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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Egyptian hieroglyphics juxtapoz.com/current/josh-l… pic.twitter.com/yyctH3uoQb

RIP Keith Haring, he passed away 24 years ago today. pic.twitter.com/ArUMIIXdBp

A behind-the-scenes look at Instagram's design process via @HUHmagazine pic.twitter.com/6abdrKYg73

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Egyptian hieroglyphics juxtapoz.com/current/josh-l… pic.twitter.com/loAObb6mLo

Polaroids from the Andy Warhol archive juxtapoz.com/erotica/big-sh… pic.twitter.com/UetAa0s15I

Pablo Picasso passed away 41 years ago today, he was 91 years old pic.twitter.com/SaYKaivqiX

Os Gêmeos just finished painting the Brazilian national team's plane for the #WorldCup juxtapoz.com/current/os-gem… pic.twitter.com/SkW2XHcB2W

"Lucid Stead" In The California Desert By Phillip K. Smith III juxtapoz.com/current/lucid-… pic.twitter.com/DYynA3O14R

Lego was first patented 55 years ago today, January 28th, 1958 twitpic.com/bz36wb

We are excited to announce our exclusive interview and cover story with #Banksy #Dismaland juxtapoz.com/current/octobe… pic.twitter.com/a9mWMbJLkp

The work of English painter Bridget Riley juxtapoz.com/current/the-wo… pic.twitter.com/CcoOHk15Mp

Happy birthday Marcel Duchamp, he would have been 127 years old today pic.twitter.com/OV1Oh1E9Ef

WATCH: @SKINNER talks album artwork with @mastodonmusic youtube.com/watch?v=d9azgR… pic.twitter.com/lytxc1qeN4

Giant babies, Ron Mueck, and hyperreal sculptures...juxtapoz.com/current/ron-mu… pic.twitter.com/rZsOk65N5q

Have you seen this sculpture created from nothing but duct tape by Takahiro Iwasaki? twitpic.com/c71dul

Rest In Peace King Robbo pic.twitter.com/OeqKF8pCqW

Drawings of men farting from the Japanese Edo Period (1603-1868) juxtapoz.com/current/drawin… pic.twitter.com/HG9xxN9fOd

Happy Birthday to Charles Schulz, creator of The Peanuts. He would have been 90 years old today. twitpic.com/bgr7av

This morning we announce our new issue and give you an inside look at #Banksy's #Dismaland juxtapoz.com/current/previe… pic.twitter.com/uXJ03bnssk

The Doomsday Show! #JasonJagel @nowagain @madlib @MFDOOM @rappcats juxtapoz.com/music/the-doom… pic.twitter.com/9dQlG3mBfD

Freddy Sam created a massive mural to tribute Nelson Mandela juxtapoz.com/street-art/fre… pic.twitter.com/kR6ejXXCX1

Beautiful nude photos by the master of light, late French photographer #LucienClergue. juxtapoz.com/erotica/light-… pic.twitter.com/lEwd0uq2No

Incredible pumpkin carving by Ryan Villafane #Halloween instagr.am/p/RaWCREv73F/

We're giving away some @ZioZiegler prints on our Facebook page with @VANS_66 facebook.com/photo.php?fbid… pic.twitter.com/DB1gwVWVrv

Best Of 2013: Sculptures by Takahiro Iwasaki juxtapoz.com/current/meticu… pic.twitter.com/tkD5jVCFyG

Enjoying this fantastic take on wine packaging by Dmitry Patsukevich #TheSimpsons #design via @Behance pic.twitter.com/GTRUPXhPKV

Take a look at Tokyo-based artist Marefumi Komura's paintings juxtapoz.com/current/new-pa… pic.twitter.com/MALjJk6obt

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