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Typography posters recreate classic movie quotes ow.ly/gVNcT

How @Heystudio seduced Apple with bold geometric shapes: creativebloq.com/graphic-design… pic.twitter.com/bUPY1Zu6FD

Free font! Take your designs to new heights with display typeface Ailerons: creativebloq.com/typography/fon… pic.twitter.com/zNrakARAow

Stop what you're doing and watch this fantastic short film on inventor Dominic Wilcox: creativebloq.com/creativity/art… pic.twitter.com/TE6ZgijE4h

Top film artist opens up his sketchbook: creativebloq.com/illustration/m… pic.twitter.com/tGLAAHXnoe

4 tips for a successful design career from @Pentagram, @WolffOlins, @HeyStudio & @AnnieAtkins: creativebloq.com/career/4-secre… pic.twitter.com/8hxWdDJS0O

Delightful doodles transform everyday objects into works of art: creativebloq.com/creativity/del… pic.twitter.com/Mj5QTY3pj9

Typography-based logos: 50 eye-catching examples ow.ly/mNQDG

10 things print designers need to know about screen design - ow.ly/klijj

Download Photoshop Lightroom 5 for free today - find out more: ow.ly/k6ikA

The top 25 movie posters of all time - ow.ly/jk6Qv

Abandon your Moleskines! 5 design notebooks to die for - ow.ly/hHWDW

The 10 best places to find free vector art online creativebloq.com/graphic-design…

Illustrator CS7: 10 new features designers are clamouring for - ow.ly/eBPRE

101 Photoshop tips, tricks and fixes to try today - ow.ly/ezQeJ

20 top uses of typography in logotypes. A great selection of inspirational type! ow.ly/esx4g

These honest Venn diagrams reveal the truth about design: buff.ly/1UmhZhI pic.twitter.com/Vo86jUGMXQ

From cash-flow to clients, this #infographic banishes 10 myths about graphic design: creativebloq.com/infographic/10… pic.twitter.com/P2st8RkWHA

Packaging design: 40 inspirational examples - ow.ly/mACOf

12 tips for designing the perfect logo - bit.ly/141wWbn

45 brilliant Pinterest boards for designers: ow.ly/lSl5t

Print's not dead! 65 brilliant examples of innovative print ads ow.ly/lcKXC

Master Photoshop: 125 top tutorials: ow.ly/jRlOe

The 5 best colour search tools for designers ow.ly/jsP2h

20 books by iconic designers you must read - ow.ly/izjZn

Here are 20 young designers to watch in 2013 - check out their amazing work: ow.ly/hO0db

35 brilliant Pinterest boards for designers - ow.ly/hHSP3

Design trend predictions for 2013 | Design | Creative Bloq ow.ly/fU8ih

Designer predictions for 2013 - ow.ly/fMjsy

Computer Arts cover contest: top 30 entries revealed: creativebloq.com/computer-arts/… @DandADNewBlood #NewTalent pic.twitter.com/UJfMn8veXu

5 pro techniques for post production in @Photoshop: creativebloq.com/photoshop/5-pr… pic.twitter.com/jO2LUIwooG

Children's hospital identity gets a feel-good makeover: creativebloq.com/branding/child… pic.twitter.com/92dCac7t9f

Free font! A 'slightly off geometric typeface' Pier is great for posters, logos and more: creativebloq.com/typography/fon… pic.twitter.com/JP18BRUrj6

MT: @OFFFest Download your free copy of @ComputerArts for iPad with the code: OFFF14 goo.gl/sMcPj pic.twitter.com/3tuXVSFmHQ

The new @CA_Collection: Branding Annual goes on sale today: 130 pages of branding brilliance - bit.ly/1brUPBI pic.twitter.com/S9T9B4cwej

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