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Beer brand taps female artists to recreate its sexist ads from the past. bit.ly/2mDkKyI pic.twitter.com/LvBHzCQGd5

Joss Whedon rallies a 'shit-ton' of celebrities to stop a 'racist, abusive coward' bit.ly/2cL6e7i pic.twitter.com/MeVauL47ko

This powerful ad will open your eyes to abuse of older women bit.ly/1svqqMw pic.twitter.com/KnjZVwU2o2

.@GoDaddy empowers cat hat makers and more in global campaign via @TBWA bit.ly/22p0oWf pic.twitter.com/y0NITWCfW1

Brands join the gay-marriage celebration in social media bit.ly/1SQyYWh pic.twitter.com/HyINNvftIS

Hyundai breaks a world record to send an astronaut a love note from his daughter bit.ly/1Of8klE pic.twitter.com/jymy64UNvX

Blow into this breathalyzer and Uber will give you a free ride home bit.ly/1O0pgfH pic.twitter.com/fCsOJjpMLV

Can you #CatchDrogon? HBO starts a social-media dragon hunt for Game of Thrones premiere bit.ly/1NmI5P6 pic.twitter.com/onvtFh4QsT

Why Saatchi Creative Matilda Dahl has worn the same outfit to work for the last three years. bit.ly/1FoqDp9 pic.twitter.com/yEQ6lV3oLS

Upcoming 'Modern Family' episode shot entirely on iPad and iPhone 6 trib.al/HLpI5xu pic.twitter.com/47HHvhGZWw

Tiffany endorses gay weddings with ad featuring same-sex couple bit.ly/1w9IHsM pic.twitter.com/2DfgXOyBkX

Beer Brand Registers Soccer as a Religion So People Can Leave Work to Observe Their 'Beliefs' bit.ly/RSpNdq pic.twitter.com/1Ki0CKzCF7

3D-Printed Oreos Vs. Original--How Different Do They Taste? bit.ly/1cHgvL8 pic.twitter.com/qlpkxvYGpb

Budweiser teases FIFA World Cup campaign, unveils gold bottle bit.ly/NfeauX pic.twitter.com/Le9Ba1PlP0

The Thinker, Mad Men, Daft Punk, Reservoir Dogs become one in The Sunday Times' brilliant ad adage.com/u/eb0QEd pic.twitter.com/Yv7yf6wcyJ

Behind the Super Bowl Ad: Jaguar's British Villains Show Why Bad is Good adage.com/u/tbI6Xa pic.twitter.com/D8qXDl0bDc

Australia's new video postage stamp is amazing way to personalize your holiday packages adage.com/u/n45TYd pic.twitter.com/7FgvAJg0dz

Guess who's trolling @realdonaldTrump now. bit.ly/2rbuyBr pic.twitter.com/7HIduZh7wV

Paint does amazing things in latest stunner for @SherwinWilliams via @McKinney & @Psyop bit.ly/2orAEPp pic.twitter.com/adILQbrqnK

Weirdest big game creature? @MountainDew Super Bowl ad stars #puppymonkeybaby bit.ly/1Q48a7r pic.twitter.com/uNKDwzEo45

McDonald's packaging gets a playful, modern makeover bit.ly/1ZRUi13 pic.twitter.com/wQLJL8hoG4

2015's best creative ideas: @WiedenKennedy Tokyo's typeface specs bit.ly/1QX15Fe pic.twitter.com/vJMCScLiEo

McDonald's clever campaign turns back-to-school items into its famous offerings bit.ly/1Ng7BDu pic.twitter.com/by2x5KFXPY

Moleskine creates a Coca-Cola inspired notebook collection bit.ly/1UyV9ok pic.twitter.com/frrDICHIlG

First TV ads for Houzz show how you know when it's time to redecorate bit.ly/1MIPAxs pic.twitter.com/2nBjiP7S7r

Nike+ Running introduces Spotify streaming bit.ly/1Ov4uqn pic.twitter.com/b93KINENgH

Thought Mom's Day ads made you cry? Check out this Father's Day spot from Fairy(&grab tissues) bit.ly/1MJhIOH pic.twitter.com/pwHWYsFu63

This Pizza Hut box doubles as a movie projector. bit.ly/1dpy8k5 pic.twitter.com/KZDFEO6kFk

Synthetic humans for sale: Channel 4 freaked Londoners out with this creepy campaign bit.ly/1JFVA6O pic.twitter.com/vx7xTrMOe4

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