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.@Spotify's latest ad reveals interesting factoid about @JustinBieber fans

Sonos' new logo looks like moving soundwaves when you scroll.

2015's Best Creative Ideas: Losers rule in Nike's uplifting running spot

Puppies in sweaters play jingle bells on guitar. Merry Christmas.

best use of a logo in super bowl half time history:

These @CocaCola billboards point you to the nearest recycling bin.

this definitely excuses the giants' season.

the bubly bublé ad is simple and delightful

.@HBO & Dwayne @TheRock Johnson are putting your workout videos in @BallersHBO titles

.@TheRock celebrates his bday by giving fun, motivational tool to fans #Project Rock @Droga5

.@AdamLambert fronts tune for new Oreo global ad promoting diversity


Sonos' new logo looks like moving soundwaves when you scroll.

if only every brand could be this creative.

Can you hear the Coca-Cola in these print ads?

Meet the 2015 Creativity 50! @AVAETC @FGaryGray @stewart @Lin_Manuel + more brilliant minds

.@BurgerKing didn't even try with its latest campaign

When @Amazon Alexa loses her voice @iamcardib @RebelWilson step in

.@Nike Korea just dropped a totally mesmerizing rap video. Via @WKTokyo

THAT. WAS. AWESOME. (kudos @budlight + @HBO)

'Thanks 2016, It's Been Weird' says @Spotify in biggest ever global campaign

McDonald's turns your fries into a Spotify playlist.

The 2017 Ad Age Creativity 50: @rihanna , Singer, Entrepreneur

literally everyone eating just air-gagged

.@Airbnb makes a statement during the #SuperBowl

.@Colgate's sink liners will guilt you into conserving water.

Liam Neeson wreaks vengeance while ordering a scone in Clash of Clans in Super Bowl ad.

Badass Kristen Stewart punches a diamond right in the face for @Chanel

Smart move for @NatGeo to show Einstein playing @LadyGaga on the violin in #SuperBowl spot

Guinness does something surprisingly touching for its Rugby World Cup campaign

.@Dominos is helping to repair potholes so your pizza stays perfect

Awesome print ad uses Norway's flag to illustrate Norwegian Airlines' flight routes

.@Nike put a hoop at the top of Mt. Olympus to honor Greek NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo

.@EdelStudio's @realDonaldTrump art gets its own show, courtesy of @WiedenKennedy

when you're watching the game, but you really only care about the ads:

Terry Crews Is Married to Himself in Latest from Old Spice and W+K.

Burger King informs consumers that its restaurants are nowhere in sight

R/GA creatives designed 'Hellvetica,' the font of your nightmares

a perfect ad-- and then they had to ruin it with a hashtag at the end

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