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Robots are coming for your…

Robots are coming for your job! (unless you're a designer): bit.ly/1wKl0eZ pic.twitter.com/F8SX0StJrm

90% of designers think design…

90% of designers think design education is failing students a new survey finds: bit.ly/1tdHfsy pic.twitter.com/ALPSvKyV8q

Airbnb made an infographic…

Airbnb made an infographic from the media reaction to its new logo blog.airbnb.com/belo-report-ne… (via @ucllc) pic.twitter.com/qEAfKsNpaL

We're enjoying the new Words…

We're enjoying the new Words Fail Me slot in @PrivateEyeNews: bit.ly/RhWCvt Top typographic punnery.

We speak to @pentagram's Harry Pearce about rebranding John Lewis and Waitrose: bit.ly/2Chf9t8 pic.twitter.com/UyV51ggRT2

Exploring 50 years of National Theatre poster design: bit.ly/2kpSaTU pic.twitter.com/QQmoB4uomh

Royal Mail murder mystery…

Royal Mail murder mystery stamps feature heat sensitive inks and micro text: bit.ly/2cENlxg pic.twitter.com/I14uwgyJ5C

What would leaving the European…

What would leaving the European Union mean for designers?bit.ly/28XFRVf pic.twitter.com/q0J7L2EXd9

This clever new packaging…

This clever new packaging for @dominos highlights the brand’s two-for-one deals: bit.ly/20AKton pic.twitter.com/6FSB6RMflQ

What to people really mean…

What to people really mean when they say the word “branding”? @EmilyPenny finds out: bit.ly/23Nphyq pic.twitter.com/ejDQx8Igcl

Here are the shortlisted…

Here are the shortlisted designs for London's next planned pedestrian bridge: bit.ly/1MIAt3O pic.twitter.com/sEvzkICR3u

Lovely new Alice in Wonderland…

Lovely new Alice in Wonderland stamps (+ Vine illustrations) from @RoyalMailStamps: bit.ly/1Cqzvp0 vine.co/v/ODgIrztaBpt

From the archive: “People are amazed by what designers could once do with their hands”: bit.ly/2o9QOtO pic.twitter.com/glJ1BWE6Ff

And the Pantone Colour of…

And the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2016 is… bit.ly/1XByJ7a pic.twitter.com/B70cfcg62y

London Transport Museum to…

London Transport Museum to open permanent design gallery and roll out pop-up concept. bit.ly/1XMkb1d pic.twitter.com/Cy0OOmugPT

Want to know how the @guardian…

Want to know how the @guardian redesigned across print and digital? We've got the full story: bit.ly/1A10xpD pic.twitter.com/ristTzqlXn

There's lots of interest…

There's lots of interest in KFC's radical new design direction. Have you seen it yet? bit.ly/1tCKQko pic.twitter.com/GHT1K8A78k

US graphics legend Aaron…

US graphics legend Aaron Draplin on why designers need “thick lines" in their lives: bit.ly/1WGFu6v pic.twitter.com/gMg8EKznQS

The new 12-sided £1 coin…

The new 12-sided £1 coin is going into production – here’s the story behind its design: bit.ly/1V9dG8D pic.twitter.com/DxHOCzfzEi

Four trends that are shaping…

Four trends that are shaping the future of print design: bit.ly/1MEFXgx pic.twitter.com/EmWXVzVUB9

The logos that defined 2015…

The logos that defined 2015 - including “the logo that didn’t last very long”: bit.ly/1TMM3j2 pic.twitter.com/L9FgFy0OMr

Entire King's Cross foot…

Entire King's Cross foot tunnel will feature 90m immersive light installation: bit.ly/18eMx00 pic.twitter.com/nKOjUZ765V

British tennis player @andy_murray…

British tennis player @andy_murray now has his own logo… bit.ly/1yfvztI pic.twitter.com/H0Uq2ggHcM

Here’s our preview of an…

Here’s our preview of an exhibition showcasing humorous hand-painted signs in East London: bit.ly/14hUbUU pic.twitter.com/iQrMGrh5OP

Bike lights have always been…

Bike lights have always been one of the least stylish things about cycling. But not any more: bit.ly/1gu0NTr pic.twitter.com/eNmJ03TSZc

Heathrow Terminal 2 is being…

Heathrow Terminal 2 is being redesigned to give passengers a 'sense of delight': bit.ly/1gkws55 pic.twitter.com/XAhRAUWWZj

A new book by Alan Long examines how to live with a designer without killing them: bit.ly/2AzE2eL pic.twitter.com/rnVmV4oiCA

JKR redesigns Domino’s packaging…

JKR redesigns Domino’s packaging to highlight two-pizza deals: bit.ly/20AKton pic.twitter.com/dpPk6F0gBq

Very clever> life insurance…

Very clever> life insurance docs designed as artwork to encourage people not to lose them: bit.ly/1uT5loF pic.twitter.com/imolkcDWBX

Here are the mascots for…

Here are the mascots for the Rio 2016 Olympics (as yet unnamed…): bit.ly/1zRi6F7 pic.twitter.com/d1wMVWvB97

Fast food chain KFC has a…

Fast food chain KFC has a radical new interior design: bit.ly/1tCKQko pic.twitter.com/vaR8uWLdMF

A nice collection of classic…

A nice collection of classic disco cover art (via @guardian): theguardian.com/artanddesign/g… pic.twitter.com/LVmzeTNn21

This new bookshop at the…

This new bookshop at the British Museum features a 'wheel of books': bit.ly/1nzdX1I pic.twitter.com/AzN44wJNzG

The Danish parliament released…

The Danish parliament released - then withdrew - this epic animation to encourage young people to vote: youtube.com/watch?v=iWl_qL… (a bit NSFW)

Fancy seeing some Tour de…

Fancy seeing some Tour de France designs from Calvert, Crouwel, Kitching et al? Here you go: bit.ly/1omgsZf pic.twitter.com/2lVStTSqYj

Advice on branding - keep…

Advice on branding - keep it simple, stupid: bit.ly/Lu4FXU

RT @ThePoke: Maslow's Hierarchy…

RT @ThePoke: Maslow's Hierarchy reconfigured for the 21st Century. ow.ly/21iV24 (by @mrianleslie) pic.twitter.com/wHaOcCMW5j

If it makes anyone feel better,…

If it makes anyone feel better, @TheGreenParty won the typography election: bit.ly/1Plih1x pic.twitter.com/TsdjenPwBw

Ahead of Saturday's Record…

Ahead of Saturday's Record Store day, take a look a the best record sleeves of the past year: bit.ly/1PREqaM pic.twitter.com/SGGp1LNLaB

IBM reportedly employs the…

IBM reportedly employs the world's biggest design team. This week it opens a studio in London: bit.ly/1zpMRzs pic.twitter.com/N9VetidDtR

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