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Synthetic humans for sale: Channel 4 freaked Londoners out with this creepy campaign bit.ly/1JFVA6O pic.twitter.com/vx7xTrMOe4

Take a virtual tour through the iconic Abbey Road Studios with Google Streetview bit.ly/1Hbv4Ta pic.twitter.com/OqN8chcVHb

Women's inner thoughts go from depressing to empowering in new Nike ad bit.ly/1PJz5lL pic.twitter.com/sKGVFeZ6xG

Dove asks, what if women's negative self-talk was said out loud? bit.ly/1F28Q4j pic.twitter.com/ymEixNTbE5

Audi creates 'disappearing' billboards to promote clean engines that leave nothing behind bit.ly/1EKJDuW pic.twitter.com/maCvmYYPMB

Ack! For Adobe Photoshop's 25th anniversary, pros revisit Photoshop 1.0. bit.ly/1GVIYtS pic.twitter.com/iykLsMa3PW

See the Wizard of Oz through a blind seven-year-old's eyes in this beautiful #Oscars spot trib.al/DVuorvm pic.twitter.com/bgxxPBvFvb

Snickers Gives Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue a Monster Makeover bit.ly/1DZIQVq pic.twitter.com/9l7QIfjVoe

If ad agencies were NFL teams, their uniforms might look like this. bit.ly/1zRTdvm pic.twitter.com/Nk2VFKSZ7c

Best of 2014 #5 TV/Film: Ikea's latest high tech catalog idea is...a book trib.al/1qNbDtN pic.twitter.com/pOLPmZHKgJ

CP&B has invented a beer that will help you reach your creative peak trib.al/Nqvx6hH pic.twitter.com/S0ztcHnb1h

While other agencies have been sending Xmas cards, Mother signs biggest global client ever. trib.al/UJU1ZpH pic.twitter.com/zqVb28wYXK

Hipsters,decorate your boring facial hair with holiday Beard Baubles! Via Grey London. trib.al/JHmSvA2 pic.twitter.com/p6d0Nse0gl

BMW Creates a Car Flashmob on the Streets of Cape Town bit.ly/UO7UOc pic.twitter.com/g2QjWA5TjV

Heroic! Comic Book Store and Espresso Bar's Brilliant Coffee Sleeves bit.ly/1mvht09 pic.twitter.com/ZKf66n8kAA

How Do You Pronounce Chipotle? Brand Starts with the Basics to Launch in the U.K. bit.ly/PPHlXi pic.twitter.com/ESePteTWid

Duracell's heated bus shelter doesn't warm up till you hold someone's hand bit.ly/1kOVKQ4 pic.twitter.com/v1x6KBqDJr

Gay and Interracial Couples Illustrate 'Wholesome Family" in New Honey Maid Ad via Droga5 N.Y. bit.ly/OeiNG0 pic.twitter.com/S86s8TICaG

The Muppets Are Live Tweeting the Sferndy Boom (Super Bowl, in Swedish Chef-Speak) adage.com/u/dThv7d pic.twitter.com/2qKHNfceRV

Bush-tastic. 93 Lady Gardens Go On Display In Mother's 'Project Bush' Exhibition adage.com/u/bPqU0a pic.twitter.com/CSDkF9HsQu

New campaign encourages boobie planking for breast cancer awareness #mamming adage.com/u/cCNqub pic.twitter.com/Va1S9ne2H9

.@Time updates its @realDonaldTrump 'Meltdown' cover to 'Total Meltdown' bit.ly/2dNUdej pic.twitter.com/S1ET1pkUMh

.@FreetheBid calls for ad industry to include more female directors in production bids bit.ly/2cN0mqw pic.twitter.com/Jgv21hIzHu

You might get all tingly watching the Colonel munch on extra crispy @KFC in funny #ASMR film bit.ly/29O9FF5 pic.twitter.com/5E5IL41LLC

.@TheRock's gift to fans on his bday: an app that wakes you up w/his funny singing @Droga5 bit.ly/26LXyQ1 pic.twitter.com/PEkurCwuHj

Latinos admit to being 'murderers,' 'dealers' & 'thieves' in anti-Trump ad via @CHIRLA bit.ly/1Zbik6x pic.twitter.com/4MjpzA4Zqr

NASA's gorgeous retro posters show space travel isn't as far-out as you think @NASAJPL bit.ly/1POgcPM pic.twitter.com/MElgAwoSXs

Two words for Valentine's Day: Doritos Bouquet bit.ly/1XjaB5s pic.twitter.com/S11g4Ao9kJ

Helen Mirren says, 'Don't be a pillock!' in @Budweiser Super Bowl ad bit.ly/1PvkGqX pic.twitter.com/tzW5dkWKu0

Beyond the 'Like': Facebook unveils 'Reactions' emoji buttons bit.ly/1VH2d2A pic.twitter.com/ZCvi60blhn

Moleskine creates a Coca-Cola inspired notebook collection bit.ly/1Kvxqk0 pic.twitter.com/4j6OQmq8yb

Diet Coke amplifies fans' tweets on billboards in Times Square bit.ly/1NPDu7q pic.twitter.com/Z8vcuHPopC

Xbox updates Gears of War fan tattoos to celebrate new remastered game bit.ly/1HSS1Y2 pic.twitter.com/XhQ94hFRXO

Domino's emoji ordering system wins the Titanium Grand Prix bit.ly/1Ikg86O pic.twitter.com/qSd6mBbj8s

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