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Tango goes back to black…

Tango goes back to black with new can design: bit.ly/1M3wMW1 pic.twitter.com/voIxFrAuPu

Apparently, drinking this…

Apparently, drinking this beer will make you more creative… problemsolverbeer.com (via @ShortList) pic.twitter.com/q9CD6Yh41u

These lovely signs have been…

These lovely signs have been created to encourage more women to work in design: bit.ly/1p2pJHP pic.twitter.com/OQQwGxgQWF

Have you seen Pizza Hut's…

Have you seen Pizza Hut's new identity yet? bit.ly/1B1TkGv pic.twitter.com/ffHqC47TCT

'The adaptation of lettering…

'The adaptation of lettering to advertising moods'. (via @TypeTasting, @tristonrobinson, @ghostsigns) pic.twitter.com/v4nOtBusqS

The best posters from the…

The best posters from the London Underground's 150-year history: bit.ly/10OsJuM

Pantone has revealed its colour of the year for 2017: bit.ly/2h7aUll pic.twitter.com/45nHQjM9DX

Quentin Tarantino on his creative process: "Everything for me starts with being a writer" #AdobeMAX pic.twitter.com/zTrh7rXUnH

H2/SW/HK & Margaret Calvert…

H2/SW/HK & Margaret Calvert have created a new typeface for Moscow's public transport network: bit.ly/1DAgS5m pic.twitter.com/dXI43X4dxn

Annotated pages from some…

Annotated pages from some of the world's greatest illustrators – beautiful: bit.ly/1Iag7Bd pic.twitter.com/ZO4Xo8lWXD

A young UK designers low-cost…

A young UK designers low-cost incubator has won the international James Dyson Award: bit.ly/1uzAaF0 pic.twitter.com/V5q4XqMkQ3

Russia's 2018 World Cup identity…

Russia's 2018 World Cup identity references Sputnik and Russian icon art: bit.ly/139xoKu pic.twitter.com/BcFLq2kAor

Like the London 2012 Olympics,…

Like the London 2012 Olympics, this is #Glasgow2014's chance to be a design success story: bit.ly/1qzsroz pic.twitter.com/TKmmNyWvGx

Mandela cover for Vrij Nederland…

Mandela cover for Vrij Nederland by @noma_bar pic.twitter.com/ISMlQfhTCP

New Shakespeare stamps feature…

New Shakespeare stamps feature quotes from The Bard: bit.ly/1S7cRrD pic.twitter.com/J2CJWZf1Zu

Design is the UK’s fastest-growing…

Design is the UK’s fastest-growing creative sector, new government figures show: bit.ly/1JAYcrw pic.twitter.com/U9kbQ5do68

New logo for Swedish internet…

New logo for Swedish internet foundation IIS has hidden version of the country’s flag. Lovely: bit.ly/1Jvur4j pic.twitter.com/Ew44QoHGMI

We look at how @DesignMuseum's…

We look at how @DesignMuseum's Designs of the Year exhibition was designed: bit.ly/19iei7F pic.twitter.com/9T4gZWfafT

Is an art degree a job stopper?…

Is an art degree a job stopper? Design experts tell us what they think: bit.ly/1DBf2yf pic.twitter.com/cMFXIP1s2y

UK design industry

UK design industry "to be worth £3.8bn by 2018": bit.ly/1B93hkF pic.twitter.com/zAq1AkSY9H

Men and Cats. Lovely @sam_kalda…

Men and Cats. Lovely @sam_kalda illustrations of famous men and their feline friends: bit.ly/1nP0zZ9 pic.twitter.com/GxjJ4lBAEY

It's a very small world indeed…

It's a very small world indeed when you're dwarfed by a golf ball, or battling a snail: bit.ly/Q7MPwD pic.twitter.com/O8LaxSHyb2

Women are studying design – so where are all the female creative directors? bit.ly/2oXoWft pic.twitter.com/h64IVx9uTG

We asked designers about their favourite Olympic designs of all time: bit.ly/2aDzStb pic.twitter.com/7ZGIlLkqF1

Check out these must-see…

Check out these must-see talks at London Design Festival 2015 @L_D_F: bit.ly/1gyaYbZ pic.twitter.com/h2ogO94SIm

Red phone box voted

Red phone box voted "greatest British design": bit.ly/1AvJTtD pic.twitter.com/Ynr6ZZzjfz

Selfridges London flagship…

Selfridges London flagship to undergo £300m transformation: bit.ly/1pu9I9l pic.twitter.com/Doo2kLsF6x

After a public vote, this…

After a public vote, this has been named as the best record cover of 2013: bit.ly/1i0CcUG. What do you think? pic.twitter.com/6UNoshR4Gy

Cheeky logo for Channel 4…

Cheeky logo for Channel 4 drama Masters of Sex. Very good. (via @ucllc: underconsideration.com/brandnew/archi…) pic.twitter.com/4XYyvbJsGi

The logo for the Tokyo 2020…

The logo for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games has finally been unveiled: bit.ly/1rbZW29 pic.twitter.com/XXixCk6wJq

.@McDonalds brought together…

.@McDonalds brought together a team of agencies to work on its new packaging: bit.ly/1VN3jWZ pic.twitter.com/XbW7c7THn4

Royal Mail bee stamps designed…

Royal Mail bee stamps designed to raise awareness of species: bit.ly/1NqQOy5 pic.twitter.com/EEB6q40v92

These illustrations at Sheff…

These illustrations at Sheff Children’s Hospital look great and also have a practical purpose: bit.ly/1CNyQTX pic.twitter.com/TDSYlcu5fw

Pentagram's Harry Pearce…

Pentagram's Harry Pearce made a poster with his own blood for Hiroshima/Nagasaki anniversary: bit.ly/1FzOz7q pic.twitter.com/QAhpva3IRI

We love a good dazzle ship…

We love a good dazzle ship and now, for first time in 100 years, there's one on the Thames: bit.ly/1sXDOnt pic.twitter.com/Bkff58NSPv


"Every piece of plastic made is still in the environment”– the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: bit.ly/1PzDtFT pic.twitter.com/Ph0x0FpJze

Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo scrapped…

Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo scrapped in copying row - “The logo cannot gain public support”: bit.ly/1Ff73az pic.twitter.com/kg9CRZ4Rwd

How great posters were designed…

How great posters were designed – we speak to curator @ellenLupton about Cooper Hewitt's show: bit.ly/1EYcNUX pic.twitter.com/TqIR8rvr8e


"Print's not dead and it's not going anywhere" – @MrMattWilley on magazines: bit.ly/17xZYav pic.twitter.com/l0bCws7Oe0

Harrison Agency has created…

Harrison Agency has created these "insectruments" for the London Sinfonietta: bit.ly/1x5AYMV pic.twitter.com/ntiG7FMW6f

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