new exhibition looks at how MacDonald Gill developed the typeface for British war graves: bit.ly/1tWr4hk pic.twitter.com/aezahdsZ0n

Chris Ware has created this…

Chris Ware has created this lovely poster for the East London Comics & Arts Festival: bit.ly/1tBa7r6 pic.twitter.com/95yzVr59IV

! RT @paulwaugh: Story. Of.…

! RT @paulwaugh: Story. Of. The. Day. Four-year-old's passport doodles leave his dad stranded. pic.twitter.com/LWs5snm47d

Nice street-lamp/eye>…

Nice street-lamp/eye> RT @noma_bar: The wolf of wall street for Empire pic.twitter.com/zzBcsezhN6

.@Gumtree has rebranded for…

.@Gumtree has rebranded for the first time since its launch in 2000: bit.ly/1Ruqkxh pic.twitter.com/Tdv1zziRa0

Comic Sans for Cancer - designers…

Comic Sans for Cancer - designers celebrate the font everyone loves to hate: bit.ly/1pEDyWJ pic.twitter.com/9JlcS0hGuD

A selection of mind-bending…

A selection of mind-bending optical illusions, such as this hidden lion (look carefully…): bit.ly/1kRgrus pic.twitter.com/0ZuVjyV8Ew

Philips is revealing its…

Philips is revealing its new logo bit-by-bit in social media campaign #UncoverPhilips: bit.ly/1cQqZHw pic.twitter.com/x4uH87yp86

A geometric box of chocolates…

A geometric box of chocolates from Japanese studio Nendo. Very tasty… bit.ly/1CsEQvI pic.twitter.com/lk9hpgA1xf

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