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moreno ratti's 'sponge' flowerpot uses travertine marble to help plants grow designboom.com/design/moreno-… pic.twitter.com/Wf990Xsqzg

stelios mousarris uses google earth to 3D print a mountain shaped ping pong table designboom.com/design/stelios… pic.twitter.com/ARD3QebcOD

porky hefer channels chemical reactions with molecule-shaped seating at #designmiami2019 designboom.com/design/porky-h… pic.twitter.com/4QqwaRv4kM

porky hefer channels chemical reactions with molecule-shaped seating pods @DesignMiami designboom.com/design/porky-h… pic.twitter.com/PUa7xnZg94

virgil abloh's 'figures of speech' exhibition goes on view in atlanta designboom.com/design/virgil-… pic.twitter.com/Fnnl9lQkza

bicameral by @Conradshawcross is an 8 meter-tall sculpture with no welded parts designboom.com/art/bicameral-… pic.twitter.com/eP3i1iApKB

hyukjoon choi's minimalist timber bench makes reference to traditional korean houses designboom.com/design/hyukjoo… pic.twitter.com/ftOioLiSbK

C+ architects builds an elliptical ring on the mountainside for LAB art museum in china designboom.com/architecture/c… pic.twitter.com/2g4M2VRdVE

motorola releases official images of new RAZR with foldable display designboom.com/technology/mot… pic.twitter.com/4HePgoEG4p

AHL encloses the living areas + courtyards of 8x24 house in vietnam using a concrete shell designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/Smo6g6MpKw

glenn murcutt's @MPavilion 2019 opens in melbourne designboom.com/architecture/g… pic.twitter.com/JJJzfPZkEV

hugo livet's latest photography series depicts cityscapes with floating trees designboom.com/art/hugo-livet… pic.twitter.com/hga2trRFfq

david chipperfield-designed…

david chipperfield-designed west bund museum opens in shanghai designboom.com/architecture/d… pic.twitter.com/ltR2M1Pbty

kanye west's yeezy sneaker…

kanye west's yeezy sneaker will be made using algae in new 'seed to sole' concept designboom.com/design/kanye-w… pic.twitter.com/eLBT4yWrnJ

.@stevenhollarch's 'kinder…

.@stevenhollarch's 'kinder building' nears completion at the museum fine arts, houston @MFAH designboom.com/architecture/s… pic.twitter.com/g8hBNhbSKA

oniki layers 400 wires to…

oniki layers 400 wires to create the CORD/CODE spatial installation in tokyo designboom.com/design/oniki-d… pic.twitter.com/dXBtURGZ6Y

amir kharaghani and elham…

amir kharaghani and elham asgharpoor wrap a metal lattice around villa in iran designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/9OMCj5c9Dx

the @BMWMotorrad concept…

the @BMWMotorrad concept R18 / 2 custom cruiser's world debut at #EICMA2019 designboom.com/technology/bmw… pic.twitter.com/PN2tLZazLL

@MmaProjects uses cement…

@MmaProjects uses cement + black glass for sculptural 'axiom telecom' headquarters in dubai designboom.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/hKZQnwn59z

tula opens a 'plant oasis'…

tula opens a 'plant oasis' dedicated to cacti and succulents in new york designboom.com/architecture/t… pic.twitter.com/3REEHSmgl0

step inside @formafantasma's…

step inside @formafantasma's amsterdam studio, courtesy of @portmagazine designboom.com/design/formafa… pic.twitter.com/Qe2cEIuLVI

invisible studio designs…

invisible studio designs hotel gym as a window overlooking a productive garden designboom.com/architecture/i… pic.twitter.com/cLdsfQ13EN

designboom speaks to manifesto…

designboom speaks to manifesto founder martin barry as cultural markets expand designboom.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/tSSdR08naW

designboom speaks to manifesto…

designboom speaks to manifesto founder martin barry as cultural markets expand designboom.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/JJ05AJVHWh

jozeph forakis evokes the…

jozeph forakis evokes the elegance of yachts from another era with CLB 88 design designboom.com/design/jozeph-… pic.twitter.com/RnvLjZEQHS

the arc by snøhetta is a…

the arc by snøhetta is a visitor center for arctic preservation in svalbard designboom.com/architecture/s… pic.twitter.com/ww7UKENTiU

heatherwick studio-designed…

heatherwick studio-designed pier 55 park takes shape in new york's hudson river designboom.com/architecture/h… pic.twitter.com/F7Vioih2DK

zoom.industries adds sleek…

zoom.industries adds sleek interiors to industrial building in shanghai offices designboom.com/architecture/z… pic.twitter.com/bSuKjZxPPu

the 'brexit bunker' is an…

the 'brexit bunker' is an oasis of calm in north-west london designboom.com/architecture/b… pic.twitter.com/d9fsK2PXzH

LAN completes monolithic…

LAN completes monolithic minimum security prison in nanterre, france designboom.com/architecture/l… pic.twitter.com/02qxJNsAYN

the 'brexit bunker' by @RISE_D_S…

the 'brexit bunker' by @RISE_D_S is an oasis of calm in north-west london designboom.com/architecture/b… pic.twitter.com/lcmatptc1U

the national pulse memorial…

the national pulse memorial & museum will be designed by coldefy & associés with RDAI designboom.com/architecture/n… pic.twitter.com/7Wg0IejIKY

uber unveils six-rotor food…

uber unveils six-rotor food delivery drones ahead of 2020 test run designboom.com/technology/ube… pic.twitter.com/YknqVttjg1

UNIMATIC watches celebrates…

UNIMATIC watches celebrates SpongeBob SquarePants' 20th anniversary with yellow timepiece designboom.com/design/unimati… pic.twitter.com/oozSX4VGNK

reiters transforms a former…

reiters transforms a former butcher shop into a fine-dining restaurant in maastricht designboom.com/architecture/r… pic.twitter.com/a8uQ1HTe4T

masquespacio designs restaurant…

masquespacio designs restaurant referencing the ornate art nouveau style in spain designboom.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/ioo502clmq

google demonstrates 'quantum…

google demonstrates 'quantum supremacy', a major computing breakthrough designboom.com/technology/goo… pic.twitter.com/175cMwhIPT

max zhivov integrates solar…

max zhivov integrates solar panels and wind turbines in traveling houseboat design  designboom.com/design/max-zhi… pic.twitter.com/HvTdkkDV9Q

nervous system creates fossil puzzles built from sealife-shaped pieces designboom.com/design/nervous… pic.twitter.com/v6mVHbYcg0

bourgeois / lechasseur clads artists' residence outside a québec village in white cedar designboom.com/architecture/b… pic.twitter.com/hTSNBfRSUV

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