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11 of the best creative resumés buff.ly/2EqNQxg pic.twitter.com/ONCTttzFO6

The 100 best free fonts buff.ly/2j4nzK7

Why you should reinvent your typography buff.ly/297xF3G pic.twitter.com/U8EnGTW3ox

99designs responds to logo criticism – with an infographic buff.ly/1paAPvc pic.twitter.com/fZFVJbAn7Y

23 phenomenally realistic pencil drawings: buff.ly/1RpRi8d pic.twitter.com/oEYPHVR47W

Infographic reveals how to live like a creative: buff.ly/1S4UARg pic.twitter.com/mRSRMxwLmR

25 tips for staying sane as a freelancer: creativebloq.com/productivity/2… pic.twitter.com/ikvbNNlNjn

The ultimate battle: old vs new graphic design tools – creativebloq.com/infographic/ol… #infographic pic.twitter.com/SFpAD8cNe5

11 characteristics of the modern designer: creativebloq.com/infographic/11… pic.twitter.com/z3cjdiA9W0

This brilliant infographic reveals the power of colour in branding: creativebloq.com/infographic/po… pic.twitter.com/UVn1orSPFA

Belfast School of Art design students showcase some outstanding projects: creativebloq.com/graphic-design… @BelfastSchArt pic.twitter.com/N2d76Pc1ZQ

How to shoot print work for your portfolio: creativebloq.com/photography/ho… pic.twitter.com/u9w5YSf0md

8 reasons design studios should stay small creativebloq.com/graphic-design… pic.twitter.com/YGbzG7GJ9X

5 top tips for picking the perfect typeface: creativebloq.com/typography/5-t… pic.twitter.com/bXvK3NXEQr

Get a free copy of The Self-Promo Handbook: creativebloq.com/self-promotion… pic.twitter.com/izj4aoROEB

10 things nobody tells you about going freelance: creativebloq.com/career/things-… pic.twitter.com/MvISNYSlIg

Free font! Add a touch of vintage style to your designs with Nickainley Script: creativebloq.com/typography/fon… pic.twitter.com/6bKyBorRrS

How design can make a genuine impact: creativebloq.com/graphic-design… @joepublicagency @designindaba pic.twitter.com/JyLpyySrh3

6 tips for crafting a spell-binding animation: creativebloq.com/animation/how-… pic.twitter.com/MKSBtBxSdd

Check out @Creativebloq's fonts of the week; some are free, all are fab - creativebloq.com/typography/fon… pic.twitter.com/XmcdrIXEm7

Are traditional brand guidelines still relevant? creativebloq.com/branding/are-t… pic.twitter.com/U0EnYjFP6a

The 11 most stupidest fonts of all time, ever! creativebloq.com/typography/11-… pic.twitter.com/aWPmwU0aTK

Iconic New York studio Sagmeister & Walsh is hiring! creativebloq.com/jobs/sagmeiste… pic.twitter.com/Vl2ib8oqn2

10 ways to share your creativity and get discovered: creativebloq.com/creativity/10-… pic.twitter.com/v7jCziWZg0

10 typography tricks every designer should know: creativebloq.com/typography/tri… pic.twitter.com/kZrUh6WdpC

Nightmare clients - how to deal with clients who don’t pay: creativebloq.com/career/nightma… pic.twitter.com/WnmKZfXqjG

10 free Photoshop brushes for painting skin and hair, and how to use them: creativebloq.com/digital-art/fr… pic.twitter.com/WIRiXT7I47

The ultimate guide to Adobe Illustrator creativebloq.com/adobe/guide-il… pic.twitter.com/4h3eBT7Vve

Exclusive - @jonburgerman tells @JuliaSagar why comfort is a killer: creativebloq.com/character-desi… pic.twitter.com/bWHBa9hgLB

The Oscars has a new logo: ow.ly/rSdU3

Graphic Design Annual 2014: RT: @SawdustStudio Some outstanding work in there. Recommended. (bit.ly/1hyiCBq) pic.twitter.com/Wvpl4njGvN

Nine essential items every freelancer needs - bit.ly/16CnKwY pic.twitter.com/fuRW17K2dn

90 best iPad apps for designers - ow.ly/nhrkT

What if Star Wars characters were turned into brands? ow.ly/lxFbJ

Nike logo gets a 3D makeover - check it out here: ow.ly/lern6

These ultra-minimalist posters for classic movies are simply brilliant - ow.ly/lc3ny

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