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.@Dominos is helping to repair potholes so your pizza stays perfect bit.ly/2sPoFMR pic.twitter.com/tNYppTs6L3

Why this so-called 'World's Most Boring Billboard' isn't going anywhere for 12 years. bit.ly/2IG9i3l pic.twitter.com/H8tvQDTdsK

.@Twitter will be blanketing Cannes Lions with World Cup-themed ads. bit.ly/2JFCDvj pic.twitter.com/9JpJyHjfHm

This Swedish beer's foam is imprinted with the latest World Cup tweets bit.ly/2sVHuy3 pic.twitter.com/23XaOSXPYn

This campaign leverages blockchain to help marry same-sex couples around the world. bit.ly/2LGPjyD pic.twitter.com/TN63sQuQyI

The new Las Vegas 'What happens here' campaign is surprisingly emotional. @LVCVA @RRpartners bit.ly/2KO1SaV pic.twitter.com/LWOY3SASWr

Apple's South Korean animojis are pretty badass. bit.ly/2KLYZrb pic.twitter.com/3JHqLTo4xO

.@Adidas' @FIFAWorldCup ad is jam-packed with 56 famous 'creators' bit.ly/2JaBdsw pic.twitter.com/X9Ii6iJPaY

ESPN hosts present as emoji avatars in stunt for the Samsung Galaxy S9 bit.ly/2INCIwv pic.twitter.com/0lqKsKTV6F

Maya Moore recreates Michael Jordan's famous 'wings' posefor a new era @Jumpman23 @WKNYC bit.ly/2KPEKcc pic.twitter.com/lPUMxLzMHq

Apple's South Korean animojis are pretty badass. bit.ly/2IGdwbd pic.twitter.com/BXbgDO7yAU

Royals fans, don't worry, you get still get a Harry--at Ikea. bit.ly/2x1GBZr pic.twitter.com/SbhBUWmZj5

The Top 5 most compelling creative ideas of the week. bit.ly/2sXw3WQ pic.twitter.com/O1Kfqm7rkt

This Swedish beer's foam is imprinted with the latest World Cup tweets bit.ly/2JEU3bq pic.twitter.com/eANH4TWaqU

Gum chewing controls these @Snapchat games from @TicTacUSA via @TBWAChiatNY bit.ly/2sZ8NHR pic.twitter.com/QzH9HPUuil

The Top 5 most compelling creative ideas of the week. bit.ly/2sQeub1 pic.twitter.com/DRGMFFwmoi

Asics' new running track is also a training ground for the mind bit.ly/2JmrcJ1 pic.twitter.com/VT2mBLBPwj

.@Adidas' @FIFAWorldCup ad is jam-packed with 56 famous 'creators' bit.ly/2JhKqQ0 pic.twitter.com/WjocN9yqih

Forget meatballs, Ikea is now 'selling' Swedish Hip Hop bit.ly/2GN1V4s pic.twitter.com/ZmGZZJFdhV

Infiniti is giving away cars when World Cup games end 5-0 bit.ly/2t7HriF pic.twitter.com/OIIehmAzkq

This @FIFAWorldCup idea is for the losers to dry their tears. bit.ly/2JAVlUM pic.twitter.com/CFpCDHJhS1

Boston Pizza's Father's Day gift: a useful box to help Dad eat pies in bed. bit.ly/2y0j4bH pic.twitter.com/gG6ZBI9hR1

The Top 5 most compelling creative ideas of the week. bit.ly/2xXDxhe pic.twitter.com/w6xg67vWe6

.@Time may have trumped its Trump covers with this one made by 958 drones. bit.ly/2IZIWJH pic.twitter.com/naaSUb8dM6

Why the London Underground smells like strawberries. bit.ly/2IIzc6D pic.twitter.com/hfVGJrRu7p

.@GettyImages created a dance music DJ and album entirely from its own content bit.ly/2t5AyhR pic.twitter.com/DDdN14WBdE

Selling a @Stranger_Things bike was a win for Schwinn bit.ly/2yc4jmb pic.twitter.com/um8qGFIigk

Beck's turns its beer cans into a wine flutes to attract premium drinkers bit.ly/2JBWeN5 pic.twitter.com/T4qYet5k82

These tissue boxes are designed to help the Dutch dry their World Cup disappointment tears bit.ly/2sVxmVX pic.twitter.com/kRYIRzGNzN

.@BurgerKing resurrects the Titanium Grand Prix-winning 'Sneak King' --in the flesh, for @E3 bit.ly/2JDEm4f pic.twitter.com/PECgGq4Jv9

'Firefly' fans, a special anniversary treat. bit.ly/2JoDFLY pic.twitter.com/gsgFpUgk6g

Truth takes on opioid addiction with brutal ads that will make you flinch. @TruthOrange bit.ly/2Jn3tbD pic.twitter.com/vkgYghG5GC

Guy Ritchie directs a 'mix-tape' of athletic journeys for @BeatsbyDre World Cup ad bit.ly/2sEf4IZ pic.twitter.com/VQCR623GID

.@Budweiser drops Jay-Z's 'Made in America,' invests more in country music and @NBA bit.ly/2JeE03L pic.twitter.com/NLV1fel3Ww

.@Pepsi's meta move: an ad promoting the Uncle Drew movie. bit.ly/2JdGVK3 pic.twitter.com/fCmVSYdpQS

See the Top 5 most captivating brand ideas of the week. bit.ly/2Lh5Rx9 pic.twitter.com/yfAg4TMMlH

Empathy might explain why this Big Mac is in a fries container. bit.ly/2LbdAwl pic.twitter.com/FjiZ8N7urm

.@Time may have trumped its Trump covers with this one made by 958 drones. bit.ly/2J1hXO7 pic.twitter.com/SOwaUhzNg8

A rainy day will dissolve this print ad and turn it into a mosquito killer. bit.ly/2L7SRtn pic.twitter.com/i2rKe7vkb6

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