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McDonald's 'Next Exit' wins Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2t84E4A pic.twitter.com/9POPLG0ZLh

Nike's 'Nothing Beats a Londoner' wins inaugural Social & Influencer Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2thu3ZA pic.twitter.com/qthtarJFuB

'It's a Tide Ad' wins Film Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2JZPhW5 pic.twitter.com/9WIliqTBwn

Long copy ad for Kiwi Shoe Polish wins inaugural Industry Craft Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2tedv4L pic.twitter.com/T7yHOL5UAc

Verizon's Pride ad documents real-life coming-out phone calls bit.ly/2JOByl0 pic.twitter.com/MKiUBC9UMs

McDonald's and Comedy Central campaigns take Grand Prix for Outdoor bit.ly/2t8WlFw pic.twitter.com/M2HghKS6PO

Tesco's 'Food Love Stories' wins Media Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2JYz3fZ pic.twitter.com/2xPbYpWqJg

International Committee of the Red Cross scoops Film Craft Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2ytfMhs pic.twitter.com/TaCcdGDn0F

Jay-Z, Apple and a moving history 'lesson' earn Cannes Lions Entertainment Grand Prix bit.ly/2JVA3RU pic.twitter.com/YTJOJgMvDP

P&G's 'The Talk' wins Film Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2K7Q2MP pic.twitter.com/P3GW8oGNNc

Infiniti is giving away cars when World Cup games end 5-0 bit.ly/2t7HriF pic.twitter.com/OIIehmAzkq

P&G's 'The Talk' wins Film Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2JZc3gM pic.twitter.com/Cu7jWOOhFK

Remote energy project Kingo wins Product Design Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2JX5wU7 pic.twitter.com/tjRWUp5HyZ

'Palau Pledge' from Host/Havas wins Direct Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2MdA7sS pic.twitter.com/sLiEqt9fRM

These Grand Prix winners represent the finest in industry craft bit.ly/2ys9JJZ pic.twitter.com/wv6WPxzc5t

.@GettyImages created a dance music DJ and album entirely from its own content bit.ly/2t5AyhR pic.twitter.com/DDdN14WBdE

Boundary-breaking ad by Libresse wins the Glass Lion for Change Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2yCDFTC pic.twitter.com/KGR5TAdIqM

The Creativity Top 5: The Cannes Lions Edition bit.ly/2yymPoZ pic.twitter.com/Dbb9D4aoY3

Savlon's 'Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks' wins Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2yABccl pic.twitter.com/KMvjrkZtDK

ALS Association's 'Project Revoice' wins Grand Prix for Good at Cannes bit.ly/2K0I5cm pic.twitter.com/0Hr8j9SMIl

Boundary-breaking ad by Libresse wins the Glass Lion for Change Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2MfuR89 pic.twitter.com/1MI8U1Ek4a

'Palau Pledge' picks up Titanium and Sustainable Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2MekPEo pic.twitter.com/67G7OF3Lvk

'Palau Pledge' picks up Titanium and Sustainable Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2yAABaB

Officer workers go crazy for the World Cup in The Sun's madcap spot bit.ly/2yyvLLe pic.twitter.com/rXJkQJ0EMF

An innovative landline project from Colombia wins Innovation Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2yvyrsX pic.twitter.com/8XlrSVsI1i

LADbible's 'Trash Isles' wins PR and Design Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2JVYeQm pic.twitter.com/IiNuqqvndh

Apple and Xbox nab Cannes Lions Experience Grand Prix bit.ly/2JTiMsG pic.twitter.com/0qYXJiF8CD

KFC's Colonel Sanders surprised Portland graduates with a commencement address bit.ly/2ymOGsn pic.twitter.com/5iXzChFEhx

Reclame Aqui's 'Corruption Detector' wins Mobile Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2t8xodd pic.twitter.com/ss5qKvJt0O

Budweiser's 'Tagwords' wins Print and Publishing Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2JTrYNy pic.twitter.com/c33paLhpI2

This Cannes Future Lions winner uses Siri to make people safe in life-threatening situations bit.ly/2LZRzRS pic.twitter.com/EKRQbdZyZV

Real-life Mac visionaries sit behind their screens in Apple's tribute to creative users bit.ly/2M3p4Tj pic.twitter.com/YgdfLP6LHL

.@Geico 's World Cup effort scores with a super-long goal 'slide' bit.ly/2JN4VEg pic.twitter.com/oPlEbMajfr

An 'eye language' for paralyzed people wins Cannes Health Grand Prix for Good bit.ly/2t79NtA pic.twitter.com/xRD9pakFYx

Montefiore Hospital's 'Corazon' wins Health and Wellness Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/2ymokqg pic.twitter.com/R67EKZUZ90

WeTransfer appeals to creatives with Asian hip-hop documentary on @88rising bit.ly/2ylCyrn pic.twitter.com/HD6wKXmAUQ

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