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Designer reveals new superhero packaging for RedBull: creativebloq.com/branding/desig… pic.twitter.com/ofb4kZdSSB

This creative process timeline absolutely nails it: creativebloq.com/design/creativ… pic.twitter.com/OoFbYitoft

Does it have to be geometrically perfect to be a great logo? buff.ly/2fPRXEK pic.twitter.com/0I6w6z7c47

50 free fonts for designers: ow.ly/fuGQT

RE: negative ad campaign for Britain: is this the kind of thing you were after, PM? bit.ly/YIErG8 pic.twitter.com/zTSCESsi

7 things you should NEVER ask a designer: ow.ly/ou5As

First real alternative to Photoshop launched... and it's free! creativebloq.com/computer-arts/… pic.twitter.com/UbD1RtRm3q

3 huge design trends for 2015 you need to know: creativebloq.com/graphic-design… pic.twitter.com/ESPkjIpFTx

19 things not to say to a graphic designer: creativebloq.com/career/19-thin… pic.twitter.com/6pnInJp97p

The best tools for digital illustrators: creativebloq.com/illustration/b… pic.twitter.com/Uiw7pN1GP7

The designer's guide to staying healthy: creativebloq.com/career/designe… pic.twitter.com/YyYj830KFR

Download this 116-page guide to starting out on your own - it's free! creativebloq.com/freelance-hand… pic.twitter.com/xSE1mh9ENX

25 tips for staying sane as a freelancer: creativebloq.com/productivity/2… pic.twitter.com/fQeBOHd0G5

6 famous brands that dropped the words from their logos. buff.ly/2BSh4Sc pic.twitter.com/I5fcqJ59Ds

The 70 best Tumblr blogs covering graphic design, photography, illustration, typography, 3D... ow.ly/h1FEh

Typographer Alexander Wright creates a new typeface every day for 36 days: creativebloq.com/typography/fun… pic.twitter.com/Le8jzzaeQG

3 life lessons from iconic illustrator @TomiUngerer: creativebloq.com/illustration/l… @weloveoffset #OFFSET2015 pic.twitter.com/TIbCDaBBOH

20 fonts every designer should own: bit.ly/VznQQv

20 free ebooks for designers buff.ly/2fldyrP pic.twitter.com/V0LtOAknte

Update: The 100 best free fonts for designers – creativebloq.com/graphic-design… pic.twitter.com/4IW0b2dFrA

Get a free copy of The Freelance Handbook with our new issue - on sale now! creativebloq.com/computer-arts/… pic.twitter.com/ljEashWbZV

How @botndolly and @gmunk used robots and projection-mapping to create an amazing short film - creativebloq.com/3d/building-pr… pic.twitter.com/12UyHXN9e0

130 best FREE FONTS! ow.ly/o5SA2

A designer's guide to the golden ratio - ow.ly/nFz0q #graphicdesign #webdesign

14 huge trends that are changing the face of design and advertising: creativebloq.com/design/14-huge… pic.twitter.com/NU3pe3WGCc

5 tips for better branding from @WolffOlins: creativebloq.com/branding/5-tip… pic.twitter.com/yScwwZO7Nv

These typographic posters celebrate a sans serif love affair: creativebloq.com/typography/pos… pic.twitter.com/BwpTCJgeUc

6 ways to apply the principles of design to your life: creativebloq.com/design/6-ways-… pic.twitter.com/Sw0GSlekTO

Motivational message aims to inspire struggling creatives: creativebloq.com/creativity/adv… pic.twitter.com/3shS0faB8s

19 character design tips from pro creatives: creativebloq.com/character-desi… pic.twitter.com/qlUlJffcN0

Your chance to see @slinkachu's tiny masterpieces up close: creativebloq.com/photography/sl… pic.twitter.com/tOoBvf5JK8

10 things you should NEVER ask a designer: creativebloq.com/design/things-… pic.twitter.com/JQ3wsP5ETB

Designers' New Year resolutions for 2015: creativebloq.com/graphic-design… pic.twitter.com/MNnVvtK8pn

Beautifully haunting ribbon-effect animal portraits by @jaumamc: creativebloq.com/creativity/bea… pic.twitter.com/qO5HnegXST

World's first 3D printing pen revealed bit.ly/ZcFxX8 #3Dprinting @Wobbleworks pic.twitter.com/ZJF0V0lp

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