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aoe adds etheral fog and…

aoe adds etheral fog and rippled louvers to building in china designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/OI2B8YlEhx

tobia zambotti stacks pink…

tobia zambotti stacks pink hay bales in rural iceland to raise awareness of breast cancer designboom.com/art/tobia-zamb… pic.twitter.com/15KeNyHQI8

'how can the earth be separate…

'how can the earth be separate from you?': BV doshi speaks ahead of the 2020 venice biennale designboom.com/architecture/b… pic.twitter.com/I1O1m42vGZ

freiburg's pavilion on europaplatz…

freiburg's pavilion on europaplatz by j.mayer h. is a tram stop and restaurant combined designboom.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/bRREmFsrAN

joe bruschy proposes a semicircular…

joe bruschy proposes a semicircular school around a vast playground in haiti designboom.com/architecture/j… pic.twitter.com/kHKd683kxQ

curtain wall of studio gang's…

curtain wall of studio gang's twisting tower completes in san francisco designboom.com/architecture/s… pic.twitter.com/CkHWgYKBvG

moncler genius creates puppy…

moncler genius creates puppy puffers in latest collaboration with poldo designboom.com/design/moncler… pic.twitter.com/QWGbwW3CQf

stacks of shipping containers…

stacks of shipping containers transform traffic island to house homeless in LA designboom.com/architecture/i… pic.twitter.com/nV6BCyfnbO

sculptural residential towers…

sculptural residential towers approved for construction on australia's gold coast designboom.com/architecture/l… pic.twitter.com/5tj6UyRYWa

vollebak 'deep sleep cocoon'…

vollebak 'deep sleep cocoon' is built for the first expedition to mars designboom.com/design/volleba… pic.twitter.com/eEk6B7GIar

edit! renovates an old brick…

edit! renovates an old brick guardhouse to create a family home in prague designboom.com/architecture/e… pic.twitter.com/YlMWb6VeOu

maru ceballos turns dante's 'divine comedy' into striking illustrations designboom.com/art/maru-cebal… pic.twitter.com/dztcfr3l3s

romain thiery unveils new images of broken pianos in forgotten european villas designboom.com/art/romain-thi… pic.twitter.com/ko7wLQZohW

wallflower wraps house in singapore in a bamboo veil of operable screens designboom.com/architecture/w… pic.twitter.com/ccgXvBFlnB

art deco drouant restaurant in paris reopens with interiors by fabrizio casiraghi designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/zo55gGJeTY

canadian company creates plastic-free toothpaste with zero-waste designboom.com/design/canadia… pic.twitter.com/j52NVRSMLC

njustudio presents a pleated pop-up screen that brings privacy to open spaces designboom.com/design/njustud… pic.twitter.com/lGFJ18zIZt

maison h reveals design of beijing 2022 winter olympic museum designboom.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/XK9geM61Wp

takao shiotsuka atelier tops taketa city library in japan with fragmented gabled roof designboom.com/architecture/t… pic.twitter.com/DV2Ms1s2zE

marc ange debuts peacock-style collection for visionnaire at design miami designboom.com/design/marc-an… pic.twitter.com/Rg2zEFIG4g

FENDI's roman molds collection by kueng caputo references its rome HQ at design miami/ designboom.com/design/fendi-r… pic.twitter.com/F3aV2UjsiD

kaniue architects wraps steel…

kaniue architects wraps steel ramp around 15m high kugenuma-y house in japan designboom.com/architecture/k… pic.twitter.com/K5kYbef0zP

waterfrom design builds a…

waterfrom design builds a tranquil teahouse around an old tree in china designboom.com/architecture/w… pic.twitter.com/OCH58unWOP

adam richards builds his…

adam richards builds his own home, nithurst farm, in sussex with arched brick windows designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/s4SOhZlVPx

at #kraftwerkberlin, submerge…

at #kraftwerkberlin, submerge yourself into the mind of a machine designboom.com/art/refik-anad… pic.twitter.com/R6FbbI7nDH

GE space design combines…

GE space design combines cocktail workshop with hidden bar behind it in chengdu, china designboom.com/architecture/g… pic.twitter.com/GS8XkRq4O5

naruse inokuma 'reinvents'…

naruse inokuma 'reinvents' the capsule hotel by considering each part of a guest's stay designboom.com/architecture/n… pic.twitter.com/rNYPKxuZET

give the gift of music with…

give the gift of music with a customizable 'songball' designed by pierpaolo lazzarini designboom.com/technology/cus… pic.twitter.com/QU2FUhdHAX

living center by hangzhou…

living center by hangzhou 9M architectural design co. blends into the hills of rural china designboom.com/architecture/l… pic.twitter.com/0jHzgGkaP7

peter pichler designs luxury…

peter pichler designs luxury 'tree suites' elevated within an austrian forest designboom.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/tZGexbZLLT

peter pichler designs luxury…

peter pichler designs luxury 'tree suites' elevated within an austrian forest designboom.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/g2Ri5F36Hh

dongqi architects creates…

dongqi architects creates metal clad columns for concept store renovation in shanghai designboom.com/architecture/d… pic.twitter.com/d57q3JsdiB

luciano kruk stacks concrete…

luciano kruk stacks concrete volumes to build a 'house in the trees' in buenos aires designboom.com/architecture/l… pic.twitter.com/o60tMF0XuL

luca trazzi designs 'K' collection…

luca trazzi designs 'K' collection of small appliances + cookware for kasanova designboom.com/design/luca-tr… pic.twitter.com/RsQ6V8DjnM

fabersociety designs a child-friendly…

fabersociety designs a child-friendly boutique hotel in yangshuo, china designboom.com/architecture/f… pic.twitter.com/6RznHVaiem

jadric architektur + 1990…

jadric architektur + 1990 uao win competition to design seoul photographic art museum designboom.com/architecture/j… pic.twitter.com/MF6kEPb6NN

miami art week 2019: your…

miami art week 2019: your definitive guide designboom.com/design/miami-a… pic.twitter.com/9w9tQDYqxM

.@himematsuarch clads tokyo…

.@himematsuarch clads tokyo hotel in laser-cut façade of hemp leaf patterns designboom.com/architecture/h… pic.twitter.com/qnttJRb5Rf

the gate hotel, with interiors…

the gate hotel, with interiors by gensler, offers panoramic views of tokyo's ginza district designboom.com/architecture/g… pic.twitter.com/w7gEKqn7d7

researchers create bulletproof…

researchers create bulletproof 3D printed cubes using complex patterns designboom.com/technology/res… pic.twitter.com/VYPRaeRXOu

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