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Tokyo 2020 Olympics logo binned after plagiarism row: creativebloq.com/branding/tokyo… pic.twitter.com/zdRLdityra

Google updates Messenger with an adorable new set of stickers: creativebloq.com/animation/disc… pic.twitter.com/XL6F24HiqV

Iconic logos reimagined with handwritten type: creativebloq.com/logo-design/ic… pic.twitter.com/xBRYszrnvh

The 70 best FREE fonts for designers: ow.ly/i8otr (via @CreativeBloq)

Top 40 character design tips - Part 1: Animal based characters bit.ly/UwVaXP pic.twitter.com/3JUiqZJA

30 free Photoshop brushes every designer must have - ow.ly/eXWlx

Illustrator-killer Affinity Designer receives a major update buff.ly/2duwdjW pic.twitter.com/4gw09KaAsH

These vintage film, theatre and circus poster designs are beautifully unique and inspiring: creativebloq.com/posters/vintag… pic.twitter.com/GNWrDIyjOH

Master Adobe shortcuts with new interactive tool: creativebloq.com/adobe/master-a… pic.twitter.com/2gHbTNQx38

These stylish illustrations celebrate 100 years of Hollywood costumes. creativebloq.com/illustration/1… pic.twitter.com/eHLjvBPdTY

Are traditional brand guidelines still relevant? creativebloq.com/branding/are-t… pic.twitter.com/kyjXVonQm9

Stroke of genius. Triboro's effortlessly simple way of creating a DIY 'New York' logo for Nike: pic.twitter.com/Wya7k9vFv3

20 fonts that every graphic designer should own - ow.ly/qD1tA #typography

The 50 best iPhone apps for designers! ow.ly/nSOYK

Check out these 55 free fonts! ow.ly/ggl4o

The ultimate guide to logo design - follow these 25 pro tips and create your best ever logo: bit.ly/UJAKMm

5 tips for choosing the right typeface: creativebloq.com/typography/tip… pic.twitter.com/7uuFwby3Vv

How to upgrade your design skills in 2016: creativebloq.com/computer-arts/… pic.twitter.com/0ARoXyy1NX

10 posters that sum up designer problems: creativebloq.com/posters/poster… pic.twitter.com/O3VfEwuNGG

We go inside Banksy's #Dismaland - and it's better than you'd ever expected: creativebloq.com/street-art/why… pic.twitter.com/FReTka1cp8

8 reasons design studios should stay small: creativebloq.com/graphic-design… @johnsonbanks @sagmeisterwalsh pic.twitter.com/XL5ANdFzdS

8 tips to turbocharge your creative career from @FredDeakin: creativebloq.com/career/tips-tu… #Collabology pic.twitter.com/MFVyruMmSQ

How typography can give your brand personality. creativebloq.com/typography/giv… pic.twitter.com/COrg1Wr2ih

5 tips for choosing the right typeface: creativebloq.com/typography/tip… pic.twitter.com/vHPptOMy8V

7 animated GIFs of Banksy street art you HAVE to see: ow.ly/qA02o

The 70 best iPad apps for designers - ow.ly/iJ1MU

10 great places to sell your design work online - creativebloq.com/career/sell-de…

The pro's guide to logo design, from start to finish - ow.ly/eQjtu

The basic rules of typography explained. A great primer for type lovers! ow.ly/euFKF

Serif squares up to Adobe with InDesign rival. buff.ly/2ChuXYZ pic.twitter.com/JPP0CcQKsI

Should designers care about typographic mistakes? buff.ly/2fTHtEw pic.twitter.com/jVb8epmn47

Artists will love this Golden Ratio colouring book: buff.ly/1qvJNEc pic.twitter.com/7TFnnU7exE

Creating a new logo design? Here are 10 basic rules you need to follow: creativebloq.com/infographic/10… pic.twitter.com/dE9w9fu5Xq

5 tips for taking control of your fonts: creativebloq.com/typography/5-t… pic.twitter.com/EFfsExbiAu

RT @CreativeBloq: Famous helmets given a geometric twist in @justinmaller's latest project: creativebloq.com/computer-arts/… pic.twitter.com/PZVmCpNbBC

90 of the best free fonts, from vintage-inspired to slap-you-in-the-face slab serifs! ow.ly/kNrK2

NEW! 10 top typography resources - all you need to hone your type skills here: ow.ly/ifHLN

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