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colin ross + elena horn bring a modern twist to the traditional still life designboom.com/art/colin-ross… pic.twitter.com/QrNG0EaATb

studio arthur casas pixelates apartment building facade in sao paulo designboom.com/architecture/s… pic.twitter.com/U8LrACko4W

ikimono architects divides…

ikimono architects divides areas of this japanese house using a wooden grid designboom.com/architecture/i… pic.twitter.com/oBuNowdd6C

studio arthur casas pixelates…

studio arthur casas pixelates apartment building facade in sao paulo designboom.com/architecture/s… pic.twitter.com/oIYdTMZJUx

studios SIC + TXP scatter…

studios SIC + TXP scatter a series of innovation hubs or 'mares' throughout madrid designboom.com/architecture/e… pic.twitter.com/KY6MOuE5z5

junsekino forms a lush courtyard…

junsekino forms a lush courtyard at the center of tare house in bangkok designboom.com/architecture/j… pic.twitter.com/argBjJF37l

anagram architects split…

anagram architects split indian home to create light-filled atrium designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/t4SS17nSNV

x+living adorns children's…

x+living adorns children's restaurant in beijing with theatrical furniture designboom.com/architecture/x… pic.twitter.com/F4yAjyJ1jc

takahiro komuro's life-sized…

takahiro komuro's life-sized sculptures are toy-like monsters of religion designboom.com/art/takahiro-k… pic.twitter.com/jr07ijfZrH

mode:lina combines tradition…

mode:lina combines tradition with modernity to design a holiday resort in rural poland designboom.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/dJJOGN91rD

morphosis reveals plans for…

morphosis reveals plans for korean american national museum in los angeles designboom.com/architecture/m… pic.twitter.com/W3z1LDNek0

G8A architects uses concrete…

G8A architects uses concrete cores and mesh façades to build office in vietnam designboom.com/architecture/g… pic.twitter.com/yRWsQa6cF7

paris heartbeat by zeyu cai…

paris heartbeat by zeyu cai + sibei li wins the people's notre dame design competition designboom.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/r3Xscwft1V

human vs city by kris provoost…

human vs city by kris provoost portrays humanity amid the density of chongqing, china designboom.com/architecture/h… pic.twitter.com/E7Bi4nFzgi

ruhollah rasooli adds open…

ruhollah rasooli adds open verticality to introverted iranian city designboom.com/design/ruholla… pic.twitter.com/NsNwKXBw4t

paris heartbeat by zeyu cai…

paris heartbeat by zeyu cai + sibei li wins the people's notre dame design competition designboom.com/architecture/p… pic.twitter.com/GPy2YWM3r8

kaja haven builds a giant…

kaja haven builds a giant persian cat with laser machine eyes for copenhagen festival designboom.com/art/kaja-haven… pic.twitter.com/DMo3jK7FZ1

puritalia berlinetta sports…

puritalia berlinetta sports car pairs classic styling with a hyper hybrid engine designboom.com/technology/pur… pic.twitter.com/HCFgKCtv8K

a petition has been set up…

a petition has been set up to save these disused oil tanks in brooklyn from demolition: designboom.com/architecture/o… pic.twitter.com/vmWE9qE0j9

roomoo recreates sound waves…

roomoo recreates sound waves for whatever sunglass shop in shanghai designboom.com/architecture/r… pic.twitter.com/kdCfnaw4OY

314 architecture studio folds…

314 architecture studio folds a house like origami on the greek hillside designboom.com/architecture/3… pic.twitter.com/aCD18RZBeP

conductive origami by yael…

conductive origami by yael ykirav explores 3D printing onto textiles to turn on light designboom.com/design/conduct… pic.twitter.com/X4nLMc0I0A

shintaku kanako's creates…

shintaku kanako's creates paint-saturated nude self-portraits designboom.com/art/kanako-shi… pic.twitter.com/DBKkU23W70

jean nouvel adds to lyon's…

jean nouvel adds to lyon's confluence district with residential building 'ycone' designboom.com/architecture/j… pic.twitter.com/nrK4QS6Uni

andrade morettin arquitectos…

andrade morettin arquitectos repurposes industrial sheds into beacon school in brazil designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/h5zFpuh6LO

tesla semi RV concept imagines…

tesla semi RV concept imagines zero-emission motorhome designboom.com/technology/tes… pic.twitter.com/gMUjHbdP63

UNStudio to connect russia…

UNStudio to connect russia and china with world's first cross border cable car designboom.com/architecture/u… pic.twitter.com/Z75TcRDNH2

feelwelcome's cannibal raindrop…

feelwelcome's cannibal raindrop video brings back rainy childhood car rides designboom.com/art/feelwelcom… pic.twitter.com/942QnHRMwF

SEAmpathy by daniel elkayam…

SEAmpathy by daniel elkayam explores using algae to create vegan materials designboom.com/design/daniel-… pic.twitter.com/978zoGicO4

314 architecture encloses…

314 architecture encloses greek home in white perforated curtain designboom.com/architecture/3… pic.twitter.com/LPNagHLRkN

ASWA wraps the bitwise headquarters…

ASWA wraps the bitwise headquarters in thailand in a geometric, multi-faceted exterior shell designboom.com/architecture/a… pic.twitter.com/XZ8If4LDB5

yoneda completes shed-like…

yoneda completes shed-like house in rural japan with intricate wooden interiors designboom.com/architecture/y… pic.twitter.com/qi72ix5T8Z

JCPCDR nestles 'the observatory' timber cabin in a forest in france designboom.com/architecture/j… pic.twitter.com/CHuATQs6Wt

héctor delmar transforms a 19th century rooftop into a contemporary garden in mexico designboom.com/architecture/h… pic.twitter.com/uJtTruCONz

the jean michel basquiat UNO is a collectible deck available for a limited time designboom.com/design/uno-jea… pic.twitter.com/SHbtjlptIZ

plastic pellets constantly spill directly from factories into our waterways and oceans designboom.com/design/nurdles… pic.twitter.com/aVysoEBtyq

sò studio designs PEU À PEU sports store with large moving spheres in china designboom.com/architecture/s… pic.twitter.com/yGw0NIDOPc

designboom editorial internships available in NEW YORK! designboom.com/design/designb… pic.twitter.com/ytMFBaekUz

humans since 1982 transforms drones and CCTV cameras into sculptural artworks designboom.com/design/humans-… pic.twitter.com/Y9H4liuLdI

egg cartons, gardening bags and capri sun are transformed into shoes by nicole mclaughlin designboom.com/design/nicole-… pic.twitter.com/7qTdz7Y6YQ

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