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benedetto bufalino turns…

benedetto bufalino turns old caravan into mobile swimming pool designboom.com/art/benedetto-… pic.twitter.com/6zgrDPNswh

This amazing 3D pen will make your drawings literally pop off the page.

Can you believe these amazing "antiques" are edible? They're made out of chocolate!

Are you ready to tackle Monday...? Artwork by Steve Jung #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/6JEE5 pic.twitter.com/zEQ3WHIpw1


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 6 jours

11 radical Latin American…

11 radical Latin American women artists you should know: bit.ly/2J3RuyA pic.twitter.com/7L5ySclX3i

This LEGO Hasselblad camera…

This LEGO Hasselblad camera could one day hit store shelves: petapixel.com/2018/06/14/thi… pic.twitter.com/d0ikV1yS79

Stunning sculptures reimagine women’s hair as surreal landscapes. trib.al/Zkk2I2Q pic.twitter.com/mn9oJjhedZ

mini gardens on the move:…

mini gardens on the move: japanese landscapers transform truck beds into bucolic worlds designboom.com/art/mini-truck… pic.twitter.com/G8z7xaoqP1

zaha hadid architects opens…

zaha hadid architects opens morpheus hotel as part of macau's city of dreams resort designboom.com/architecture/z… pic.twitter.com/3dMjviKNZL

Fascinating patterns have…

Fascinating patterns have appeared on a chain link fence, documented by @Ben_On_The_Moon


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 6 jours

How to be an artist, according…

How to be an artist, according to Henri Matisse: bit.ly/2HKQJWB pic.twitter.com/iySDCRHsoh

Stunning sculptures reimagine women’s hair as surreal landscapes. trib.al/9NiarSz pic.twitter.com/Hkr4SmeiBC

These hyperrealistic balloons are made entirely out of spray paint—no helium required!


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 1 jour

The simple art historian’s…

The simple art historian’s guide to Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s ‘Apeshit’ video (via @vulture): bit.ly/2LXVDC3 pic.twitter.com/o5HrfOHM6B

"The Free Autonomous Republic of Dieselville" by Federico Ciuffolini #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/8Jnxn pic.twitter.com/HkqYrGttyr

How punk rock changed the course of design history f-st.co/R2yGtMQ pic.twitter.com/xLqg8GPlvd

3 brilliant design details from the new Microsoft @Office f-st.co/coyzvn7 pic.twitter.com/2pzk4ftY24

These hyperrealistic balloons are made entirely out of spray paint—no helium required!

Grace Miceli’s bold and playful illustrations re-interpret brands in humorous ways > goo.gl/Lo14Kp pic.twitter.com/KEBRNBQ3vr


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 1 jour

How art museums can remain…

How art museums can remain relevant in the 21st century: bit.ly/2t2vfA2 pic.twitter.com/k7ThDUPm8V


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 4 jours

Why we still romanticize…

Why we still romanticize artists who behaved terribly: bit.ly/2GmH4EJ pic.twitter.com/q0FXqB3LsG

Prepare for takeoff. Learn how to create this airplane illustration via @vectorcove: adobe.ly/2MoT3py pic.twitter.com/UylpdkgVte

Use Extrude & Bevel in 3D to create an isometric type effect via @chrisspooner: adobe.ly/2MAPIE8 pic.twitter.com/PC2iIaeRFG

Plús Hús Is a 320-Square-Foot Flat-Packed Home by Minarc bit.ly/2K0FvyQ pic.twitter.com/MYirlyi9vJ


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 3 jours

8 father-daughter artist…

8 father-daughter artist duos who share a creative bond: bit.ly/2sYfXw8 pic.twitter.com/wuv8RD28rz


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 6 jours

Why meditating might make…

Why meditating might make you a better artist: bit.ly/2rzNewI pic.twitter.com/hAK214ffug

this gloriously rare 1956…

this gloriously rare 1956 maserati A6G/2000 berlinetta zagatois is going on auction designboom.com/design/1956-ma… pic.twitter.com/UQ7Wt3x9Un

David Bowie tribute installation takes over NYC subway station. trib.al/nQDZ12R pic.twitter.com/CIM8AcPCYj

The Pi Bike Is a Fixed Gear Bicycle in the Shape of the Pi Symbol bit.ly/2JHGZOo #fromthearchives pic.twitter.com/XZQ7LhADdk

Ad Age

Ad Age @adage,
il y a 4 jours

Twitter takes over Cannes…

Twitter takes over Cannes with billboard domination bit.ly/2LUPwhE pic.twitter.com/Wa6DT1mqk8

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