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.@Spotify's latest ad reveals interesting factoid about @JustinBieber fans bit.ly/24KJxUa pic.twitter.com/lBpzUAIum8

Sonos' new logo looks like moving soundwaves when you scroll. trib.al/EHn9z2u pic.twitter.com/vp34hAOzlT

2015's Best Creative Ideas: Losers rule in Nike's uplifting running spot bit.ly/1MF2DvQ pic.twitter.com/ETqZLHnOBJ

Puppies in sweaters play jingle bells on guitar. Merry Christmas. bit.ly/1UG8YNW pic.twitter.com/BF7zWDOrgU

best use of a logo in super bowl half time history: pic.twitter.com/sHPtT2OaoH

this definitely excuses the giants' season. pic.twitter.com/HGGDlSviuK

the bubly bublé ad is simple and delightful pic.twitter.com/2VX5ZAPfR6

.@HBO & Dwayne @TheRock Johnson are putting your workout videos in @BallersHBO titles bit.ly/29LUHlF pic.twitter.com/GR4z7mH5CS

.@TheRock celebrates his bday by giving fun, motivational tool to fans #Project Rock @Droga5 bit.ly/26Lub0n pic.twitter.com/07XTH6plEf

.@AdamLambert fronts tune for new Oreo global ad promoting diversity bit.ly/1SuEDDN pic.twitter.com/xMdmYlow3z


Sonos' new logo looks like moving soundwaves when you scroll. trib.al/OcMZany pic.twitter.com/Hlkqj2ZWMj

if only every brand could be this creative. pic.twitter.com/VBjCsgxGiz

Meet the 2015 Creativity 50! @AVAETC @FGaryGray @stewart @Lin_Manuel + more brilliant minds bit.ly/1IkeDI9 pic.twitter.com/GIH0tRlCXP

When @Amazon Alexa loses her voice @iamcardib @RebelWilson step in bit.ly/2BTGOLe pic.twitter.com/XJIBXIpfGv

.@Nike Korea just dropped a totally mesmerizing rap video. Via @WKTokyo bit.ly/2EtJa6A pic.twitter.com/EsUP5n0t1w

THAT. WAS. AWESOME. (kudos @budlight + @HBO) pic.twitter.com/k7rCLTR2r9

'Thanks 2016, It's Been Weird' says @Spotify in biggest ever global campaign bit.ly/2fXo9E7 pic.twitter.com/9rqMVCt3OX

The 2017 Ad Age Creativity 50: @rihanna , Singer, Entrepreneur bit.ly/2D5myIk pic.twitter.com/cIR7z05J1k

literally everyone eating just air-gagged pic.twitter.com/6QY5HngzSt

.@Airbnb makes a statement during the #SuperBowl bit.ly/2kDh0i2 pic.twitter.com/cN8aLmoF1Y

.@Colgate's sink liners will guilt you into conserving water. bit.ly/1Ow2Vg6 pic.twitter.com/Vfu9XG54jx

Liam Neeson wreaks vengeance while ordering a scone in Clash of Clans in Super Bowl ad. bit.ly/1CofQJG pic.twitter.com/EA7qug2odY

Badass Kristen Stewart punches a diamond right in the face for @Chanel bit.ly/2eLgo95 pic.twitter.com/o6PPd73ZVO

Smart move for @NatGeo to show Einstein playing @LadyGaga on the violin in #SuperBowl spot bit.ly/2kgXy9D pic.twitter.com/WQTlnZADdW

Guinness does something surprisingly touching for its Rugby World Cup campaign bit.ly/1K3Bti4 pic.twitter.com/u18EFys7S4

.@Dominos is helping to repair potholes so your pizza stays perfect bit.ly/2sPoFMR pic.twitter.com/tNYppTs6L3

Awesome print ad uses Norway's flag to illustrate Norwegian Airlines' flight routes bit.ly/1KiFbHc pic.twitter.com/nEA1IXNEi8

.@EdelStudio's @realDonaldTrump art gets its own show, courtesy of @WiedenKennedy bit.ly/2Booeuy pic.twitter.com/GGca9ClMoS

when you're watching the game, but you really only care about the ads: bit.ly/2FKlPwO pic.twitter.com/BoNcJaGDvm

Terry Crews Is Married to Himself in Latest from Old Spice and W+K. trib.al/wQ0UmN2 pic.twitter.com/sdgAeBWrkZ

a perfect ad-- and then they had to ruin it with a hashtag at the end pic.twitter.com/7f7MIQjR3t

ICYMI: Sonos' new logo looks like moving soundwaves when you scroll. trib.al/n1N57Cm pic.twitter.com/0q3E7i9ogl

McDonald's 'Next Exit' wins Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2t84E4A pic.twitter.com/9POPLG0ZLh

TFW the game comes back on and you just wanna watch the ads. pic.twitter.com/9RGCXBlRui

Five hundred Star Wars Stormtroopers just scaled the Great Wall of China bit.ly/1LIxKr9 pic.twitter.com/jpDRbNerTy

btw @Tide wins the Super Bowl pic.twitter.com/MJBjbbMnk2

Coke removes labels from cans in powerful Ramadan campaign bit.ly/1G3zdUO pic.twitter.com/ei2Aefe7jE

The New Yorker unveils cover in honor of Charlie Hebdo bit.ly/1DtZPSN pic.twitter.com/svHzKc6aZ3

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