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Women are studying design – so where are all the female creative directors? bit.ly/2oXoWft pic.twitter.com/kUgyYU0xKu

Nice campaign for D&AD's…

Nice campaign for D&AD's professional development arm, by Alphabetical: bit.ly/1dHpp6c pic.twitter.com/Sfa3oKpXew

What was it like being a…

What was it like being a graphic designer before computers came along? bit.ly/1MmhfBq pic.twitter.com/95gTG0yESD

Google redesigns logo (by…

Google redesigns logo (by moving two pixels…): seroundtable.com/google-logo-pi… pic.twitter.com/lfoyJzfVQa

We talk to @the_partners…

We talk to @the_partners about adapting Bodoni for the new London Craft Week identity: bit.ly/1Gz65ra pic.twitter.com/nm30zbz6Vt

Ab Rogers is set to overhaul…

Ab Rogers is set to overhaul the interiors at Selfridge's Birmingham: bit.ly/1irck23 pic.twitter.com/fsDhYQhLlR

26 writers and 26 illustrators…

26 writers and 26 illustrators reimagine 26 children's book characters, with beautiful results bit.ly/1mRrhzq pic.twitter.com/92qaVSN4um

Iconic children's character…

Iconic children's character Miffy turns 60 this year – a new video looks at its development: bit.ly/1Cv49Rv pic.twitter.com/BDtqE4o7pd

Dundee named Unesco City…

Dundee named Unesco City of Design: bit.ly/1vAUW5X pic.twitter.com/ISL3gYHWo3

Twitter's childish design…

Twitter's childish design story of the day – Tesco's "penis" buttermilk packaging. (via @guardiannews) pic.twitter.com/G7d43QVpW5

We look at how IBM is building…

We look at how IBM is building the world's biggest design team: bit.ly/1zpMRzs pic.twitter.com/qiY6Fs86zG

The @guardian launches its…

The @guardian launches its new website today. We look at how its digital language developed: bit.ly/SXX2wS http://t.co/xyqyAgFwIV

Pizza Hut is rolling out…

Pizza Hut is rolling out a new identity: bit.ly/1B1TkGv pic.twitter.com/whTnag4EQ3

True North has designed this…

True North has designed this year's Royal Mail Xmas stamps, illustrations by Andrew Banneker: bit.ly/1A9xArU pic.twitter.com/ClgAlBWzXc

Interactive Google project…

Interactive Google project opens doors to Abbey Road Studios and lets you play with equipment: bit.ly/1yrmtdJ pic.twitter.com/jZW0mNs5Zi

We chatted to Neue, the Oslo-based…

We chatted to Neue, the Oslo-based consultancy which has redesigned the Norwegian passport: bit.ly/1ziYA5L pic.twitter.com/VR11UiHh8c

Channel 4 updates its

Channel 4 updates its "iconic" Lambie-Nairn logo for new digital platform All4: bit.ly/1rXCMeH pic.twitter.com/6Zp8a4K0sM

Artists 'have structurally…

Artists 'have structurally different brains' says @BBCBreaking: bbc.co.uk/news/science-e… pic.twitter.com/I7RcZgw0Ye

Royal Mail celebrates 'Great…

Royal Mail celebrates 'Great British Films' with new stamp set: bit.ly/1mRdnAJ pic.twitter.com/oj693AMPWo

Karl Lagerfeld visits the…

Karl Lagerfeld visits the supermarket. (Actually he created one for Chanel's runway show): styleite.com/runway/what-is… pic.twitter.com/Cu5V8Gl33r

Pantone creates real world colour picking tool synched with Pantone libraries: bit.ly/2azZAgT pic.twitter.com/OZd4sguPvb

This edible beer packaging has been designed to protect marine wildlife: bit.ly/1WsbHi2 pic.twitter.com/XUU0RxNvEZ

Type design legend Adrian…

Type design legend Adrian Frutiger dies aged 87: bit.ly/1K8SeII pic.twitter.com/nA0vQoaBU6

.@katemoross: “I’m not…

.@katemoross: “I’m not a woman in design - I’m a designer” bit.ly/1f6U2JD pic.twitter.com/eWme91Cz8m

Beautiful paper blue tit by Lisa Lloyd for @waitrose bit.ly/2kL05uo pic.twitter.com/kuSsCvKmJk

How Design Bridge redesigned…

How Design Bridge redesigned the Guinness harp to hit the right note with younger drinkers: bit.ly/1SyVinZ pic.twitter.com/XKsFdG6WR2

Bank of England says new…

Bank of England says new £20 note will feature an artist or designer and asks for suggestions: bit.ly/1AcIJJw pic.twitter.com/weUdFWFmck

From the archive: “People are amazed by what designers could once do with their hands”: bit.ly/2o9QOtO pic.twitter.com/2egvfVqSo3

“No label” – @CocaCola…

“No label” – @CocaCola has removed its branding in the Middle East for Ramadan: bit.ly/1NILjsa pic.twitter.com/dBivtFkKkf


"We risk losing a generation of young creatives" @dandad warns on lack of diversity in design: bit.ly/1EjPZQK pic.twitter.com/8c4WBhOiMT

Classic album covers in Google…

Classic album covers in Google Street View: theguardian.com/cities/gallery… (via @guardian) pic.twitter.com/H0WY4LVWlA

Plagiarist or not, Tokyo…

Plagiarist or not, Tokyo 2020 designer Kenjiro Sano doesn’t deserve this treatment: bit.ly/1VvSBEo pic.twitter.com/IB82Oi83bT

Google has a new logo……
Can you help track down the…

Can you help track down the designer of the original Neighbourhood Watch logo? bit.ly/1MvM5KA pic.twitter.com/9T8jH6R1Pt

Business cards made from…

Business cards made from melted-down crayons… bit.ly/1Et090K pic.twitter.com/qez3iN6o9M

Google is building its own…

Google is building its own driverless car – with no brakes or steering wheel: bit.ly/1pigpxO pic.twitter.com/qWrsNwXoLy

Excellent> RT @dominicwilcox:…

Excellent> RT @dominicwilcox: Nice Star Wars escalator intervention pic.twitter.com/TpdrrFwFZ6 via @DepressedDarth

Barnbrook: “Let’s not forget graphic design is an artistic discipline” bit.ly/1XcGJtw pic.twitter.com/1FWJvl9ayd

Which of these designs will…

Which of these designs will become the Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo? We’ll find out soon… bit.ly/1VDkaNo pic.twitter.com/WQwOzKXoEA

Top five things to see at…

Top five things to see at #LumiereLDN this weekend: bit.ly/1OTRTzv pic.twitter.com/FpNr1RcpRL

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