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Can you #CatchDrogon? HBO starts a social-media dragon hunt to hype Game of Thrones premiere bit.ly/1IS68yM pic.twitter.com/QXdB9Xbdw7

Coke Zero entices Final Four fans with a drinkable billboard. bit.ly/1EMEHso pic.twitter.com/PukwA9Jzw0

Suntory's 3D-printed ice cubes and interactive whisky glass take top prizes at Asia's Adfest bit.ly/1xl2Hjp pic.twitter.com/FSKFyHkL5x

Lessons in virtual reality: production companies dive into new forms of storytelling bit.ly/1zwL3DJ pic.twitter.com/Er4AeJWDmt

ICYMI: McDonald's Super Bowl ad introduces new form of payment: hugs and happy dances bit.ly/1zLP7qj pic.twitter.com/2WLoyJH5rL

The story of a McDonald's pickle -- as told in a clever long-copy ad. . trib.al/nNmlicp pic.twitter.com/aXxmY9eoXq

Oxford comma fans, this holiday greeting's for you! trib.al/1XWLWwp pic.twitter.com/oUzu8lH93B

This Nike "Choose Your Winter" ad is perfectly timed trib.al/k9W0ZZW pic.twitter.com/XPrzgv3bYO

Tiffany & Co. makes the holidays sparkle with lovely animation trib.al/orkpySE pic.twitter.com/7t33rt3u4b

This touching ad for 3D printing shows how technology can help the visually impaired trib.al/By1WqaS pic.twitter.com/AIrhe40lxP

This Nike Vending Machine Accepts Only Fuelband Points bit.ly/WG6APa pic.twitter.com/3hYmO9u8ZE

News Publication Increases Online Visits by Printing Headlines on Paper Towels bit.ly/1lF23RC pic.twitter.com/ue2vmrYV9K

This is What Your Brain Looks Like on Coffee--and it Sure is Pretty bit.ly/1iTRLeM pic.twitter.com/we8aPMGjTR

Football Pros and Other Celebs Face Off in Nike's New World Cup Film bit.ly/QFqDdd pic.twitter.com/ydyfCnW4Pi

Awkward Family Moments: Hilarious Campaign for HBO Go That Could Be Its Own Show bit.ly/1eVM9FE pic.twitter.com/M7FrWzQNMV

Coke Makes Real Rainbows in Johannesburg to Celebrate 20 Years of Democracy bit.ly/1iVjwVX pic.twitter.com/wlsRi5L9oc

Starbucks Japan Now Selling Cool Mugs that Look Full When You Turn Them Over bit.ly/1gAtclO pic.twitter.com/6hDmJw9EAD

Budweiser's Clydesdales return to the Super Bowl-this time, with a puppy adage.com/u/UrsODb pic.twitter.com/TQMu5xiC03

Who thought this was the best Golden Globes ad? adage.com/u/EOrXod pic.twitter.com/4KAXmtNSUH

Messi vs. Kobe in battle of the selfies for Turkish Airlines via CP+B and Joseph Kahn adage.com/u/xs6VZb pic.twitter.com/sdC0v8L0V2

Who shot JFK? A viral vid for new X-Men movie says it was Magneto. bit.ly/1blgjiO pic.twitter.com/HtX9raRrHn

Honor World Toilet Day with an 8-bit game adage.com/u/pC8Klb and a singing loo adage.com/u/f2Ccpd pic.twitter.com/dAATVcsuCK

Need a last-minute costume idea? See these brilliant office supply getups via Space150 adage.com/u/7sRI0b pic.twitter.com/X5Dvmu8xDA

Control people remotely to see Australia virtually in tourism campaign via Clemenger BBDO/Tool adage.com/u/m1z6qb pic.twitter.com/LnwFDv5cLI

.@BurgerKing tries to scare customers by dressing up as @McDonalds for Halloween bit.ly/2e0CHnX pic.twitter.com/lTkgD7hxot

.@FreetheBid calls for ad industry to include more female directors in production bids bit.ly/2cTWuD6 pic.twitter.com/PVTQ7gUCIG

This 'refreshingly honest' beer ad was made in Microsoft Word bit.ly/2a9S88r pic.twitter.com/AQ0TRmUsJi

Project Everyone turns the Spice Girls' "Wannabe" into a women's rights anthem bit.ly/29uyV4G pic.twitter.com/qu1J9NXhkt

This emoji is meant to scare you. bit.ly/1TmCqpl pic.twitter.com/lmCt3WLXkb

The world is hurting. Farewell @Prince. bit.ly/1Sn6UrO pic.twitter.com/kpRNuF3CwD

.@CocaCola has a whole new look bit.ly/1WDmO6H pic.twitter.com/BZUuY9rkxH

Siri is Cookie Monster's baking buddy in adorable iPhone ad bit.ly/1UbqcWJ pic.twitter.com/lVLwXqZ9dF

Frank Underwood opens 'real' campaign headquarters in South Carolina @HouseofCards #FU2016 bit.ly/20ChlLY pic.twitter.com/SHMD4iF1gk

Following @Barbie, @LEGO_Group embraces diversity with new disabled minifigure bit.ly/1SpjoBY pic.twitter.com/OS1V2HlA75

Monday, back to work New Year's blues got you down? This might help bit.ly/1Z3k3i3 pic.twitter.com/tVisMGAnYh

Superjocks enjoy a snow day in Nike's joyous new ad bit.ly/1jUx234 pic.twitter.com/75uP6Xl18s

.@Doritos introduces rainbow chips to celebrate LGBT pride bit.ly/1KjSoiw pic.twitter.com/AZLM2eYIdy

Volvo's 'Life Paint' for cyclists adds Design Grand Prix to Cannes win bit.ly/1fC6H7H pic.twitter.com/Na40mvqT5V

Always #LikeaGirl wins PR Grand Prix at Cannes bit.ly/1e219lN pic.twitter.com/tjQwqArQQn

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