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Farewell, Ultra Violet: Living Coral is Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2019 bit.ly/2BSD0wY pic.twitter.com/vHOCvCrVrF

The winning photos of the…

The winning photos of the 2018 Nat Geo Photo Contest: petapixel.com/2018/12/06/the… pic.twitter.com/XCUHP0K7ii

'Gas Station' by Concept Artist & Illustrator Ignacio Bazan Lazcano! View more artwork - conceptartworld.com/artists/ignaci… pic.twitter.com/PEJIyNcdfR

pantone announces 'living…

pantone announces 'living coral' as 2019 color of the year designboom.com/design/pantone… pic.twitter.com/IJyZWjbrCZ

"Selena - Pink Devil" by ♦️ Zeronis ♦️ #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/N5GN01 pic.twitter.com/iBoUyAstTq

zaha hadid architects + a_lab…

zaha hadid architects + a_lab to complete two stations in oslo as part of new metro line designboom.com/architecture/z… pic.twitter.com/v8M2uTrl8C

Check out Avengers: Infinity War Concept Art by Chris Kesler! View more - conceptartworld.com/news/avengers-… pic.twitter.com/7bQ33Rvi2r

Creatures for #FantasticBeasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald by Max Kostenko #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/qAQ6BL pic.twitter.com/m1enDiJPpe

Samsung caught using DSLR…

Samsung caught using DSLR photo to fake its phone's "portrait mode": petapixel.com/2018/12/05/sam… pic.twitter.com/nEwySOe3Nk

Avengers: Infinity War Concept Art by Phil Saunders! #IronMan #Thanos View more - goo.gl/rMprr7 pic.twitter.com/c1MMmDqKxA

'absorbed by light' highlights…

'absorbed by light' highlights our smartphone addiction at amsterdam light festival 2018 designboom.com/art/absorbed-b… pic.twitter.com/UjBvertcNN

'absorbed by light' highlights…

'absorbed by light' highlights our smartphone addiction at amsterdam light festival 2018 designboom.com/art/absorbed-b… pic.twitter.com/GyPYkFBLcv

Create a retro 70s inspired text effect in Illustrator with @chrisspooner: adobe.ly/2Pj4hfv pic.twitter.com/LJa9oiUvR3

H&P architects builds…

H&P architects builds cultural community space in vietnam out of waste materials and debris designboom.com/architecture/h… pic.twitter.com/RUYLaZZeFV

A scientifically accurate…

A scientifically accurate hand-knit sculpture of the human brain by Karen Norberg thisiscolossal.com/2018/12/scient… pic.twitter.com/wsuDxCYBSV


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 2 jours

This duo catalogued the colors…

This duo catalogued the colors of 400 flowers to help you find your favorite blooms: bit.ly/2OtSnDi pic.twitter.com/678NOLqPMQ

Fantastic maquette by Raf Grassetti, based on artwork by @bugmeyer #ArtStationHQ artstation.com/artwork/lVRw8e pic.twitter.com/Of0rKecq1k

Fantastical creatures from…

Fantastical creatures from illuminated manuscripts recreated as piñatas by Roberto Benavidez thisiscolossal.com/2018/12/new-pi… pic.twitter.com/1Q25HeBTIz

Today • New Graphic Identity…

Today • New Graphic Identity for Hackney Forest School by @SpyBrandStudio • bit.ly/bpo-forest-sch…pic.twitter.com/A7J7UJlF1x

sarah shakeel is the artist…

sarah shakeel is the artist putting glitter on everything designboom.com/art/sarah-shak… pic.twitter.com/66iwen3Q4d

Learn how to create an app icon in Illustrator and @Photoshop with @KvsChethan: adobe.ly/2PkxMxt pic.twitter.com/h4R6m9V46l


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 2 jours

The superstitious rituals…

The superstitious rituals of highly creative people, from Salvador Dalí to Yoko Ono: bit.ly/2IvgDON pic.twitter.com/X2Bqr8pky9


Artsy @artsy,
il y a 3 jours

The emotional turmoil behind…

The emotional turmoil behind Picasso’s Blue Period: bit.ly/2Ao9Se0 pic.twitter.com/VPqFoFTH4t

Bladerunner Inspired Airfield Concept by Nick Gindraux! View more artwork - conceptartworld.com/artists/nick-g… pic.twitter.com/V6IevWA26d

Intricate totems, illustrated using Photoshop and Illustrator, by @YoAz27: adobe.ly/2PkHQqs #madewithAi pic.twitter.com/0vKisQZ0eE

pantone announces 'living…

pantone announces 'living coral' as 2019 color of the year designboom.com/design/pantone… pic.twitter.com/aYDfIZDoJm

Pantone announces 2018's colour of the year as Living Coral > buff.ly/2SzKw5F pic.twitter.com/XY2hGblm5x

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