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the lumos helmet by altplus…

the lumos helmet by altplus combines streamline design with lighting modules designboom.com/design/lumos-h… pic.twitter.com/88bJrMsqHO

sepehr maleki uncovers tehran's…

sepehr maleki uncovers tehran's hidden scars in parasitic buildings designboom.com/architecture/s… pic.twitter.com/aEdVG8j4OF

the rolls-royce ghost zenith…

the rolls-royce ghost zenith collection distinguishes the pinnacle of its original design designboom.com/technology/rol… pic.twitter.com/CBmOyasdyO

russia to send a humanoid…

russia to send a humanoid robot in the commander's chair into space designboom.com/technology/sky… pic.twitter.com/d3fPBgAwhI

the rolls-royce ghost zenith…

the rolls-royce ghost zenith collection is limited to only 50 editions designboom.com/technology/rol… pic.twitter.com/wP0MAwaEFx

driving premiere of the mercedes-benz…

driving premiere of the mercedes-benz SSKL racing car at pebble beach designboom.com/technology/mer… pic.twitter.com/zAPx2uRDw7

napp studio abstracts traditional…

napp studio abstracts traditional chinese temple for flower market entrance designboom.com/architecture/n… pic.twitter.com/ofTEfyUYtp

achille castiglioni - rare…

achille castiglioni - rare inedited video footage from the designboom archives designboom.com/design/achille… pic.twitter.com/nCJ7MshGU4

NArchitekTURA designs exhibition…

NArchitekTURA designs exhibition for prominent artist in the national museum in krakow designboom.com/design/narchit… pic.twitter.com/85ykYrI4Vw

MIT researchers develop roundAround:…

MIT researchers develop roundAround: a movable bridge made of autonomous boats designboom.com/design/mit-res… pic.twitter.com/V9Tsk336QG

AUDI merges electric scooter…

AUDI merges electric scooter with a skateboard to create e-tron designboom.com/technology/aud… pic.twitter.com/mwYDAr6KR0

the waveflyer electric hydrofoil…

the waveflyer electric hydrofoil jetski flies above the water designboom.com/technology/wav… pic.twitter.com/GWRmegUFAY

the pizza pool float is perfect…

the pizza pool float is perfect for enjoying a slice of summer designboom.com/design/pizza-p… pic.twitter.com/gJUpof0Hc9

a new 3D map of the milky…

a new 3D map of the milky way shows warped shape of our galaxy designboom.com/technology/3d-… pic.twitter.com/55kW4O6Sxf

the organic house by javier…

the organic house by javier senosiain is hidden beneath green dunes designboom.com/architecture/t… pic.twitter.com/XpTkZacaHh

the triumph rocket 3 introduces…

the triumph rocket 3 introduces roadster and grand touring editions designboom.com/technology/tri… pic.twitter.com/RXzqzMpm7Q

put your hands together conceives…

put your hands together conceives rustic farmhouse on a riverbank of india designboom.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/7g2MjiV45z

simon hjermind jensen's munkeruphus…

simon hjermind jensen's munkeruphus 'observatory' responds to its natural setting designboom.com/architecture/s… pic.twitter.com/V3mQ87wbsM

argentine studio FOGUEL immerses…

argentine studio FOGUEL immerses guests in moon-inspired restaurant designboom.com/architecture/f… pic.twitter.com/fW54A03ShJ

argentine studio FOGUEL immerses…

argentine studio FOGUEL immerses guests in moon-inspired restaurant designboom.com/architecture/f… pic.twitter.com/5ZxXGEGSBd

mohammad hassan forouzanfar…

mohammad hassan forouzanfar combines iranian and american landmarks for 'peace' project designboom.com/art/mohammad-h… pic.twitter.com/EVPjOkOlx0

computers burst into billions…

computers burst into billions of particles in maxim zhestkov's digital art film designboom.com/art/computatio… pic.twitter.com/b38TNznSvs

over time, entire sections…

over time, entire sections of each level can be extended or taken away as needed. designboom.com/architecture/l… pic.twitter.com/b6SmMFQOYa

2020 lotus evora GT is an…

2020 lotus evora GT is an even lighter, faster and powerful supercar designboom.com/technology/202… pic.twitter.com/tgDiF6oYGi

ana coelho adds elevated…

ana coelho adds elevated concrete volume to host office spaces in portuguese factory designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/ET6L52OB5E

archstudio references traditional…

archstudio references traditional chinese urban dwelling in modern courtyard villa designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/wOMGEACrqd

JCPCDR nestles 'the observatory' timber cabin in a forest in france designboom.com/architecture/j… pic.twitter.com/CHuATQs6Wt

FLIT-16: a brand new generation of folding e-bike designboom.com/design/flit-16… pic.twitter.com/eW2WgjAO92

C+A revives landmark building in kyoto university of foreign studies designboom.com/architecture/c… pic.twitter.com/zcXSsBSuql

green-tech spaceship-like toilets and kiosks will touchdown in san francisco streets designboom.com/architecture/g… pic.twitter.com/65bQb8sZPy

researchers reveal portable robotic exosuit that makes running + walking easier designboom.com/technology/per… pic.twitter.com/hPwVeHcbeG

kanye west may be forced to demolish affordable housing project. designboom.com/architecture/k… pic.twitter.com/O7q0fGMndb

Aedas plans 'one of the most twisting towers in the world' for southwest china designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/LfOqQoV2mJ

WilkinsonEyre continues revitalization of copenhagen's harbor with foot and cycle bridge designboom.com/architecture/w… pic.twitter.com/uvSMWdjMxa

the beaulake tahoe – 14 surprises with an eco-conscious personality designboom.com/technology/bea… pic.twitter.com/PsQwWWCQZd

the 'salmon cannon' video sensation that shoots fish over a dam designboom.com/design/salmon-… pic.twitter.com/VUtCyOKj32

FCC arquitectura tops mato gallery in portugal with an organic, sculptural shell designboom.com/architecture/f… pic.twitter.com/RVeU5InLgr

ayal pomerantz upcycles PVC pipes to create a series of vases and totems designboom.com/design/ayal-po… pic.twitter.com/8Ce6NJWzfs

ayal pomerantz upcycles PVC pipes to create a series of vases and totems designboom.com/design/ayal-po… pic.twitter.com/NjTRkvBayb

acura debuts type S concept…

acura debuts type S concept at monterey car week designboom.com/technology/acu… pic.twitter.com/USnCrYih3e

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